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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Illingen community
Illingen (Saar)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Illingen highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 23 '  N , 7 ° 3'  E

Basic data
State : Saarland
County : Neunkirchen
Height : 300 m above sea level NHN
Area : 36.08 km 2
Residents: 16,122 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 447 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 66557
Area code : 06825
License plate : NK
Community key : 10 0 43 112
Community structure: 6 parts of the community
Address of the
municipal administration:
Hauptstrasse 86
66557 Illingen
Website :
Mayor : Armin König ( CDU )
Location of the community Illingen in the district of Neunkirchen
Eppelborn Illingen (Saar) Merchweiler Schiffweiler Ottweiler Spiesen-Elversberg Neunkirchen (Saar) Rheinlan-Pfalz Landkreis St. Wendel Landkreis Saarlouis Regionalverband Saarbrücken Saarpfalz-Kreismap
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Illingen is a Saarland municipality in the Neunkirchen district , about 20 km north of Saarbrücken . The state-approved resort is considered the center of the Illtal .



The municipality has been divided into six municipal districts since the territorial and administrative reform of 1974 . The rounded population figures refer to communications from the Illingen municipality in 2020.

District Residents Mayor
DEU Hirzweiler COA.svg Hirzweiler 1,200 Ralf Fischer (SPD)
DEU Huettigweiler COA.svg Hüttigweiler 3,200 Guido Jost (SPD)
DEU Illingen 1951 COA.svg Illingen 5,000 Wolfgang Scholl (CDU)
Uchtelfangen wappen.png Urchin 3,700 Stefan Maas (CDU)
Welschbach wappen.png Welschbach 1,100 Christian Petry (SPD)
DEU Wustweiler COA.svg Wustweiler 2,400 Knut Kirsch (SPD)
All in all 16,600

Neighboring communities

The municipality of Illingen borders in a clockwise direction and starting in the north with Marpingen , Ottweiler , Schiffweiler , Merchweiler , Quiigart , Heusweiler and Eppelborn .


The annual precipitation is 963 mm. The driest month is April. It rains most in December. 82% of the measuring locations of the German Weather Service show lower values; the precipitation is thus in the upper fifth. The seasonal fluctuations in precipitation are in the middle third. In 55% of all places, the monthly precipitation fluctuates less.


Archway of the Illingen synagogue

Illingen was first mentioned in a document around 893. In the 14th century, the Counts of Saar Werden gave the Illingen moated castle as a fief to the Lords of Kerpen, who came from the Eifel. From the 16th century Illingen was a free imperial rule. The government of the Barons of Kerpen-Illingen ended with the conquests of France after the French Revolution and the resulting loss of their sovereign rights in 1794. In 1798 Illingen was slammed by the French administration of the Mairie (mayor's office) Uchtelfangen. From 1815 Illingen was part of the state of Prussia and thus from 1871 of the German Empire, until 1920 the so-called Saar area was separated from Germany and placed under the administration of the League of Nations. After the first Saar referendum in 1935, Illingen again belonged to the German Reich, from 1947 to 1956 to the partially sovereign French protectorate of Saarland. After the implementation of the second Saar vote in 1955, Illingen belonged to the Federal Republic of Germany from January 1, 1957 as part of the new federal state of Saarland. A pine soot distillery was in operation in Illingen until the middle of the 19th century .

Between the 18th century and 1940 there was a Jewish community in Illingen. In 1859 the new Illingen synagogue was inaugurated in Hauptstrasse. The synagogue was burned down in the November pogroms in 1938 and demolished in 1949. In October 1940, the 19 remaining Jewish citizens of Illingen were deported to Gurs as part of the so-called Wagner-Bürckel campaign .


On January 1, 1974, the previously independent communities Hirzweiler, Hüttigweiler, Uchtelfangen , Welschbach and Wustweiler were incorporated.



On January 1, 1974, an area with then more than 150 inhabitants was assigned to the neighboring municipality of Schiffweiler.


Illingen town hall

Municipal council

Local elections 2019
Turnout: 71.4%
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
-3.9  % p
-5.5  % p
+ 4.2  % p
+ 6.0  % p
-1.6  % p
+ 0.8  % p

The municipal council election on May 26, 2019 led to the following result (with comparative figures from 2009 and 2014):

