Pablo Xochiquentzin

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Pablo Xochiquentzin († 1536 ) was a governor and cuauhtlato in Tenochtitlán .

Xochiquentzin was a nobleman and worked as a prince tutor at the prince's court in Tenochtitlan . In the absence of princely descent, Xochiquentzin was not recognized as a tlatoani . However, he ruled as cuauhtlato for six years . During his reign, the Spaniards did not succeed in seizing , for example, Martín Ocelotl , a prominent priest of the ancient faith . Only after his death was Juan de Zumárraga able to advance the Mexican Inquisition and the associated Christianization.

He left a son, Bartolomé Xochiquentzin , who became an alkali .


predecessor Office successor
Andrés de Tapia Motelchiuh Governor of Tenochtitlan
Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin