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Rio Grande Games is an American game publisher based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico . The company mainly imports so-called "German-style" board games and adapts them for the North American market.


In 1995 Jay Tummelson began working for Mayfair Games under Darwin Bromley. At this time Mayfair had started to import "German-style" board games and to sell them unchanged in the German version on the American market. Tummelson suggested first that the games should contain an English translation and then that they should be implemented independently for the North American audience. This led Mayfair to release their own versions of the Detroit / Cleveland Grand Prix, Manhattan , Modern Art and the Settlers of Catan . Part of this implementation was the own graphic design of the game motifs and components.

After this experience, Tummelson believed that it would be a better solution to use the same visual material and the same components as the original games in order to benefit from the jointly lower production costs. In 1998 he founded the publishing house Rio Grande Games to pursue this approach.

Since that time, Rio Grande Games has published over 350 games and plays a prominent role among game publishers in the United States.

Well-known games from Rio Grande Games

Here are some popular, award-winning games published in English by Rio Grande Games:

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