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The Dutch Games Prize ( Dutch Nederlandse Spellenprijs ) is a game prize that has been awarded since 2001. The award ceremony takes place every October at the game fair Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven . A list of nominations will be announced in July, with games with Dutch rules to choose from that were released between June 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year. The winner may use a "Nederlandse Spellenprijs - Jahr - winnaar" logo and the nominees may use a "Nederlandse Spellenprijs - Jahr - genomineerd" logo . The winner has been determined by an eleven-person jury since 2012. As of 2013, there will be the “Expert Game” award, similar to the German Kennerspiel des Jahres .

The Dutch association Ducosim is behind the award.

Award winners (including nominees)

year winner Game ( german title ) Author (s) publishing company
2001 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Machiavelli (Without Fear and Nobility) Bruno Faidutti 999 games
Attila Karl-Heinz Schmiel 999 games
Carcassonne Klaus-Jürgen Wrede 999 games
Java Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
Cardinal & Koning (Cardinal & King) Michael Schacht 999 games
La Città Gerd Fennel 999 games
Morisi Corné van Moorsel Cwali
San Marco Aaron Weissblum , Alan Moon Ravensburger
2002 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Cartagena Leo Colovini Identity Games
Dvonn Kris Burm Don & Co
Medina Stefan Dorra 999 games
Mexica Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
North & South (North & South) Frank Chadwick Phalanx Games
Pueblo Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
StreetSoccer Corné van Moorsel Cwali
2003 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Puerto Rico Andreas Seyfarth Ravensburger
Clans Leo Colovini Identity Games
Boonanza (Bohnanza) Uwe Rosenberg 999 games
Cannes Doumen , Haverkort , Wiersinga , Jannink Splotter
Orient Richard Breese 999 games
Take 5! (6 takes!) Wolfgang Kramer 999 games
Trans America Franz-Benno Delonge Identity Games
ZooSim Corné van Moorsel Cwali
2004 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Maharadja (Raja: palace building in India) Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Phalanx Games
Nobility obligation (aristocracy obligation) Klaus Teuber jumbo
Amon-Ra (Amun-Re) Pure Knizia 999 games
De Bruggen van Shangrila (The Bridges of Shangrila) Leo Colovini 999 games
De Grote Dalmuti (The Great Dalmuti) Richard Garfield PS Games
Puerto Rico het kaartspel (San Juan) Andreas Seyfarth Ravensburger
Ticket to Ride (train by train) Alan R. Moon Days of Wonder / Hodin
Yinsh Kris Burm Don & Co / Vendetta Games
2005 Vista-keditbookmarks.png De Ontembare Stad (The Invincible City) Hans van Tol The Game Master
Alhambra Dirk Henn Queen Games
Australia Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
Goa Rüdiger Dorn 999 games
Iguazu (Niagara) Thomas Liesching 999 games
Keythedral Richard Breese PS Games
Sint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg) Michael Tummelhofer 999 games
Veel Soeps! Pure Knizia University Games
Wings of War Andrea Angiolino , Piergiorgio Paglia PS Games
2006 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Caylus William Attia Quined & White Goblin Games
Heersers der Woestijn (Through the desert) Pure Knizia PS Games
Manilla (Manila) Franz-Benno Delonge 999 games
Pinguïn (pack ice at the pole) Alvydas Jakeliunas , Günter Cornett Phalanx Games
Pirates! Pure Knizia Ravensburger
Reef Encounter Richard Breese Quined Games
Skyline of the World Hans van Tol The Game Master
Tai Pan (Tichu) Urs Hostettler 999 games
2007 Vista-keditbookmarks.png De Vorsten van Florence (The Princes of Florence) Wolfgang Kramer , Richard Ulrich , Jens Christopher Ulrich QWG Games
Arkadia (The Builders of Arkadia) Rüdiger Dorn Ravensburger
De Kathedraal (The Pillars of the Earth) Michael Rieneck , Stefan Stadler 999 games
Factory fun Corné van Moorsel Cwali
Mr. Jack Bruno Cathala , Ludovic Maublanc Hurricane / Hodin
Pompen of Verzuipen (land below) Stefan Dorra PS Games
Shogun Dirk Henn Queen Games
Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal) Pure Knizia QWG Games
Thurn and Taxis Karen Seyfarth , Andreas Seyfarth 999 games
2008 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Cuba Michael Rieneck , Stefan Stadler The Game Master
Burgers' Zoo Michael Schacht 999 games
League of Six (Six Cities League ) Vladimír Suchý QWG Games
Thebes (Beyond Thebes) Peter Prince Queen Games / Hodin
Tzaar Kris Burm Smart games
Voor de Wind (Before the Wind) Torsten Landsvogt Phalanx Games
Yspahan Sébastien Pauchon QWG Games
2009 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Agricola Uwe Rosenberg 999 games
Age of Empires III Glenn Drover QWG Games
Chicago Express Harry Wu Queen Games
Cities Martyn F Emma Games
Dominion Donald X. Vaccarino 999 games
Het Achtste Wereldwonder (The Tower of Babel) Pure Knizia 999 games
Krakow 1325 AD Peter Struijf Geode Games
pandemic Matt Leacock QWG Games
Stenen Tijdperk (StoneAge) Michael Tummelhofer 999 games
2010 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Hoogspanning (spark) Friedemann Friese 999 games
Brass Martin Wallace White Goblin Games
Dixit Jean-Louis Roubira Libellud
Fresco (fresco) Marcel Süßelbeck , Marco Ruskowski , Wolfgang Panning Queen Games
Roll through the Ages ( Through the Ages - The Dice Game - Bronze Age) Matt Leacock QWG Games
Stoom (Steam) Martin Wallace Phalanx Games
Tobago Bruce Allen The Game Master
Vasco da Gama Paolo Mori 999 games
2011 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Hanzesteden (Hansa Teutonica) Andreas Steding 999 games
7 wonders Antoine Bauza Repos Productions
Het Verboden Eiland (The Forbidden Island) Matt Leacock White Goblin Games
Wizard Ken Fisher 999 games
Imperial 2030 Mac Gerdts The Game Master
K2 Adam Kaluza White Goblin Games
Lino Chislaine van den Bulk Giuoco
Sun, Sea & Sand Corné van Moorsel Cwali
2012 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Lancaster Matthias Cramer 999 games
Hoogspanning: De Eerste Vonken ( Funkenschlag - The First Sparks) Friedemann Friese Repos Productions
Mondo Michael Schacht White Goblin Games
Ninjato Dan Schnake & Adam West White Goblin Games
Takenoko Antoine Bauza Editions Matagot / Asmodee
2013 Vista-keditbookmarks.png King of Tokyo Richard Garfield Heidelberger Spieleverlag / IELLO
Coney Island Michael Schacht Argentum Verlag / White Goblin Games
Flash Point Kevin Lanzing Indie Boards & Cards / 999 Games
2014 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Qwixx Steffen Benndorf White Goblin Games / Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag GmbH
Hanabi Antoine Bauza Abacus games
UGO! Roland Hoekstra , Thomas Jansen (game designer) , Patrick Zuidhof Playthisone / cosmos
2015 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Splendor Marc André Space Cowboys / Asmodee
Camel Up Steffen Bogen Eggertspiele / Pegasus games
Sushi Go! Phil Walker-Harding Zoch publishing house
2016 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Avonturenland (Adventure Land ) Michael Kiesling , Wolfgang Kramer HABA
Codenames Vlaada Chvátil Czech Games Edition / Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Quadropolis François Gandon Days of Wonder
2017 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Droomhuis (My Dream House) Klemens Kalicki Chronicle Games
Imhotep Phil Walker-Harding White Goblin Games
Kingdomino Bruno Cathala White Goblin Games / Blue Orange Games
2018 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Azul Michael Kiesling Next move
Luxor Rüdiger Dorn Queen Games
The Mind Wolfgang Warsch White Goblin Games
2019 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Welcome to ... Benoit Turpin Jumping Turtle Games
De Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg Wolfgang Warsch 999 games
Clever Wolfgang Warsch 999 games

