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Coat of arms of the city of Rockenhausen
Map of Germany, location of the city of Rockenhausen highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 38 '  N , 7 ° 49'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Donnersbergkreis
Association municipality : North Palatinate Country
Height : 199 m above sea level NHN
Area : 36.84 km 2
Residents: 5365 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 146 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 67806
Area code : 06361
License plate : KIB, ROK
Community key : 07 3 33 502
City structure: 3 districts
Association administration address: Bezirksamtsstrasse 7
67806 Rockenhausen
Website :
City Mayor : Michael Vettermann ( FDP )
Location of the town of Rockenhausen in the Donnersbergkreis
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Rockenhausen is a town in the Donnersbergkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate and within this, measured by the number of inhabitants, its third largest local community. It is the administrative seat of the Nordpfälzer Land association . According to state planning, Rockenhausen is designated as a medium-sized center.



Rockenhausen is located in the north of the Palatinate in the North Palatinate Uplands within the Glan-Alsenz-Höhen sub-area halfway between Kaiserslautern and Bad Kreuznach. The extreme east of the district extends as far as the Donnersberg massif .

City structure

District Dörnbach

The city of Rockenhausen is divided into the districts of Rockenhausen, Dörnbach and Marienthal . Dörnbach and Marienthal are also local districts . The Rockenhausen district also includes the residential areas An der Linde, Buchwaldhof, Hintersteinerhof , Im Degenbachtal, Inkeltalerhof, Lindenhof, Römerhof, Rußmühlerhof, Schacherhof and Scharfeeck. The Mordkammerhof residential area, which was originally part of the Dannenfels community, is part of the Marienthal district .

Neighboring communities

Places bordering Rockenhausen are - clockwise - the communities of Dielkirchen , Würzweiler and Ruppertsecken , the town of Kirchheimbolanden and the communities of Dannenfels , Steinbach am Donnersberg , Börrstadt , Imsbach , Falkenstein , Schweisweiler , Imsweiler , Dörrmoschel , Schönborn and Katzenbach . Another neighbor municipality is the westernmost Bisterschied .


The 548.7 meter high Kübelberg extends to the very east of the city , immediately to the east of this is the 531.4 meter high Hühnerberg and further south the 550.6 meter high Dorntreiber Kopf .


The Alsenz flows through the city ​​in a south-north direction . On site, it takes on several tributaries such as the Degenbach , the Schelmesbach , the Dörnbach - coming from the district of the same name - the Langwaldbach , another body of water called Dörnbach and the Erbsengraben in the northeast of the city limits . The Appelbach runs to the east on the Marienthal district and from the right takes up the Mordkammertalbach flowing through the center of the town ; the latter also takes up the Königsbach beforehand .


Paleontologists found well-preserved, up to three meters long fossils of freshwater sharks from the Rotliegend period, the so-called Permian , as they were also found in Heimkirchen .


Rockenhausen received city rights in 1332. At that time subordinate to the Raugrafen , the city belonged from 1457 - with one interruption from 1559 to 1592 when it was part of Palatinate-Lautern - to the Electoral Palatinate until the end of the 18th century and interstand there to the Lautern Oberamt . During the Thirty Years' War - like almost all other towns in the region - it was almost completely destroyed.

After 1792 the region was occupied by French troops in the First Revolutionary War and annexed after the Peace of Campo Formio (1797) . From 1798 to 1814 Rockenhausen belonged to the French department of Donnersberg and was the chief town ( chef-lieu ) of the canton Rockenhausen . Due to the agreements reached at the Congress of Vienna (1815) and an exchange contract with Austria , the region became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 . From 1818 Rockenhausen was assigned to the Kirchheim Land Commissioner in the Bavarian Rhine District, later to the Kirchheimbolanden District Office. On December 1, 1900, the district office Rockenhausen was formed from parts of the district offices of Kirchheimbolanden and Kaiserslautern. On January 1, 1939, the district office was renamed the Rockenhausen district .

After the Second World War , Rockenhausen became part of the then newly formed state of Rhineland-Palatinate within the French occupation zone and belonged to the administrative district of Palatinate until 1968 .

In 1969, as part of the first administrative reform in Rhineland-Palatinate , the district of Rockenhausen was combined with the district of Kirchheimbolanden to form today's Donnersbergkreis. Three years later, the city became the seat of the newly formed association of the same name . On June 10, 1979, the previously independent communities Dörnbach with 550 inhabitants and Marienthal with 280 inhabitants were incorporated into the city.

Rockenhausen was awarded in 2004 by the then Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Economics, Hans-Artur Bauckhage, together with five other municipalities - and the only one from the Palatinate - as a "SME-friendly municipality". On January 1, 2020, Rockenhausen moved to the newly created Verbandsgemeinde Nordpfälzer Land .


