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Otto Paschen (born July 27, 1873 in Düren , † September 26, 1947 in Cologne ) was a priest and provost in Cologne.

After studying theology in Bonn , which he completed with a Dr. theol. graduated, Paschen was ordained a priest on July 2, 1896 and then chaplain to St. Laurentius in Elberfeld . Since 1899 he has been a religious teacher and in 1900 he was also a senior teacher at the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium in Aachen.He was appointed director of the Leoninum Theological Convict in Bonn in 1903 , and from here in 1907 he moved to the Albertinum theological convict, also located in Bonn, as director.

In 1912 he went to St. Adalbert in Aachen as a pastor and in 1918 was also the canon of Aachen Cathedral. Archbishop Karl Joseph Schulte appointed Paschen in 1920 as Vicariate General and Prosynodal Judge, with which his transfer to Cologne was connected. Since 1921 he has also been a member of the Cologne cathedral chapter, he was appointed major penitentiary in 1922 and obtained the position of cathedral dean in the cathedral chapter in 1930, which he exchanged for that of the cathedral provost in 1931.

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