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Location of Koillismaa

Koillismaa (literally 'northeast country') is a region in northeast Finland . It is located in the eastern countryside Northern Ostrobothnia in the transition area between the hills of Kainuu and the mountains -Landscape Lapland . Koillismaa is also an administrative community ( seutukunta ) of the Northern Ostrobothnian landscape. This includes the city of Kuusamo and the municipality of Taivalkoski .

In a broader, unofficial sense, the communities Pudasjärvi and Posio , sometimes also Salla and Suomussalmi , are assigned to Koillismaa . Koillismaa is very different from the western part of northern Ostrobothnia in terms of landscape, culture and dialect. If the rest of Northern Ostrobothnia speaks Western Finnish, Northern Eastern Bothnian dialects , the dialect of Koillismaa is one of the Eastern Finnish Savo dialects .

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