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The German Game Award , also known as the German Game Award , is a game award for German-language board and card game innovations. It is awarded for the best family and adult game and as the German Children's Game Prize for the best children's game of the current year of games. With the trophy Essen spring was 2016 Author's awarded the most exemplary rule.

In contrast to the Game of the Year Critics' Prize, the German Games Prize is a specialist audience award in which interested individual players, gaming groups, dealers and journalists are invited to vote. In 1990 it took the place of the Golden Pöppels awarded by the trade journal Die Pöppel-Revue . The German Games Prize is awarded by Friedhelm Merz Verlag in Bonn . It is awarded every year on the evening before the International Game Days in Essen .

Election mode

The German Games Prize is based on a broad-based specialist audience and expert survey. Up to the year 2000, the result of the expert audience vote among the readers of the Pöppel-Revue made up 40 percent of the overall result. Sixty percent of the results were from three surveys among game journalists, gaming circles and retailers.

In 2000, the German Games Prize fell into crisis after it was revealed that the Pöppel-Revue had multiplied the results of its reader survey several times by a fixed factor and thus announced an excessive number of participants. In the following year the Pöppel-Revue stopped its publication.

Since 2001, every player has been able to vote on the Internet. In addition, journalists, game groups , dealers and readers of the trade magazine Fairplay , Spielbox and Spielerei are invited to participate. The vote is based on around 2000 participants. Each participant may vote for what they consider to be the five best games of the current year, which run from the middle of the previous year to the middle of the current year. This includes all games that were presented at the Essen International Game Days in the previous year or at the Nuremberg Toy Fair held in the same year . In addition, a child's play can be selected.

In 2018, Merz Verlag moved the end of the voting retrospectively by seven days after a YouTuber ("Boardgamedigger") attempted to confirm the result by promising a promotional article in favor of the game Klong! to influence.

Essen spring

The winner of the Golden Pen, awarded by the City of Essen from 1981 to 2016, for the best rules of the game of the year was determined by a jury of experts and has been awarded since 1990 as part of the German Game Prize.

