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Michael Kiesling at the Spiel 2017 in Essen

Michael Kiesling (* 1957 in Bremen ) is a German game designer and managing director of a software company in Bremen. Alone and together with Wolfgang Kramer , he has developed numerous games since 1995, some of which have received awards. Most recently, the game he developed in 2017 was named Azul Game of the Year 2018.


Kiesling worked for Deutsche Telekom for eleven years . In 1986 he began to study electrical and automation technology in Bremen on the second educational path. In 1989 he graduated as a graduate engineer. In 1995 he founded his own game publisher 1 × 1 Spiele , which he had to close again after only four months. He has developed most of the games since 1995 together with Wolfgang Kramer . However, this collaboration only takes place over the phone and by e-mail, both of them only saw each other once at the 1997 game fair in Essen and had never played a game together at the table before. In 2007 Kiesling published another game without Kramer with Wikinger . This game reached third place at the German Game Award 2007.


Together with Reinhard Staupe

Together with Wolfgang Kramer

Together with Andreas Schmidt


  • German Games Prize
    • 1999 for Tikal
    • 2000 2nd place for Torres
    • 2001 9th place for Java
    • 2002 5th place for Mexica , 8th place for Pueblo
    • 2004 7th place for Raja
    • 2005 place 10 for Verflixxt
    • 2007 3rd place for Vikings
    • 2014 1st place for Abluxxen
  • Game of games
    • 2002 for Pueblo
    • Hit family game 2005 for Verflixxt
    • Game of games 2014 for Abluxxen
    • Hit family game 2016 for Adventure Land
  • game of the year
    • 1999 for Tikal
    • 2000 for Torres
    • Nominated 2004 Raja
    • 2007 list of recommendations for the Sunken City
    • Nominated 2005 Verflixxt
    • Recommendation list 2007 for Vikings
    • 2007 list of recommendations for one- eye be vigilant
    • Recommendation list 2014 for Sanssouci
    • 2018 for Azul
  • Expert game of the year

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