Hohenstein (Untertaunus)

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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Hohenstein
Hohenstein (Untertaunus)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Hohenstein highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 12 '  N , 8 ° 6'  E

Basic data
State : Hesse
Administrative region : Darmstadt
County : Rheingau-Taunus district
Height : 318 m above sea level NHN
Area : 63.79 km 2
Residents: 6164 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 97 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 65329
Primaries : 06120 (Breithardt, Burg-Hohenstein, Hennethal, Holzhausen via Aar)
06128 (Strinz-Margarethä, Steckenroth)
06124 (Born)Template: Infobox municipality in Germany / maintenance / area code contains text
License plate : RÜD, SWA
Community key : 06 4 39 006
Community structure: 7 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Schwalbacher Strasse 1
65329 Hohenstein (Untertaunus)
Website : www.hohenstein-hessen.de
Mayor : Daniel Bauer ( SPD )
Location of the community Hohenstein in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis
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Hohenstein is a municipality in the Rheingau-Taunus district in southern Hesse .


Pond in Hof Georgenthal, about 10 kilometers east of Hohenstein

Hohenstein is located in the western Taunus , on both sides of the Aar between Limburg and Wiesbaden .

Neighboring communities

Hohenstein borders in the north on the municipality of Aarbergen , in the northeast on the municipality of Hünstetten , in the east and south on the city of Taunusstein , in the southwest on the city of Bad Schwalbach , and in the west on the municipality of Heidenrod (all in the Rheingau-Taunus district).

Community structure

The community consists of the districts of Breithardt (seat of the municipal administration), Burg-Hohenstein , Holzhausen via Aar , Strinz-Margarethä , Born , Hennethal and Steckenroth .


Strinz-Margarethä was the first of the Hohenstein districts to be mentioned in a document in 1184. The other places followed in the 13th and 14th centuries.

As part of the regional reform in Hesse , the formerly independent communities Born , Breithardt , Hennethal , Hohenstein, Holzhausen via Aar , Steckenroth and Strinz-Margarethä were founded on July 1, 1972 by a voluntary amalgamation of today's large community Hohenstein. The suburb of Hohenstein was renamed Burg-Hohenstein. For the districts of Breithardt, Burg-Hohenstein, Holzhausen via Aar, Strinz-Margarethä, Born, Hennethal and Steckenroth, local districts with a local advisory board and local council were established.


Community representation

The local elections on March 6, 2016 produced the following results: compared to previous local elections:

Distribution of seats in the municipal council 2016
A total of 31 seats
Parties and constituencies %
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany 44.7 14th 51.7 16 52.0 16 50.5 16
CDU Christian Democratic Union of Germany 37.4 12 30.8 10 32.8 10 32.8 10
FWG Free voter community Hohenstein 13.6 4th 14.3 4th 15.1 5 16.7 5
GREEN Alliance 90 / The Greens 4.3 1 3.1 1 - - - -
total 100.0 31 100.0 31 100.0 31 100.0 31
Voter turnout in% 61.4 56.3 55.6 70.6


On November 11, 2012, Daniel Bauer ( SPD ) was elected mayor with 57.9 percent of the vote . The turnout was 67.4 percent. He took office on May 1, 2013. On October 28, 2018, he was re-elected for a second six-year term beginning May 1, 2019.

Former mayor
  • 2001 to 2013: Hans-Jürgen Finkler (SPD)
  • 1995 to 2001: Otmar Schmitz (CDU / FWG)
  • 1994: Horst Weber (SPD); elected, did not take office

coat of arms

The municipality of Hohenstein in the Untertaunuskreis was granted a coat of arms with the following blazon by the Hessian Minister of the Interior on March 8, 1974 : a lion in a shield divided obliquely to the left, gold above in a blue field sprinkled with gold shingles, red below in a gold field.

Culture and sights


  • In Hohenstein Castle (ruins), built around 1190 by the Counts of Katzenelnbogen and Counts of Laurenburg and Nassau , there is a hotel and restaurant.
  • In the forest near Hennethal there is the late medieval Hennethaler Landwehr (moat system), which was probably created at the end of the 14th century to secure the Limburger Straße.
  • Part of the Upper German-Raetian Limes runs through the community . Traces of the Limes can be found in the area of ​​Breithardt, Born and Steckenroth and can be viewed on a well-marked hiking trail. More information can be found in the Regional Museum Rheingau-Taunus in Hofgut Georgenthal "Limes im Hofgut"

Regular events

  • In the summer months, theater performances take place on an open-air stage in the courtyard.
  • Every year in late summer or autumn a traditional kerb takes place in most of the districts , which has usually been organized by young people for several generations.
  • Hohenstein Christmas Market

Economy and Infrastructure

The originally agricultural places have turned into residential communities. There are local businesses and businesses , but no industry.


Hohenstein is on the federal highway 54 between Wiesbaden and Limburg. The Aartalbahn , whose reactivation is currently being discussed, has a stop in Breithardt and a train station in Hohenstein Castle with a listed entrance building in the historicism style, which was used as such until 1959. In 2006/07 it was renovated by its private owner and converted into a seminar house. The museum trains of the Nassau Tourist Railway ended there until the museum train service was interrupted by the demolition of the bridge over Flachstrasse .

Hohenstein has various bus routes that are advertised by the Rheingau-Taunus-Verkehrsgesellschaft . The districts of Holzhausen via Aar, Breithardt and Steckenroth have a direct connection to Wiesbaden on weekdays, at the weekend and in the evening you have to change trains in Taunusstein-Hahn. Born, Strinz-Margarethä and Hennethal are connected to the central bus station in Taunusstein-Hahn, Burg-Hohenstein has an on-call bus connection to Breithardt and Bad Schwalbach .

There is a municipal transport service that closes connection gaps within Hohenstein, the Hohensteiner Bus'je . Certain stops outside of the city are also served (e.g. with a supply focus in Bad Schwalbach and Taunusstein).


Recreational facilities

In June 2014, a new 18-hole golf course with a practice course opened at Hofgut Georgenthal . The Limes Museum of the Limes that runs through the municipality of Hohenstein is also located here. The approx. 5 km long Georgenthal circular path begins at Hofgut Georgenthal, touching two remains of tower sites and an approx. 400 m long recognizable section of the Limes.


Honorary citizen

  • Erich Bach from Hohenstein-Holzhausen
  • Gerhard Wick from Hohenstein Burg-Hohenstein

Sons and daughters of the church

Web links

Commons : Hohenstein  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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