2019 2014 2009
be right percent Seats be right percent Seats be right percent Seats
Eligible voters 13,803 100.0 33 14,375 100.0 33 14,844 100.0 33
Voters 9,855 71.4 - 8,345 58.1 - 9,784 66.0 -
Invalid 233 2.36 - 287 3.4 - 305 3.1 -
Valid 9,622 97.64 - 8,058 96.6 - 9,489 96.9 -
CDU 3,929 40.8 14th 3,602 44.7 16 4.015 42.3 14th
SPD 3,490 36.3 12 3,367 41.8 14th 3,642 38.4 13
Green 870 9.0 3 388 4.8 1 380 4.0 1
FDP 332 3.5 1 217 2.7 - 571 6.0 2
The left 427 4.4 1 484 6.0 2 881 9.3 3
AfD 574 6.0 2 - - - - - -


  • 1974–1976: Alfons Senz ( CDU )
  • 1976–1996: Werner Woll (CDU)
  • since 1996: Armin König (CDU)

In the direct election of the mayor on May 26, 2019, incumbent Armin König prevailed with 56.1% of the votes cast against his challenger Michael Christ (SPD), who accounted for 43.9%.

coat of arms

Town twinning

Blazon : “Square, in 1 in silver a continuous red bar cross, in 2 in red a mutilated silver eagle , in 3 in blue a red-tongued, gold-crowned, double-tailed silver lion , angled (sprinkled) with five silver clover- footed crosses , and in 4 in silver a red zigzag bar. "

Declaration of the coat of arms: The red cross indicates the former affiliation to Kurtrier , the silver lion stands for the former county of Saarbrücken , the mutilated eagle is the eagle of Lorraine , in whose territory Illingen was once located, and the red zigzag bar comes from the coat of arms of the barons of Kerpen-Illingen, which ruled until 1794.


The Illingen municipality has partnerships and friendship agreements with Tuchów in Poland , Bük in Hungary and Toviklin in Benin . The individual districts maintain the following partnerships:

Economy and Infrastructure



On the outskirts of Illingen, at the Saarbrücken motorway junction , the A 8 ( Luxembourg - Pirmasens ) and the 1 ( Lübeck - Saarbrücken ) federal motorway intersect ; the latter has a junction at Illingen (exit no. 142).

Public transport

The Primstalbahn runs through Illingen . It is first used by the hourly regional train line Illingen - Homburg , which stops in the municipality not only at the starting station Illingen but also at the Gennweiler stop, which was opened in 2004 . Secondly, there is also the hourly regional train line Lebach- Jabach-Illingen-Saarbrücken, which runs behind Gennweiler on the Wemmetsweiler curve that went into operation in 2006 to the Fischbach Valley Railway to Saarbrücken and is therefore known as the Fischbach-Illtal Railway . In addition to the two stations mentioned, the latter line also stops at the Wustweiler stop in front of the Illingen train station in the Illingen district of the same name. The two regional train lines were operated by DB Regio AG until the timetable change in December 2019 . The railway company Vlexx GmbH has been serving both connections since December 15, 2019 . With the takeover of operations by Vlexx, several connections were canceled due to delivery problems on the 21 trains ordered. There is a connection to long-distance traffic at the train stations in Saarbrücken and Homburg . Illingen train station is an important transfer point in the western part of the Neunkirchen district. This is also where the Saar-Pfalz-Bus GmbH and Neunkircher Verkehrs-AG (NVG) bus lines meet.

Local businesses

  • The RWE AG operates the substation Uchtelfangen , which plays an important role in the European electricity transmission network.
  • The network marketing company Prowin Winter GmbH is based in the district of Uchtelfangen .
  • The industrial area “Am Saarbrücker Kreuz” in Uchtelfangen is the seat of many modern production and service companies.
  • Business park "A1 Interkommunal" in Uchtelfangen, as the first intermunicipal business park in Saarland, developed and marketed jointly by the municipalities of Eppelborn and Illingen.

Regional currency


In October 2005, the Illtaler was introduced as a regional means of payment in the form of vouchers and can now be redeemed in almost 200 shops and businesses.

Educational institutions

Illtal Gymnasium Illingen

The following educational institutions exist in the municipality of Illingen:


  • Catholic kindergarten St. Stephan Illingen
  • Catholic kindergarten St. Josef Uchtelfangen
  • Protestant kindergarten Uchtelfangen
  • Catholic kindergarten St. Maria Magdalena Hüttigweiler
  • Catholic kindergarten St. Josef Hirzweiler-Welschbach
  • Catholic kindergarten Herz-Jesu Wustweiler

Elementary schools

  • Primary school "Auf der Lehn" Illingen
  • Uchtelfangen primary school
  • Primary school "An der Ill" Hüttigweiler

Community school

high school

special school

  • Kerpenschule Uchtelfangen - School for people with learning disabilities

Adult and continuing education

  • Volkshochschule Illingen eV based in Wustweiler


The cusanus trägergesellschaft trier mbH (ctt) operates the specialist clinic St. Hedwig (specialist clinic for neurological rehabilitation and geriatrics) in Illingen.