Population development

The development of the population of Rockenhausen based on today's urban area, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 are based on censuses:

year Residents
1815 2.125
1835 2,879
1871 2,900
1905 2,799
1939 3,189
1950 3,567
year Residents
1961 4,062
1970 4,902
1987 5,291
1997 5,767
2005 5,690
2019 5,365


The Jewish community once resident there owned a synagogue , the interior of which fell victim to the November pogroms in 1938


City council

The city ​​council in Rockenhausen consists of 22 council members, who were elected in the local elections on May 26, 2019 in a personalized proportional representation, and the honorary city ​​mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the city council:

choice SPD CDU FDP FWG total
2019 10 6th 4th 2 22 seats
2014 12 6th 2 2 22 seats
2009 11 6th 3 2 22 seats
2004 11 7th 2 2 22 seats
  • FWG = Free Voters' Group Rockenhausen und Umgebung e. V.


The interests of the local districts Dörnbach and Marienthal are represented by local councilors and local councils. The Dörnbach local council has nine members, the Marienthal local council five.

coat of arms

Rockenhausen coat of arms
Blazon : "In blue three growing golden (yellow) rye ears."
Justification of the coat of arms: The coat of arms was awarded by King Ludwig I of Bavaria on January 30, 1844. It comes from a city seal from the year 1335. It was a split plate with the sign of the family of raugraves surrounded by three of rye, which speaking of the place were (Rocken- is derived from " rye "). At the beginning of the 15th century an ear of corn was placed in each half of the shield ; around 1600 a grass floor was added. When it was re-awarded in 1844, the old seal image was no longer known exactly, so that a third ear of rye emerged from the split line.

Culture and sights

Protestant parish church on the market square

Cultural monuments

The old town and the Jewish cemetery are each designated as monument zones.

There are also numerous individual objects that are under monument protection , including the Catholic Church of St. Sebastian .


Tower clock museum

In the Museum for Time - Palatine Tower Clock Museum , clocks, especially large clocks, are shown and the mechanics are demonstrated on functional exhibits - sundials, hourglasses and astronomical clocks. It is located at Am Schloss in Rockenhausen. The museum in the Speyerstrasse in Rockenhausen, Museum Pachen , shows German art of the 20th century, painting, graphics and sculptures. In the Kahnweilerhaus , the legacy and memory of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler , an honorary citizen of the city of Rockenhausen, are preserved and shown to the public. He was an art dealer and Parisian gallery owner, as well as a co-founder and promoter of Cubism and modern art at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum also shows a permanent exhibition on the life and work of the Picasso patron, the German-language library and two Picasso lithographs by Kahnweiler as well as exhibition posters from his gallery Louise Leiris, Paris. The city of Rockenhausen has awarded the Daniel Henry Kahnweiler Prize, endowed with € 7,500, since 1981 .

The museum building in Rockenhausen, North Palatinate Museum of Local History , built in 1926 , shows the collections of the North Palatinate History Association founded in 1904 on two floors . The individual departments on the ground floor: Prehistory and early history, geology and paleontology of the Donnersberg area, mining and castles of the Northern Palatinate, town and former district of Rockenhausen. Old crafts are presented on the upper floor: blacksmith, shoemaker, potter, tailor, carpenter, carpenter and gunsmith. A 19th century parlor in the North Palatinate gives a good insight into the life of the great-grandparents. Documents of millions of geological history can be found in the private stone museum founded and supervised by Georg Kattler, North Palatinate Museum of Local History , in Dörrmoschel . Amethyst drusen, sand roses , petrified snails, woods and more are on display .

Other structures

The Donnersberghalle, which includes a multi-purpose hall as well as a bowling alley, is the cultural and sporting center of Rockenhausen and its surroundings. There is also a Kneipp facility on the south-eastern edge of Marienthal .

Nature and parks

There are a total of three natural monuments on site . In addition, the Katzenbacherhang nature reserve extends over the northeast of the city limits; In addition, it forms a natural forest reserve designated in 1972 , which covers 50 hectares.

The private zoo Donnersberg has existed since January 2016, which, according to its own information, has specialized in keeping exotic species such as the black-headed trek and the actual striped duck trek.


The pétanque club “Le Cochonnet” petanque friends 1986 Rockenhausen was a founding member of the pétanque Bundesliga. With the FV Rockenhausen there is a local football club. The Basketball Association of Rhineland-Palatinate held its first training camp in the city in 1989. From July 19 to 20, 2010, the 1st International Rockenhausen 24-hour race took place, which was part of the German Championship of the German Ultramarathon Association .

Regular events

The North Palatinate Autumn Festival has been held annually in September since 1951. As part of the autumn festival, there has also been the North Palatinate farmers' market for some years now, where regional producers offer their products.

