Pack ice at the pole

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Pingvinas / pack ice at the pole / penguins!
Game data
author Alvydas Jakeliunas ,
Günter Cornett
graphic Bernd Natke (2003),
François Bruel (2005)
publishing company Bambus Verlag (2003),
Phalanx Games (2005),
Mayfair Games (2005),
Devir (2006), (2006),
u. a.
Publishing year 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008
Art Board game
Teammates 2 to 4
Duration about 15 minutes
Age from 8 years


Game of the year 2006: Recommended list
Game of the games 2006: Games hit for families
Dutch game award 2006: nominated
Japan Boardgame Prize 2006: Best Foreign Boardgame

Pack ice at the pole

Pack ice at the pole is a tactical board game by Alvydas Jakeliunas and Günter Cornett . It was first published in 2003 by Bambus Verlag as Pingvinas. In 2005, the game appeared at the Dutch Game Publisher Phalanx Games (German: in different languages pack ice at the pole , later Hey, thanks for the fish :, Dutch Pinguïn, in English: ! HEY That's My Fish at Mayfair Games ). It was later distributed in many other languages ​​(e.g. Spanish: Pingüinos & Cia at Devir , Finnish / Swedish: Pingwin at , French: Pingouin ).

In 2008 a new version was released with modeled plastic figures as penguins! Deluxe! .

Game flow

On a rectangle-like structure of hexagonal ice floes with one to three fish depicted on them, the players first place two to four of their own penguins on any 1-fish floes, depending on the number of players. When all penguins have been placed, each player in turn draws one of his penguins as far as he likes in a straight line and receives the floe on which he was previously standing. Fields with other penguins and gaps caused by previously removed clods cannot be jumped over or entered. The game ends when no more players can move. The player with the most fish on the collected floes, including those on which his penguins stood last, wins.

Despite the child-friendly theme and the presentation, pack ice at the pole is a game with complete information and completely randomly free after setting up the starting position and thus a point in time before the first player actions and as such a strategic space game, not unlike the go for two players . The idea of ​​blockade and the “securing” of areas play a decisive role here.

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