Rodheim before the height

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Rodheim before the height
Rodheim coat of arms in front of the height
Coordinates: 50 ° 15 ′ 55 "  N , 8 ° 42 ′ 17"  E
Height : 161  (147-173)  m above sea level NHN
Area : 22.14 km²
Residents : 4780  (Dec. 31, 2004)
Population density : 216 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : August 1, 1972
Postal code : 61191
Area code : 06007
Entrance from the direction of Rosbach
Entrance from the direction of Rosbach
Rodheim (view of the tower of the old church)

Rodheim vor der Höhe is a district of Rosbach vor der Höhe in the Wetterau district of Hesse .


The place is 169 m above sea ​​level , 8 km southwest of Friedberg , on the southern edge of the Taunus ("Höhe" is the historical name for "Taunus").


middle Ages

The oldest surviving mention of the place can be found in the Lorsch Codex in 804 or 805 as Rodeheim . At that time the place was assigned to the "pago Wetdereiba", the Gau Wetterau . A castle is suspected to be within the earlier fortification. The place was part of the Munzenberg inheritance from 1255 and as a result partly owned by various regional noble families, including those from Hanau . The fortification of Rodheim by the Wetterauer Landvogt Ulrich III. von Hanau was 1364-1366 the occasion for the Falkensteiner feud among the heirs of the Munzenberg.

1322 is called an independent parish. The community belonged to the Archdiocese of Mainz . Middle church authorities were the archdeaconate of St. Maria ad Gradus in Mainz , deanship Friedberg. The patronage lay with the Fulda monastery . In the same year it was donated to the collegiate monastery of St. Peter and Alexander in Aschaffenburg , with the right to present it remaining with the Fulda monastery. A new church was built in the 15th century . In 1518 the patronage was with the Lords of Eppstein - Königstein , and in 1535 with the Counts of Stolberg- Königstein, who also introduced the Reformation .

Early modern age

In 1578 and 1595, Hanau was able to take possession of the village, together with a number of other villages, first as a pledge, then finally, and subordinate it to a newly established Rodheim office , which was spun off from the Windecken office .

1736, with the death of the last Count of Hanau , Johann Reinhard III. , Rodheim came to the Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel .

Modern times

From 1806 to 1810 Rodheim was French, belonged to the Principality of Hanau and was then added to the Grand Duchy of Hesse , where it remained after the Congress of Vienna . It subsequently belonged to the following administrative units:

Territorial reform

In the course of administrative reform in Hesse on December 1, 1970, until then independent municipality Nieder-Rosbach were in the city of Ober-Rosbach incorporated . The city of Ober-Rosbach was officially renamed Rosbach . On August 1, 1972, this was short-lived city with the community Rodheim of heights powerful state law to a new city Rosbach together . On March 14, 1973 this was given the name Rosbach vor der Höhe .

Population development

  • 1939: 1853 inhabitants
  • 1961: 2753 inhabitants
  • 1970: 3733 inhabitants

Culture and sights



  • The Reinhardskirche was built as a Lutheran church in 1731-1735 / 38 and replaced a previous building from 1676. After a fire in 1901, it was redesigned. Stained glass windows for the church were created by Professor Alexander Linnemann from Frankfurt, namely two choir windows: Nativity and Resurrection and seven ship windows.

The tower of the church is still the landmark of the place.


Memorial plaque synagogue

From 1862 onwards, the Rodheim synagogue was built by the Büdesheim master builder Victor Melior and inaugurated on April 17, 1863. The synagogue was also used by the Jewish community of Burgholzhausen vor der Höhe . In the pogrom night of November 10, 1938 , the synagogue was set on fire and destroyed by the Rodheimer SA . A memorial stone and a plaque remind of the synagogue at the former location.

Cultural monuments

See the list of cultural monuments in Rodheim vor der Höhe

Economy and Infrastructure


Erich-Kästner School in Rodheim
  • The Erich-Kästner-Schule (primary and secondary school) was inaugurated in 1966 by the namesake.
  • “Old School” and “Rainbow” day care centers .

Public facilities



The state roads 3352 and 3204 cross in Rodheim vd Höhe. The "Friedberg" junction of federal motorway 5 is about 3 kilometers west of the village .

Rail and public transport

Rodheim has a stop on the single- track Friedrichsdorf – Friedberg railway line , which is served by trains of the Hessian state railway within the Rhein-Main transport association . There are S-Bahn connections to Frankfurt am Main from both ends of the railway line . The journey to there via Friedrichsdorf is approx. 35 minutes. The Rodheim vd Höhe stop is 100 m behind the level crossing on Landesstraße 3204 at route kilometers 28.7. Until 2002, the stop was a multi-track station where train crossings could take place and sugar beets were loaded until 1992 .


Born in Rodheim vor der Höhe


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