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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the local community Thalfang
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Thalfang highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 45 '  N , 7 ° 0'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Bernkastel-Wittlich
Association municipality : Thalfang at the Erbeskopf
Height : 460 m above sea level NHN
Area : 19.44 km 2
Residents: 1803 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 93 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 54424
Area code : 06504
License plate : WIL, BKS
Community key : 07 2 31 123
Association administration address: Saarstrasse 7
54424 Thalfang
Website :
Local Mayor : Burkhard Graul ( SPD )
Location of the local community Thalfang in the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich
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View from Erbeskopf to Thalfang
Thalfang and Bäsch, in the background the Black Forest high forest

Thalfang is a local community and the administrative seat of the Verbandsgemeinde Thalfang am Erbeskopf in the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate . It is located on the Erbeskopf in the Hunsrück and is a state-approved health resort .


Thalfang on the Hunsrückhöhenstrasse is located in the western Hunsrück , about seven kilometers northwest of the Erbeskopf . The Haardtwald forest is north of the village . The Thalfanger Bach flows through the village with the Klingelbach , Marschtelerbach and Hohlbachsflößchen backwaters .

The districts of Berghof, Flürchen, Gatschmühle, Hasenborn, Hubertushof and Ziegelei belong to the main town of Thalfang. The district of Bäsch includes Eichelhof, Forsthaus Deuselbach and Thalfang (train station).


The area around Thalfang was first mentioned in a document in 633. From the 12th century Thalfang belonged to the Thalfang mark , which was later referred to as the Dhronecken office .

On a map of the Archdiocese of Trier from 1645, the place is shown as Thalfinck .

It was not until the French rule in 1800 that the Dhronecken office was dissolved, which was created by Mairie Thalfang in the canton of Hermeskeil in the Saardepartements . The places Bäsch , Burtscheid , Deuselbach , Dhronecken , Etgert , Hilscheid , Immert , Malborn , Rorodt and Röderbach, which was abandoned around 1900 , also belonged to Mairie Thalfang . Due to the resolutions at the Congress of Vienna , the place came to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1815 ; Thalfang became the administrative seat of the mayor's office of the same name , which was assigned to the Bernkastel district and the Trier administrative district . Thalfang has belonged to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1946. On June 7, 1969, the local community of Bäsch was incorporated into Thalfang.

In terms of other historical events, it should be noted that Erich Honecker had worked as a roofer apprentice in the construction of what was then the town hall in the 1920s.

Population development

The development of the population of Thalfang in relation to today's municipality, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 are based on censuses:

year Residents
1815 448
1835 715
1871 732
1905 754
1939 1,196
1950 1,162
year Residents
1961 1,372
1970 1,476
1987 1,553
1997 1,731
2005 1,802
2019 1,803


Municipal council

The local council in Thalfang consists of 16 council members, who were elected in a personalized proportional representation in the local elections on May 26, 2019 , and the honorary local mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the municipal council:

choice SPD CDU FDP FL total
2019 5 5 2 4th 16 seats
2014 6th 5 2 3 16 seats
2009 5 5 3 3 16 seats
2004 5 6th 2 3 16 seats
1999 5 7th 2 2 16 seats
  • FL = Thalfanger Free List e. V.

Local mayor

  • Franz-Josef Gasper, CDU, until the end of 2010
  • Burkhard Graul, SPD, from 2011

coat of arms

DEU Thalfang COA.svg
Reasons for the coat of arms: The red cross on a silver background refers to the former membership of the Electorate of Trier . The two Salme surrounded by the crosses come from the Count of Salm . They remember Count Ernst, the only one from the Wild and Rhine Counts , who was buried in the cemetery in Thalfang and on whose tombstone this Salme was also depicted. The grave has meanwhile been leveled. The “rust”, the entrance to the church square, is a symbol for the oldest buildings in Thalfang.

Parish partnership

Culture and sights

Sights of the place are for example the Haardtwaldquelle , Villeneuver-Platz, Samuel-Hirsch-Platz, the war memorial, the Catholic church, the Gothic Protestant church or the Jewish cemetery Thalfang .

Economy and Infrastructure


Thalfang is on the Hunsrückhöhenstrasse between Hermeskeil and Morbach . The disused Hunsrückquerbahn also runs through the village .


The climatic health resort Thalfang has an indoor swimming pool / health center and a spa park with ponds.

The Himmelberg holiday park is located on the road to Lückenburg ( K 110 ) .

Industry and commerce

Hochwald Foods GmbH , the largest commercial enterprise in the Trier region and one of the largest dairy companies in Germany, is based in Thalfang .

Thalfang is the bottling place of the following officially recognized natural mineral waters : Berg-Quelle, Brillant-Quelle, Del-Bon-Quelle, Erbeskopf-Quelle (Malborn), Diamant-Quelle, Haardtwald -Quelle, Hunsrück-Quelle and Thalquelle. Hochwald Sprudel from Schwollen has a production site in Thalfang.

Numerous small and medium-sized companies are based in the village. Robert-Reisen is a bus travel company from Thalfang.

In addition, there is the Thalfang branch of Sparkasse Mittelmosel Eifel Mosel Hunsrück (headquarters in Bernkastel-Kues ), the Thalfang branch of VR-Bank Hunsrück-Mosel eG (headquarters in Morbach ) and the Postbank branch Thalfang.


  • The most important son of Thalfang is the rabbi and philosopher Samuel Hirsch (1815–1889).
  • The German technician and chemist Wilhelm Kathol died in Thalfang in 1944.

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