Award winners

Winner of the German Game Prize

year space game author publishing company
1990 01 noblesse oblige Klaus Teuber FX Schmid
02 à la carte Karl-Heinz Schmiel Mosquito games
03 Such a thing Urs Hostettler Mirage games
04th Favorites Walter Müller Walter Müller's game workshop
05 Gold rush Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
06th Holiday AG Wolfgang Kramer FX Schmid
07th Romans Rudolf Ross Hexagames
08th Wind & weather Ben van Dijk , Wil Dijkstra jumbo
09 Timberland Klaus Teuber Haba
10 Thick potatoes Doris Matthäus , Frank Nestel Abacus games
1991 01 The labyrinth of the masters Max J. Kobbert Ravensburger
02 Farmer smart Tom Schoeps FX Schmid
03 Over and over Klaus Teuber Hans in hapiness
04th Hunt the vampires Alex Randolph , Walter Obert , Dario De Toffoli Ravensburger
05 Casablanca Eric Solomon Amigo
06th Girl talk FX Schmid
07th chameleon Wolfgang Großkopf VSK adult games
08th Fragrant traces Christa Heidorn , Jürgen Heidorn Heidorns
09 River pirates Walter Müller , Klaus Zoch Walter Müller's game workshop
10 Columbus Wolfgang Kramer Ravensburger
1992 01 The Flying Dutchman Klaus Teuber Parker
02 To tire width Rob Bontenbal jumbo
03 Quo Vadis Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
04th Valley of the Kings Christian Beierer Franckh
05 Chatter Urs Hostettler FX Schmid
06th Cosmic Encounter Bill Eberle et al. a. Hexagames
07th Minos Jean Vanaise , Jean Claude Sohier Ravensburger
08th Extra sheet Karl-Heinz Schmiel Mosquito games
09 Raid Stefan Dorra Ravensburger
10 Neolithibum Harald Bilz , Peter Gudbrod Heidelberger Spieleverlag
1993 01 Modern Art Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
02 Tutankhamun Pure Knizia Amigo
03 Vernissage Klaus Teuber TM
04th bluff Richard Borg FX Schmid
05 Acquire Sid Sackson Schmidt Games
06th Rheingold Reinhard Herbert jumbo
07th Game of towers Rudi Hoffmann Schmidt Games
08th Burin Klaus Palesch Amigo
09 Empire Gary Dicken , Steve Kendall World of games
10 Botch Harald Bilz , Peter Gudbrod , Rainer Kröhn Heidelberger Spieleverlag
1994 01 6 takes! Wolfgang Kramer Amigo
02 Capone Mark Caines , Anthony Watts Amigo
03 Manhattan Andreas Seyfarth Hans in hapiness
04th intrigue Stefan Dorra FX Schmid
05 Save yourself who can Ronald Wettering Walter Müller's game workshop
06th What stands out? Karl-Heinz Schmiel Mosquito games
07th On penny and penny Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
08th Knock out Wolfgang panning TM games
09 Take it easy Peter Burley FX Schmid
10 Billabong Eric Solomon Franjos
1995 01 The settlers of Catan Klaus Teuber cosmos
02 line 1 Stefan Dorra Goldsieber games
03 starry sky Tom Schoeps Goldsieber games
04th The Mole Company Virginia Charves , Bertram Kaes Ravensburger
05 Medici Pure Knizia Amigo
06th Gallop Royal Klaus Teuber Goldsieber games
07th Buzzle Bill Eberle , Jack Kittredge , Peter Olotka Franjos
08th Hat trick Klaus Palesch Amigo
09 set Marsha Jean Falco FX Schmid
10 High society Pure Knizia Ravensburger
1996 01 El Grande Wolfgang Kramer , Richard Ulrich Hans in hapiness
02 Explorer Klaus Teuber Goldsieber games
03 Carabande Jean du Poël Goldsieber games
04th Doris Matthäus , Frank Nestel Games by Doris & Frank
05 Reibach & Co Alan R. Moon , Mick Ado FX Schmid
06th Marracash Stefan Dorra cosmos
07th Yucata ' Stefan Dorra Hans in hapiness
08th Campanile Hanno Kuhn , Wilfried Kuhn Blatz games
09 Let's go! Helga Huber , Hermann Huber Goldsieber games
10 Top Race Wolfgang Kramer ASS
1997 01 Lion Heart Klaus Teuber Goldsieber games
02 The Settlers of Catan - The Card Game Klaus Teuber cosmos
03 Show manager Dirk Henn Queen Games
04th Mississippi Queen Werner Hodel Goldsieber games
05 Bohnanza Uwe Rosenberg Amigo
06th Serenissima Dominique Ehrhard , Duccio Vitale Eurogames Descartes
07th The absent-minded Pharaoh Gunter Baars Ravensburger
08th expedition Wolfgang Kramer Queen Games
09 With Zeus Klaus Palesch cosmos
10 Manitou Günter Burkhardt Goldsieber games