Aid organizations

Volunteer firefighter

The Illingen volunteer fire brigade is made up of the five extinguishing districts Illingen, Uchtelfangen, Wustweiler, Ost (for the villages of Hirzweiler and Hüttigweiler) and Welschbach. With over 215 active fire brigade members, it has to look after around 18,800 citizens. A total of 21 fire engines and special vehicles are available to the fire brigade. In addition to ensuring fire protection in the municipalities and the industrial areas in Uchtelfangen, Welschbach and Illingen, the fire brigade of the municipality of Illingen is also responsible for a section of federal motorway 1. The individual extinguishing districts each have key tasks for which they are specially equipped. For example, the LBZ Illingen is responsible for technical assistance, LBZ Uchtelfangen for water supply and operations with hazardous substances and the extinguishing district East for respiratory protection. With various emergency vehicles such as L32A-XS 3.0 turntable ladder vehicle , CBNR explorer and GW respiratory protection, the Illingen volunteer fire brigade is also deployed within the framework of inter-communal cooperation in the district of Neunkirchen.

technical aid organization

The Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) has a local branch in Illingen with a specialist group on water damage / pumps and salvage groups 1 and 2. The local branch also has a construction advisor for operations after building damage and a snow load measuring system. For technically interested children and young people there is the THW youth in the local association . In August 2018, the new accommodation in Illinger Industriestraße was put into operation.

German Red Cross

The Illingen local association of the German Red Cross (DRK) was founded on November 28, 1911 and currently has around 350 members, 65 of whom are active helpers. The active members are involved in the emergency response in the Neunkirchen district in the extended rescue service with the rapid response group, but also in disaster control. For this purpose, the DRK has a total of four emergency vehicles - two ambulance vehicles (RTW), one ambulance vehicle (KTW) and a team and material transport vehicle . In addition to the medical services, the local club is also responsible for the safety of participants and visitors at public events, such as motor sport events or the Illingen Carnival Monday parade. The social service of the local association primarily takes care of the four to five blood donation appointments per year, which take place in the bistro of the Illtal high school. The local association also has a youth Red Cross group.


The ambulance station Illingen with two ambulances and an ambulance is subject to the German Red Cross, regional Saarland and is stationed next to the clinic St. Hedwig.

New town center

Construction site of the Brauturmgalerie (2018)

On the site of the former Höll sausage factory in the center of Illingen, the new center of Illingen is being built on an area of ​​two hectares. After the Höll company ceased operations in 2001, the factory halls between the train station and Hauptstraße stood empty for several years before the demolition of the old factory began in 2015 after long project planning. The new “Brauturmgalerie” quarter is being created by private investors, with the old brewing tower of the former Louis Hohlweck brewery at its center. A mix of gastronomy, supermarket, apartments, offices, practice rooms and parking areas is developing in the area surrounding the bridal tower. The first completion of the supermarket opened on December 6th, 2018. Work on the area should be completed in 2022, the total costs for the bridal tower gallery and open space design (the latter with 80 percent funded by the EU Commission, the federal government and the state) amount to around 34 million Euro. In May 2019 it became known that a dormitory planned by the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund would not be built on the site for senior citizens, people in need of care and people with disabilities. The municipal council rejected the application of the Arbeiter Samariter Bund due to doubts about the timely completion of the residential complex by 2022. This jeopardizes EU funding.

Culture and sights

Cultural forum Illipse
The Illingen church of St. Stephan with the onion dome, which is unusual for the region.
Kerpen Castle


An important cultural center that shows a unique collection of medieval masters with religious motifs (including a picture by Lucas Cranach the Elder ) is the Statio Dominus Mundi in the district of Wustweiler. The modern sacred and art building was designed in 2002 by the important Munich architect Alexander Freiherr von Branca .


The striking Illipse has made a name for itself as the Saarland cultural forum in the park. Since 2001, half a million visitors have experienced classical , jazz , blues , rock with world-class artists , but also theater , cabaret , operetta and popular offers (dialect stage) in the Illipse . The traditional New Year's concert, the gumbo jazz series in cooperation with the Saarländischer Rundfunk as well as a festival of Irish music and the a cappella festival Stimmflut (for example with Viva Voce ) are particularly popular .

