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Location of Oulunkaari

Oulunkaari is one of seven administrative communities ( seutukunta ) in the Finnish landscape of Northern Ostrobothnia . Oulunkaari literally means 'Oulu Arch'; accordingly, the five municipalities of the administrative community form an arc north and east of the greater Oulu area . In the west of the administrative community lies the Gulf of Bothnia , in the north Oulunkaari borders on the province of Lapland , in the east on the region Koillismaa and in the south on the Kainuu region .

The following three cities and municipalities belong to the administrative community Oulunkaari:

Ylikiiminki and Yli-Ii belonged to the Oulunkaari administrative community as separate communities until they were incorporated into Oulu in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

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