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Game data
author Alan R. Moon
graphic Doris Matthew
publishing company Amigo ,
Rio Grande Games ,
999 Games ,
Midgaard Games
Publishing year 1998
Art Board game
Teammates 2-6
Duration 60 minutes
Age from 10 years on


Elfenland is a board game for two to six players that was developed by Alan R. Moon and illustrated by Doris Matthäus . It is published by Amigo Spiel + Freizeit GmbH and was named Game of the Year 1998. The game is based on the complex "Elfenroads" published by Moon, self-published by White Wind. For example, there is the "Elfengold" expansion, which should upgrade the game to "Elfenroads" again.

In 2008, for the 10th anniversary, an anniversary edition was published with a metal toy box instead of cardboard and with different motifs.

Game objective

The other players, marked by an elf boot, have to wander through the different landscapes of an elven empire shown on the game board in order to collect their place stones. To do this, they use various means of transport that are used on the way between two cities depending on the landscape. The most important playful element is finding the optimal path. The winner of the game is whoever has collected most of the stones after four rounds, or with the “Elfengold” extension after six rounds. The expansion set also supplements the game with the auctioning of the means of transport and thus another gameplay.


All players are in the capital at the start of the game. From there, everyone plans the most successful travel route possible through forests, mountains, deserts, plains or across lakes and rivers. In order to be able to travel on the paths, imaginative means of transport such as elven wheels, unicorns, clouds, dragons, giant pigs or troll wagons must be used. However, not every means of transport is suitable for every terrain. For example, the unicorn can never run on the plain or the elven wheel can be used in the desert. In order for the other players to be able to use the means of transport, they must have the appropriate travel cards. The means of transport laid out by the other players can be used for your own route, provided you have the appropriate travel cards in hand. Only the combination of a properly planned travel route, means of transport and the associated travel maps makes it possible to move across the game board.


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