Expert game winners (including nominees)

year winner Game ( german title ) Author (s) publishing company
2013 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Terra Mystica Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller Tierra del Fuego / White Goblin Games
Trajan Stefan Feld Ammonite / Quined Games
Tzolk'in Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini Heidelberger Spieleverlag / Czech Games Edition / The Game Master
2014 Vista-keditbookmarks.png De Legenden van Andor (The Legends of Andor) Michael Menzel cosmos
Brugge (Bruges) Stefan Feld Hans im Glück Verlag
Russian Railroads Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler 999 Games / Hans im Glück Verlag
2015 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Concordia Mac Gerdts PD games
The Golden Ages Luigi Ferrini Quined Games
Istanbul Rüdiger Dorn Pegasus games
2016 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Marco Polo ( In the footsteps of Marco Polo) Simone Lucianien , Daniele Tascini 999 games
Reel servant Thomas Spitzer Quined Games
De Alchemist (The Alchemists) Matus Kotry The Game Master
2017 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Orleans Reiner Stockhausen White Goblin Games
Great Western Trail Alexander Pfister 999 games
Mombasa Alexander Pfister The Game Master
2018 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Gaia Project Jens Drögemüller , Helge Ostertag White Goblin Games
Chimera Station Mark Major Game Brewer
Paco Ŝako Felix Albers Self-published
2019 Vista-keditbookmarks.png Rovers van de Noordzee Shem Phillips White Goblin Games / Schwerkraft Verlag
Gentes Stefan Risthaus Game Brewer
Wingspan Elizabeth Hargrave 999 games

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