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Phalanx Games is a Dutch games publisher based in Almere . Phalanx sells its games internationally in up to nine languages.

Michael Bruinsma, the founder of the game publisher 999 Games and the game fair Spellenspektakel, launched Phalanx Games in 2001 with the aim of publishing high-quality games. The first game, the conflict simulation North & South by Frank Chadwick, was nominated for the Dutch Game Award. In May 2008, a German subsidiary Phalanx Games Deutschland GbR was founded in Konstanz . In 2013 the publisher ceased operations.



  • 2005: The Lord of the Rings - The War of the Ring
  • 2008: golden era
  • 2008: attack! Eastern Front 1941-1942
  • 2008: Sutter's Mill
  • 2008: Penguins Deluxe
  • 2008: Spartacus
  • 2009: Steam
  • 2009: Rise of Empires
  • 2009: automobiles

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