Over and over

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Over and over
Game data
author Klaus Teuber
graphic Franz Vohwinkel
publishing company Hans in hapiness
Publishing year 1991
Art Board game
Teammates 2 to 4
Duration 30 - 45 minutes
Age from 9 years


Game of the Year 1991
German Games Prize 1991: 3rd place

Drunter & Drüber is a board game for 2 to 4 players by the game designer Klaus Teuber . The game was game of the year 1991 and after Barbarossa und die Rätselmeister (1988) and Adel committed (1990) Teuber's third game with this award. The Hans im Glück was the first small publisher to receive this award. Drunter & Drüber is also the first game illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel .

In 2010, the game was reissued under the title "Wacky Wacky West" in English with a changed setting by Mayfair Games.

Rules and goal

The aim of the game is to bring order to a city ​​that has been messed up by the bourgeoisie .


Five buildings of different values ​​and a large number of outhouses are printed on the board in six colors. At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a color that he keeps secret during the game. Now the streets forgotten by the residents of the city have to be built by the players, starting a different street in each corner of the game board. To do this, each player was randomly assigned the same number of street tiles at the beginning.

Building rules

Each player can add to the end of a street, provided he has a suitable tile. Houses can be built over, but other streets can only be crossed under bridge tiles. Outhouses may only be built over after prior agreement. At the beginning of the vote, everyone has a set of cards with different yes and no values, one yes and one and one abstention . If someone wants to build over an outhouse, everyone places at least one card face down in front of them, then they turn over and, depending on the majority, may or may not build. The yes and no player may decide after revealing. Except for the abstention, the cards played are removed from the game. In the course of the game, almost the entire game board - in the style of the namesake - is paved with streets.


When nobody can place any more, everyone counts the values ​​of their houses that are still visible and the player with the most points wins.

In both underneath and over it is a quick-to-play bluff game that includes numerous tactical elements.

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