1998 01 Euphrates & Tigris Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
02 Primordial soup Doris Matthäus , Frank Nestel Games by Doris & Frank
03 Elfenland Alan R. Moon Amigo
04th Through the dessert Pure Knizia cosmos
05 Canyon Frederick A. Herschler Abacus games
06th Bazaar Reinhard Staupe FX Schmid
07th Tycoon Wolfgang Kramer , Horst-Rainer Rösner jumbo
08th Caesar & Cleopatra Wolfgang Lüdtke cosmos
09 The makers Karl-Heinz Schmiel Hans in luck , mosquito games
10 Buccaneers Reiner Stockhausen Hans in hapiness
1999 01 Tikal Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
02 Ra Pure Knizia Alea
03 Union Pacific Alan R. Moon Amigo
04th samurai Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
05 The dealers Wolfgang Kramer , Richard Ulrich Queen Games
06th Giants Wilko Manz cosmos
07th traitor Marcel-André Casasola Merkle Adlung games
08th Mamma Mia! Uwe Rosenberg Abacus games
09 Chinatown Karsten Hartwig Alea
10 Pepper sacks Christwart Conrad Goldsieber games
2000 01 Taj Mahal Pure Knizia Alea
02 Torres Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling FX
03 The princes of Florence Wolfgang Kramer , Richard Ulrich Alea
04th La Città Gerd Fennel cosmos
05 Vinci Philippe Keyaerts Eurogames Descartes
06th Without fear and nobility Bruno Faidutti Hans in hapiness
07th Carolus Magnus Leo Colovini Winning moves
08th Cardinal & King Michael Schacht Goldsieber games
09 Orient Richard Breese Hans in hapiness
10 Zoff in the zoo Doris Matthäus , Frank Nestel Games by Doris & Frank
2001 01 Carcassonne Klaus-Jürgen Wrede Hans in hapiness
02 Medina Stefan Dorra Hans in hapiness
03 The traders of Genoa Rüdiger Dorn Alea
04th Evo Philippe Keyaerts Eurogames Descartes
05 Capitol Alan R. Moon , Aaron Weissblum Schmidt
06th Cartagena Leo Colovini Winning moves
07th San Marco Alan R. Moon , Aaron Weissblum Ravensburger
08th Babel Uwe Rosenberg , Hagen Dorgathen cosmos
09 Java Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
10 The amulet Alan R. Moon , Aaron Weissblum Goldsieber games
2002 01 Puerto Rico Andreas Seyfarth Alea / Ravensburger
02 Trans America Franz-Benno Delonge Winning moves
03 junk Michael Schacht Queen Games
04th Villa Paletti Bill Payne Zoch
05 Mexica Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
06th nautilus Brigitte Ditt , Wolfgang Ditt cosmos
07th Gold country Wolfgang Kramer Goldsieber games
08th Pueblo Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
09 Pirate bay Paul Randles , Daniel Stahl Amigo
10 Magellan Tom Lehmann Hans in hapiness
2003 01 Amun-Re Pure Knizia Hans in hapiness
02 Alhambra Dirk Henn Queen Games
03 Clans Leo Colovini Winning moves
04th Paris Paris Michael Schacht Abacus games
05 Lion Heart Klaus Teuber cosmos
06th Fish Fluppen Meatballs Friedemann Friese 2F
07th Mare Nostrum Serge Laget Eurogames Descartes
08th New England Alan R. Moon , Aaron Weissblum Goldsieber games
09 Coloretto Michael Schacht Abacus games
10 Precious, stone & rich Reinhard Staupe Alea / Ravensburger
2004 01 St. Petersburg Michael Tummelhofer Hans in hapiness
02 San Juan Andreas Seyfarth Alea / Ravensburger
03 Goa Rüdiger Dorn Hans in hapiness
04th Attica Marcel-André Casasola Merkle Hans in hapiness
05 Just awesome Pure Knizia cosmos
06th step by step Alan R. Moon Days of Wonder
07th Raja Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Phalanx Games
08th Dark hallways Friedemann Friese 2F
09 Hansa Michael Schacht Abacus games
10 The bridges of Shangrila Leo Colovini cosmos
2005 01 Louis XIV Rüdiger Dorn Alea / Ravensburger
02 Niagara Thomas Liesching Zoch
03 Manila Franz-Benno Delonge Zoch
04th Ubongo Grzegorz Rejchtman cosmos
05 Himalayas Régis Bonnessée Tilsit Editions
06th In 80 days around the world Michael Rieneck cosmos
07th Shadows over Camelot Bruno Cathala , Serge Laget Days of Wonder
08th Jambo Rüdiger Dorn cosmos
09 The Zavandor scepter Jens Drögemüller Lookout Games
10 Damn it! Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
