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The Hessian Bibliography is a regional bibliography . With the aim of completeness, it covers the entire regional literature on Hesse from the reporting year 1974 onwards. The basis is the holdings of the deposit copy libraries in Kassel , Fulda , Frankfurt , Wiesbaden and Darmstadt .

Up to the reporting year 2000, a total of 24 annual volumes were published in printed form, since then it has been offered exclusively in electronic form as a freely accessible database of the Hessian Library Information System ( HEBIS ). The titles are recorded according to the rules for alphabetical cataloging and indexed using a systematics and keywords comprising around 1,200 system points . Every year around 6,500 title references are added.

The Hessian Bibliography is part of the Virtual German State Bibliography , which has its own web portal.

For the reporting period before 1974, the "Literature on the history and historical regional studies of Hesse" is relevant, which was collected in a total of seven printed volumes by Karl Ernst Demandt (reporting period beginnings up to 1964) and by Winfried Leist and Wolfgang Podehl (reporting period 1965 to 1976) . The volumes by Podehl and Leist are currently being gradually entered retrospectively in the database.

A special bibliographical excerpt for Northern Hesse was realized with the Waldeck Bibliography and made available for retrieval in 2010.


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