Andrés de Tapia Motelchiuh

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Don Andrés de Tapia Motelchiuhtzin Huitznahuatlailótlac († 1530 in Aztatlan ) was a governor and cuauhtlato in Tenochtitlán .

Motelchiuhtzin was of lower social origin, but rose to the warrior nobility through outstanding achievements in the army . He took part in the defensive struggle for Tenochtitlán, which was carried out with complete sacrifice, and was seized together with Cuauhtémoc and Tlacotzin on Lake Texcoco on August 13, 1521 and then tortured in order to reveal the hiding place of the gold from Tenochtitlán. Cortés put him in 1525/1526 as the first non-member of the old Princely House of Tenōchca as governor in Tenochtitlán. Since the city was destroyed by the fighting, he resided in Nochixtlan until 1527/1528 . In the absence of princely descent, Motelchiuhtzin was not recognized as a Tlatoani . However, he ruled as cuauhtlato for another two years .

On an expedition of the Spaniards to Teocolhuacan to the Chichimeken , in which Motelchiuhtzin took part, he was fatally wounded by an arrow in Aztatlan. He left a son, Hernando de Tapia .


predecessor Office successor
Juan Velázquez Tlacotzin Governor of Tenochtitlan
Pablo Xochiquentzin