2006 01 Caylus William Attia Ystari Games , Huch & Friends
02 Thurn and Taxis Andreas Seyfarth , Karen Seyfarth Hans in hapiness
03 Antiquity Walther Gerdts Eggert games
04th Blue Moon City Pure Knizia cosmos
05 Mesopotamia Klaus-Jürgen Wrede Phalanx Games
06th Elasund Klaus Teuber cosmos
07th Wall builder Leo Colovini Hans in hapiness
08th hacienda Wolfgang Kramer Hans in hapiness
09 Augsburg 1520 Karsten Hartwig Alea / Ravensburger
10 To Ru (h) m & Ehre Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
2007 01 The pillars of the earth Michael Rieneck , Stefan Stadler cosmos
02 Notre Dame Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
03 Vikings Michael Kiesling Hans in hapiness
04th Yspahan Sébastien Pauchon Ystari Games , Huch & Friends
05 Zooloretto Michael Schacht Abacus games
06th The builders of Arkadia Rüdiger Dorn Ravensburger
07th Imperial Walther Gerdts Eggert games
08th Maestro Leonardo Acchittocca Abacus games , daVinci Editrice
09 Beyond Thebes Peter Prince Queen Games
10 Colosseum Wolfgang Kramer , Markus Lübke Days of Wonder
2008 01 Agricola Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games
02 Stone Age Michael Tummelhofer Hans in hapiness
03 Cuba Michael Rieneck , Stefan Stadler Eggert games
04th In the year of the dragon Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
05 tribune Karl-Heinz Schmiel Heidelberger Spieleverlag
06th Hamburgum Walther Gerdts Eggert games
07th Galaxy truckers Vlaada Chvátil Czech Games Edition
08th Keltis Pure Knizia cosmos
09 How bewitched! Andreas Pelikan Alea / Ravensburger
10 Metropolys Sébastien Pauchon Ystari Games
2009 01 Dominion Donald Vaccarino Hans in hapiness
02 Le Havre Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games
03 pandemic Matt Leacock Pegasus games
04th Finca Ralf zur Linde , Wolfgang Sentker Hans in hapiness
05 Small World Philippe Keyaerts Days of Wonder
06th Valdora Michael Schacht Abacus games
07th Diamonds Club Rüdiger Dorn Ravensburger
08th Through the ages Vlaada Chvátil Pegasus games
09 Sherwood Forest Nils Finkemeyer Eggert games
10 fauna Friedemann Friese Yikes & Friends
2010 01 fresco Marco Ruskowski , Marcel Susselbeck Queen Games
02 Vasco da Gama Paolo Mori What's your game?
03 The gates of the world Michael Rieneck , Stefan Stadler cosmos
04th Tobago Bruce Allen Zoch
05 Hansa Teutonica Andreas Steding Argentum Publishing House
06th Magister Navis Carl de Visser , Jarratt Gray Lookout Games
07th Egizia Acchittocca Hans in hapiness
08th Macau Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
09 Dungeon Lords Vlaada Chvátil Czech Games Edition
10 Power games Maximilian Thiel Eggert games
2011 01 7 wonders Antoine Bauza Repos Production
02 The castles of Burgundy Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
03 Troyes Sébastien Dujardin , Xavier Georges , Alain Orban Pearl Games
04th Navegador Walther Gerdts PD
05 Asara Wolfgang Kramer , Michael Kiesling Ravensburger
06th Mondo Michael Schacht Pegasus games
07th Pantheon Michael Tummelhofer Hans in hapiness
08th Lancaster Matthias Cramer Queen Games
09 Luna Stefan Feld Hall Games
10 Strasbourg Stefan Feld Pegasus games
2012 01 Village Inka Brand, Markus Brand Eggert games
02 Trajan Stefan Feld Ammonite / Huch & Friends
03 Hawaii Gregory Daigle Hans in hapiness
04th Ora et Labora Uwe Rosenberg Lookout games
05 Helvetia Matthias Cramer cosmos
06th Targi Andreas Steiger cosmos
07th Kingdom Builder Donald X. Vaccarino Queen Games
08th Las Vegas Rüdiger Dorn Alea / Ravensburger
09 Africana Michael Schacht Abacus games
10 Santa Cruz Marcel-André Casasola Merkle Hans in hapiness
2013 01 Terra Mystica Helge Ostertag , Jens Drögemüller fire land
02 Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar Simone Luciani , Daniele Tascini Czech Games Edition , Heidelberger Spieleverlag
03 Bruges Stefan Feld Hans in hapiness
04th Bora Bora Stefan Feld Alea / Ravensburger
05 The legends of Andor Michael Menzel cosmos
06th Hanabi Antoine Bauza Abacus games
