On the move (play)

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On the move
The great logistics game
2007 edition of Schmidt Spiele
2007 edition of Schmidt Spiele
Game data
author Wolfgang Kramer
graphic Harald Lieske (2007)
publishing company ASS (1982),
FX Schmid (1987),
Ravensburger (1996),
Schmidt Spiele (2007),
and others. a.
Publishing year 1982, 1987, 1996, 2007
Art Strategy and luck
Teammates 2 to 6
Duration 60 - 80 minutes
Age from 8 years


Game of the year 1987

On the move is a board game by Wolfgang Kramer for two to six players. The board game was game of the year 1987.

On the move appeared based on the eponymous television series on the road first in 1982 ASS Altenburger as a promotional game for the Mannheimer forwarding Rhenania under the name The big logistics game . An unauthorized edition was published by ASS as a promotional game as the Himolla rally .

The game On Axis published by FX Schmid in 1987 was game of the year 1987. After the takeover of FX Schmid by Ravensburger in 1996 , the game was published there. By August 2007, the game had a total circulation of more than 900,000 copies. After that, Schmidt Spiele released a new edition in 2007.

Game idea and goal

As a freight forwarder or truck driver , it is important to transport loads as skilfully as possible between different locations in Central Europe . It is important to plan your routes as well as possible, to make the best possible use of loading capacities and to make a good bid in the event of price wars. You can also buy trailers so that you can do more jobs at once. However, there are also events that make it difficult for freight forwarders to compete. At the end of the game, the player with the highest profit wins.


In addition to a game board, the box also contains 6 trucks as game pieces , as well as 48 goods pieces , 52 order cards and 31 event cards . There are also 1 dice, 1 construction site sign, 1 congestion sign and, to determine a clear winner, play money .


At FX Schmid appeared in 1992 on axis Junior and 1995 on axis - the card game .

Accessories for the game (selection)

New edition

Since Ravensburger did not want to re-publish the game, Kramer decided to publish Aufachse at Schmidt Spiele . The new edition has a new graphic layout and some small rule changes.

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