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Franz Vohwinkel, 2014

Franz Vohwinkel (* 1964 in Munich ) is a German graphic artist who has illustrated more than 200 different board and card games and is successful as a fantasy and science fiction draftsman.


After an internship in a photo laboratory, Franz Vohwinkel began training as a photographer in Dachau , which he broke off after 18 months. Vohwinkel then completed an internship in a Munich advertising company, which resulted in a three-year position as a layouter . Since he was unable to study in Bavaria without the Abitur, Vohwinkel studied communication design in Darmstadt from 1985 and received his diploma in 1990.

During his studies he met the game designer Klaus Teuber and in 1991 created his first board game illustration for Teubers Drunter & Drüber . The board game published by Hans im Glück was named Game of the Year in the same year . In 1992 Vohwinkel moved back to Munich and worked there as a freelance graphic designer. After his success with Drunter & Drüber , he illustrated numerous other board and card games, as well as role-playing games such as the German edition of Ork! . In 1996, Wizards of the Coast was the only German who gave him the opportunity to create graphics for the trading card games Magic: The Gathering and BattleTech . Today he lives with his wife Imelda in Seattle , in the northwestern US state of Washington.

Vohwinkel received the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis as best graphic artist in 2008 for the cover picture of Tristopolis and in 2010 for the cover picture of The Kingdom of the Skies .

In 2009 Klaus Teuber dedicated the special card published annually to The Settlers of Catan - The Card Game to him .


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