07th Yedo Wolf Plancke , Thomas Vande Ginste Eggert games , Pegasus games
08th Keyflower Sebastian Bleasdale , Richard Breese R&D
09 Rialto Stefan Feld Pegasus games
10 Augustus Paolo Mori Hurrican Edition
2014 01 Russian Railroads Helmut Ohley , Leonhard Orgler Hans in hapiness
02 Istanbul Rüdiger Dorn Pegasus games
03 Concordia Mac Gerdts PD
04th Love letter Seiji Kanai Pegasus games
05 Camel Up Steffen Bogen Eggert games , Pegasus games
06th Caverna Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games
07th Lewis & Clark Cédrick Chaboussit Heidelberger Spieleverlag , Ludonaute
08th Rococo Matthias Cramer , Louis Malz , Stefan Malz Eggert games , Pegasus games
09 The Glass Street Uwe Rosenberg fire land
10 Splendor Marc André Space cowboys
2015 01 On the trail of Marco Polo Daniele Tascini , Simone Luciani Hans in hapiness
02 Orleans Reiner Stockhausen dlp games
03 Colt Express Christophe Raimbault Ludonaute
04th Murano Inka Brand, Markus Brand Lookout Games
05 Arler earth Uwe Rosenberg fire land
06th Five Tribes Bruno Cathala Days of Wonder
07th Cacao Phil Walker-Harding Abacus games
08th Machi Koro Masao Suganuma cosmos
09 Aquasphere Stefan Feld Hall Games , Pegasus Games
10 patchwork Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games
2016 01 Mombasa Alexander Pfister Eggert games , Pegasus games
02 Codenames Vlaada Chvátil Czech Games Edition , Heidelberger Spieleverlag
03 TIME Stories Manuel Rozoy Space cowboys
04th Pandemic Legacy Matt Leacock , Rob Daviau Z-Man Games
05 Mystery Oleksandr Nevskiy , Oleg Sidorenko Libellud
06th Karuba Rüdiger Dorn Haba
07th Isle of Skye Andreas Pelikan , Alexander Pfister Lookout games
08th Imhotep Phil Walker-Harding cosmos
09 7 Wonders: Duel Bruno Cathala , Antoine Bauza Repos Production
10 Nippon Nuno Bizarro Sentiero , Paulo Soledade What's your game
2017 * 01 Terraforming Mars Jacob Fryxelius Gravity
02 Great Western Trail Alexander Pfister Eggert games , Pegasus games
03 A feast for Odin Uwe Rosenberg fire land
04th Scythe Jamey Stegmaier Tierra del Fuego , Stonemaier
05 First class Helmut Ohley , Leonhard Orgler Hans in hapiness
06th Kingdomino Bruno Cathala Pegasus games
06th Predator of the North Sea Shem Phillips Gravity
08th Fabulous juice Friedemann Friese 2F
09 Captain Sonar Roberto Fraga , Yohan Lemonnier Pegasus games
010 Magic Maze Kasper Lapp Pegasus Games , Sit Down!
2018 ** 01 Azul Michael Kiesling Next move
02 Gaia Project Helge Ostertag , Jens Drögemüller fire land
03 Rajas of the Ganges Inka Brand, Markus Brand Yikes
04th Clans of Caledonia Juma Al-JouJou Karma Games
05 Heaven & Ale Michael Kiesling , Andreas Schmidt Eggert games , Pegasus games
06th Pandemic Legacy Season 2 Matt Leacock , Rob Daviau Z-Man
07th Clong! Paul Dennen Gravity
08th The quacks of Quedlinburg Wolfgang Warsch Schmidt
09 The Mind Wolfgang Warsch Nuremberg playing cards publisher
10 Altiplano Reiner Stockhausen dlp games
2019 01 Flapping wings Elizabeth Hargrave fire land
02 The taverns in the Tiefen Thal Wolfgang Warsch Schmidt
03 Teotihuacan Daniele Tascini , Dávid Turczi Gravity
04th Spirit Island R. Eric Reuss Pegasus games
05 Architects of the west of France Shem Phillips , SJ Macdonald Gravity
06th Detective Ignacy Trzewiczek , Przemysław Rymer , Jakub Łapot Portal Games , Pegasus Games
07th Underwater cities Vladimir Suchy Delicious Games
08th Newton Nestore Mangone , Simone Luciani Cranio Creations
09 Just one Ludovic Roudy , Bruno Sautter Repos Production
10 Gloomhaven Isaac Childres fire land
*Since the 6th place was awarded twice due to a tie, Merz-Verlag included an eleventh game in the “Top Ten” in 2017 with the race to El Dorado ( Reiner Knizia / Ravensburger ), while Fabelsaft, Captain Sonar and Magic Maze each took one place were upgraded.
** Four days before the announced end of the voting on July 31, 2018, Merz-Verlag canceled the vote and retrospectively declared the votes received after July 23 to be invalid.