Regular events

  • Illingen is a classic market town ( we are the market ) with large annual markets and weekly markets (on Fridays) as well as the castle and pond festival and the traditional sausage market in October. The Great Medieval Market in Illingen takes place every 2 years in summer.
  • The Illingen cattle market every 2 years on the 1st Sunday in May is unique in this form across the Saarland.
  • The Illinger Rosenmontagszug is the second largest carnival parade in the Neunkirchen district and attracts 10,000 to 15,000 visitors annually.
  • The DARC e. V. Local association Illingen Q13 organizes the "Illingen Conference" in March every year in the Illipse cultural forum.
  • In addition to many concerts throughout the year, the events Große Nachtmusik, Wustock and Impression Musicale have been part of the cultural calendar in Illtal for many years.


The baroque church of St. Stephan with onion dome and Lehoczky windows, listed ensembles in Kirchenstrasse with a tanning school (around 1850), the rectory from 1731 by Gregor Mäs, the beautiful town hall from 1876 by Ludwig Israel with impressive ceiling work in the town hall and the Kulturforum Illipse are distinctive buildings of the Illtal community Illingen. The second landmark of the community next to the baroque church of St. Stephan is Kerpen Castle with the castle park. The mountain chapel for the Seven Sorrows of Mary with a Pietà by Matthias Weyser is known nationwide for its male pilgrimage and the pilgrimage of the southwest German Sinti (founded in 1955 by parish priest Arnold Fortuin). The crucifixion group in the Illingen cemetery by Matthias Weyser (1790) is also worth seeing.

Around 180 intact tombstones have been preserved at the Jewish cemetery in Heisterstraße / Raßweilerweg .

see also: List of architectural monuments in Illingen and List of Stolpersteine ​​Illingen

Worth seeing in the districts

Wustweiler: Sacral and art exhibition building Statio Dominus Mundi with works by medieval masters in Waldstraße; Community center "Alt School" with exhibits from the Celtic and Roman times.

Hirzweiler: Hirztaler village and show dairy; Adventure trail “All about the love of cattle”.

Hüttigweiler: Parish Church of St. Maria Magdalena .

Welschbach: Catholic parish church St. Laurentius , Rosengarten Welschbach; Village square, hiking area "Im Roth", adventure trail "After the shift".

Uchtelfangen: The late baroque Protestant church from 1771, as well as the neo-Gothic Catholic church , built in 1890 by Reinhold Wirtz . This is also known as the cathedral of the Ill valley .

The local recreation areas Hosterwald (on the edge of Wustweiler, Hüttigweiler and Hirzweiler) and Sonnenborn (Uchtelfangen) with heated outdoor pool , forest hut and Kneipp facility.

nature and environment


Biotope gravel pit Hirzweiler-Welschbach
Schlammweiher Hahnwies - landscape laboratory of the LIK.Nord

Illingen is part of the nationally representative project Zweckverband Natura Ill-Theel , which is supported by the municipalities of Illingen, Eppelborn, Lebach , Marpingen, Merchweiler and Tholey . The project area includes a. the entire catchment area of ​​the Ill with around 125 km². In 1994, for the first time in 150 years, beavers were resettled on the Ill in Saarland . This made nature itself a master builder and a permanent guarantor of renaturation. Together with cooperation partners, the area of ​​the old Hirzweiler-Welschbach gravel pit was developed into a biotope for amphibians and other endangered animal and plant species as part of a pilot project. A herd of sheep ( Skudden ) and a herd of goats ( Thuringian forest goat ) play the role of landscape maintenance. Extensive year-round grazing with the two herds prevents the landscape from being covered with bushes and thus sustainably preserves its biotope character. The Hirzweiler-Welschbach gravel pit is open to the public for pedestrians.

Landscape of industrial culture north (LIK.Nord)

Illingen is part of the major nature conservation project Landscape of Industrial Culture North (LIK.Nord). The cities of Neunkirchen and Friedrichsthal, the municipalities of Illingen, Merchweiler, Schiffweiler and Quiigart as well as the district of Neunkirchen and Industriekultur Saar GmbH (IKS) have merged to form a special purpose association and in 2009 won the federal competition "Large-scale nature conservation projects and rural development" from the Federal Environment Ministry. The aim of the project is to shape the future-proof development of the old industrial landscape, which is characterized by mining. This is intended to maintain and further expand the biodiversity of the landscape through maintenance and targeted interventions. The landscape laboratory “Reinvention of the miner's cow” is located in the area of ​​the municipality of Illingen, as is the landscape laboratory “Bird migration and wild pastures” at the Hahnwies mud pond. The project has been in the implementation phase since the end of 2013.

Natural monuments


People who were born in Illingen

People who worked in the place

  • Arnold Fortuin (1901–1970), Catholic pastor in Illingen and Beuren. He saved numerous Sinti during the National Socialist era.


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  • Literature on Illingen (Saar) in the Saarland Bibliography

Web links

Commons : Illingen  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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