Economy and Infrastructure


The largest employer in town is Adient - formerly Johnson Controls and Keiper GmbH & Co. KG - which manufactures metal components and structures for vehicle seats. REMA Fertigungstechnik GmbH operates plant construction, special machine construction, series and single part production. The company igr AG, an engineering service provider mainly for planning, has its headquarters in Rockenhausen, as does the Sparkasse Donnersberg . The city-based company rema fertigungstechnik gmbh also initiated the pilot project Machining for Rwanda's future .


Entrance to Rockenhausen in the form of the Marienthals district on Landesstraße 386 coming from Kirchheimbolanden

Rockhausen is over by Bingen to Bad Bergzabern extending B 48 connected to the national road network. Between Bingen and Winnweiler it already ran as the Reichsstraße (R 40). In a west-east direction, the state road 386 runs through the city center and Marienthal, which creates a connection with Reipoltskirchen and Rheindürkheim . In the east of the city limits, the state road 400 and the state road 402 branch off . The district road 12 also connects the Inkeltalerhof to the road network and the district road 36 the Hintersteinerhof.

Rockenhausen has a train station on the Alsenz Valley Railway with connections to Bingen and Kaiserslautern main train station every hour; The trips to Koblenz are tied through every two hours . The city ​​bus lines 924, 925 and 926 operated by Behles Bus also run hourly. This cycle is also offered on lines 901 to Kirchheimbolanden or 908 to Alsenz . The tariffs of the Rhein-Nahe-Verkehrsverbund and the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar apply .


The Alsenz Cycle Path , the Palatinate High Trail and the Nahegau-Wasgau-Vosges long-distance hiking trail marked with a white cross lead through Rockenhausen . The Appelbach cycle path also begins in Marienthal .


As the seat of the Verbandsgemeinde, Rockenhausen houses its administration. Remnants of the former district town of the former Rockenhausen district are still individual district authorities, for example the health department. There is also a local employment agency .


District Court of Rockenhausen

While it was part of France, the city was the seat of a peace court that was subordinate to the Tribunal of First Instance in Kaiserslautern . The district court of Rockenhausen is responsible for the Donnersbergkreis. It belongs to the regional court district of Kaiserslautern and the higher regional court district of Zweibrücken .


The former Rockenhausen District Hospital, which together with the Kirchheimbolanden District Hospital became Donnersbergkrankenhaus GmbH, has been part of the Kaiserslauter West Palatinate Clinic since 2002 as one of four locations - Kaiserslautern, Kusel, Kirchheimbolanden and Rockenhausen ; The shareholders of Westpfalz-Klinikum GmbH are the university town of Kaiserslautern, the Kusel district and the Donnersbergkreis with shares of 60, 25 and 15 percent respectively. A clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy is operated in the Rockenhausen hospital building in addition to the internal department that remains there , the Palatinate Clinic with its Rockenhausen branch, which, however, is sponsored by the Palatinate District Association .

Education and youth

There is a Catholic and a Protestant kindergarten in Rockenhausen. There is also a special educational kindergarten. In the city there is the Anne Frank Primary School , the Integrated Comprehensive School and a Realschule plus . The Abitur can be taken at the comprehensive school or at the Wilhelm-Erb-Gymnasium in Winnweiler . The town also has a vocational school and a school for people with learning disabilities. The town house - children and youth center Rockenhausen - has been run by the Evangelical Youth Rockenhausen since the beginning of 2014.


Honorary citizen

sons and daughters of the town

People who worked on site

  • Suleiman Abuchater , holder of the Federal Cross of Merit
  • Peter Arnold , architect
  • Luise-Charlotte Busch , holder of the Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Jakob Demmerle (1897–1968), died in Rockenhausen.
  • Erika Ellrodt (* 1941), recipient of the Federal Cross of Merit
  • Katharina Hauter (* 1983), actress
  • Adam Karrillon (1853–1938), practiced in Rockenhausen until 1883.
  • Christian Kruck (1925–1985), received the city's Daniel Henry Kahnweiler Prize in 1983.
  • Heinz Pachen (1922–2006), art collector, founder of the Museum Pachen, holder of the Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Hella Pachen (1928–2007), art collector, founder of the Museum Pachen, holder of the Order of Merit of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Otto Rehhagel (* 1938), football coach for FV Rockenhausen in 1972
  • Kurt Rocker (* 1928), politician (CDU), lives in Rockenhausen.
  • Ludwig Schmidt , architect
  • Peter Seeberger , architect
  • Joachim Stöckle (1936–2013), administrative lawyer and politician (CDU), worked for the district office in Rockenhausen from 1964 to 1968
  • Willi Rothley (* 1943), politician (SPD), 1984–2004 member of the European Parliament, lives in Rockenhausen.


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