Winner of the German Children's Game Prize

Since 1992, in addition to the German Games Prize for adult and family games, the German Children's Games Prize has also been awarded for the best children's game of the year. This contrasts with the Jury Prize Children's Game of the Year of the Game of the Year eV as a prize chosen by interested parties.

year game author publishing company
1992 Pig gallop Heinz Meister Ravensburger
1993 Damn it mixed Heinz Meister Ravensburger
1994 Hush, hush, little witch Heinz Meister FX Schmid
1995 Birdie Charles Girsch FX Schmid
1996 Hello badger Klaus Teuber Gold sifter
1997 The Knights of the Hazelnut Klaus Teuber Gold sifter
1998 Zigzag chicken poop Klaus Zoch Zoch
1999 Kayanak Peter-Paul Joopen Haba
2000 Pirate Pitt Wolfgang Kramer Haba
2001 Zapp Zerapp Heinz Meister , Klaus Zoch Zoch
2002 Most suspicious Manfred Ludwig Haba
2003 Schlotterstein Castle Kai Haferkamp , Markus Nikisch Haba
2004 Thick air in the crypt Norbert Proena Zoch
2005 Aqaba Guido Hoffmann Haba
2006 Night of the magicians Jens-Peter Schliemann , Kirsten Becker Three magician games
2007 Appenzell Castle Bernhard Weber , Jens-Peter Schliemann Zoch
2008 Who was it? Pure Knizia Ravensburger
2009 Castle of 1000 mirrors Inka Brand, Markus Brand cosmos
2010 Kraken Alert Oliver Hedgehog Skin cosmos
2011 Monster trap Inka Brand, Markus Brand cosmos
2012 Cheat moth Emely Brand , Lukas Brand Three magician games
2013 Cockroach Peter-Paul Joopen Ravensburger
2014 Fire dragons Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia Haba
2015 Spinderella Roberto Fraga Zoch
2016 Leo has to go to the hairdresser Leo Colovini Abacus games
2017 Icecool Brian Gomez Amigo
2018 Memoarrr! Carlo Bortolini Edition playground , Pegasus games
2019 Concept kids animals Gaetan Beaujannot , Alain Rivollet Repos Production

Special prices

Between 1991 and 1998 a special prize was awarded to organizations, publishers, people or special games every year, after which it was only awarded irregularly.

Special prize for the German Games Prize

1991: Nintendo for its first developed multi-person video game
1992: Alex Randolph for his life's work as a game designer
1993: Klee Spiele for its Classic Games Edition
1994: Eugen Oker for justifying the German game criticism in the 1960s through his game reviews in the period
1995: Magic: The Gathering ( Richard Garfield , Wizards of the Coast ) for a new game system
1996: Friedhelm Merz in memoriam for outstanding achievements in the games area
1997: Ravensburger for Think : Expansion of the range for demanding adult games; Opening of a new segment in the German gaming landscape
1998: WDR for generous sponsorship of young authors outside of the game scene. Further prizes for the young authors Lotte Schüler , Stefan Feld and Peter Schurzmann
2001: Games-authors-guild e. V. (SAZ), which through its work made a significant contribution to representing the rights and interests of the game designers, who were previously largely anonymous
2003: Ernst Pohle , chairman of the industry association "Fachgruppe Spiel"
2007: City of Essen and Messe Essen for the significant support of the game , especially in the early years
2010: Second and third grade pupils at the Fünter Weg elementary school in Mülheim an der Ruhr for the development of the “Ruhrpott Party” game as part of the “Children invent games” competition at RUHR.2010
2012: Wolfgang Kramer for his life's work
2016: Knut-Michael Wolf for his life's work

Special price action game

1994: Looping Louie by Carol Wiseley ( MB games )

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