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Queen Games stand at Spiel 2008 in Essen

Queen Games is a German games publisher founded in Troisdorf in 1992 .

The Company

In 1988, Rajive Gupta founded the company "Queen-Carroms-Spielwaren GmbH" for the distribution and production of the Indian Carrom game, in 1992 the game publisher Queen Games followed.

After Laurin Verlag went bankrupt in 1993, Queen Games took over its publishing rights, including board games and the pen and paper role-playing games Middle-earth role-playing game (MERS), Rolemaster and Cthulhu . Queen Games released products from Iron Crown Enterprises (Rolemaster and MERS) under license on the German-speaking market; Meanwhile, own board games determine the assortment.

In 1997 two games - Showmanager and Expedition - reached 3rd and 8th place in the German Games Prize . The Alhambra was named Game of the Year in 2003 . In 2010 Fresko was nominated for this prize and won the German Games Prize . Kingdom Builder by Donald X. Vaccarino won Game of the Year in 2012.

Board games

The following board games have been published by Queen Games (game name, author, year of publication):

Other games

Individual evidence

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