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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the local community Trulben
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Trulben highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 8 '  N , 7 ° 33'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Southwest Palatinate
Association municipality : Pirmasens land
Height : 300 m above sea level NHN
Area : 7.36 km 2
Residents: 1124 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 153 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 66957
Area code : 06335
License plate : PS , ZW
Community key : 07 3 40 052
Community structure: 5 districts
Association administration address: Bahnhofstrasse 19
66953 Pirmasens
Website :
Local Mayor : Harald Hatzfeld ( SPD )
Location of the local community Trulben in the district of Südwestpfalz
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Trulben (also Trulwe ) is a municipality in the district of Südwestpfalz in Rhineland-Palatinate . It belongs to the Pirmasens Land Association .



Trulben is located in a wide, rock-lined valley basin southeast of Kröppen in the Zweibrücker hill country , which merges into the Palatinate Forest in the eastern part of the district and is the central location on the Hackmesserseite . To the east of Pirmasens lies the Hochstellerhof district at 430  m above sea level. NHN . Neighboring communities are - clockwise - Vinningen , Obersimten , Lemberg , Eppenbrunn , Hilst and Kröppen.


Districts of Trulben are the villages of Trulben and Hochstellerhof, the hamlets Felsenbrunnerhof , Imsbacherhof and Trulbermühle; The Winterbrunnerhof residential area is still part of the community. Before Imsbach had sunk into a courtyard, it had its own district.


The Trualbe rises on the northeastern edge of the village and joins two tributaries in Trulben. In the south of the municipality marker it takes the Eppenbrunner Bach from the left .

View from the Krappenfelsen to Trulben


middle Ages

Trulben was mentioned in 1307 as Druhalben , the hamlet of Imsbacherhof in 1404 as Ymesbach . Both were in the Lemberg office of the County of Zweibrücken-Bitsch and there in the Lemberg official school .

Early modern age

Count Jakob von Zweibrücken-Bitsch (1510–1570) died in 1570 as the last male member of his family. The Lemberg office was inherited by his daughter, Ludovica Margaretha von Zweibrücken-Bitsch , who was married to the (heir) Count Philipp (V) von Hanau-Lichtenberg . Her father-in-law, Count Philipp IV. Von Hanau-Lichtenberg , gave the strict Roman Catholic Duke Karl III by immediately introducing the Lutheran creed . of Lorraine, the opportunity to intervene militarily, as the latter had suzerainty over the Bitsch rule, which was also part of the inheritance . In July 1572 Lorraine troops occupied the county. Since Philip IV was unable to cope with the overwhelming power of Lorraine, he chose the legal route. In the subsequent process before the Imperial Court of Justice, Lorraine was able to prevail with regard to the Bitsch rule, while the Lemberg office - and thus also Trulben - was awarded to the County of Hanau-Lichtenberg . The treaty that ended the dispute also contained a passage that guaranteed Catholics free exercise of their faith in Trulben.

1736 died with Count Johann Reinhard III. the last male representative of the Hanau family. Due to the marriage of his only daughter, Charlotte (1700–1726), with the Hereditary Prince Ludwig (VIII.) (1691–1768) of Hesse-Darmstadt , the county of Hanau-Lichtenberg fell to there. Hochstellerhof was built in 1745.

Modern times

In the course of the French Revolution , the left bank of the Hanau-Lichtenberg county - and with it the Lemberg and Trulben offices - fell to France in 1794. After the end of Napoleonic rule, Trulben came to the Bavarian Rhine District .

From 1818 to 1862 the place belonged to the Landkommissariat Pirmasens ; from this the district office of Pirmasens emerged. In 1939 Trulben district of Pirmasens (from 1997 district of Südwestpfalz ) was incorporated. After the Second World War , the municipality within the French occupation zone became part of the then newly formed state of Rhineland-Palatinate. In the course of the first administrative reform in Rhineland-Palatinate , the municipality was assigned to the newly created association municipality Pirmasens-Land in 1972 .


Municipal council

The municipal council in Trulben consists of 16 council members, who were elected in a personalized proportional representation in the local elections on May 26, 2019 , and the honorary local mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the municipal council:

choice SPD CDU FWG total
2019 6th 6th 4th 16 seats
2014 - 10 6th 16 seats
2009 4th 8th 4th 16 seats
2004 5 7th 4th 16 seats
  • FWG = Free Voting Association Hochstellerhof e. V.


Harald Hatzfeld (SPD) became the local mayor of Trulben on June 27, 2019. In the direct election on May 26, 2019, he was able to prevail against his predecessor Jürgen Noll (CDU), who had held the office for five years, with a share of 51.90% of the votes.

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Trulben
Blazon : "In gold with a red flank on the left, inside a golden abbot's staff, three red rafters above, three blue wavy bars below."
Justification of the coat of arms: The rafters come from the coat of arms of Hanau- Lichtenberg.

The flag is red and yellow.


Trulben has had an unofficial partnership with the Belgian city of Roeselare since 1965 .


Pulpit in St. Stephan


Cultural monuments

There are a total of five objects on site that are listed , including the Catholic Church of St. Stephan . This contains a pulpit from the Sturzelbronn Abbey , which previously held rights in Trulben.

other structures

The Felsenbrunnerhof is a handsome homestead from 1788.


With the steep rock walls behind the houses, Trulben offers a picturesque backdrop.

Economy and Infrastructure


Entrance to Trulben with Krappenfelsen, guild tree and crucifixion group

State road 478 runs through Trulben . From this branch off the district roads 1 to Schweix and the district roads 4 to Kröppen. District roads 6 also run through the village of Hochstellerhof


The Hornbach-Fleckenstein cycle path , which runs from Hornbach to Bundenthal, runs through the district of Trulben . Trulben is also on Deutsche Schuhstrasse . The southern route of the Palatinate section of the historic Way of St. James leads across the municipality . One of the so-called Saar-Rhein hiking trails is the route from Niederauerbach to the Bienwald , marked with a green bar , which runs through the southern part of the municipality marker . Several circular hiking trails run through the wooded valleys around the village.


Honorary citizen

  • Hans Bernzott († 2007), local mayor from 1969 to 1989, was made an honorary citizen for his services to the community.

People who worked on site


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Web links

Commons : Trulben  - Collection of Images

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