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Almere municipality
Flag of the municipality of Almere
Coat of arms of the municipality of Almere
coat of arms
province Flevoland Flevoland
mayor Franc Weerwind ( D66 )
Seat of the municipality Almere City
 - land
 - water
248.77  km 2
129.24 km 2
119.53 km 2
CBS code 0034
Residents 208,148 (Jan 31, 2019)
Population density 837 inhabitants / km 2
Coordinates 52 ° 23 '  N , 5 ° 13'  E Coordinates: 52 ° 23 '  N , 5 ° 13'  E
Important traffic route A6 A27 N305 N701 N702 N706 S101 S102 S103 S104 S105 S106
prefix 036
Postcodes 1301-1303, 1305, 1309, 1311-1319, 1321-1329, 1331-1336, 1338-1339, 1341, 1343, 1349, 1351-1359, 1361-1363
Website Homepage of Almere
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Almere skyline
Almere city center

Almere ( listen ? / I ) is the eighth largest municipality in the Netherlands and the largest municipality in the province of Flevoland . It has 208,148 inhabitants (as of January 31, 2019) and is located between Amsterdam and the provincial capital Lelystad . Audio file / audio sample



Almere is located in the southwest of the southern IJsselmeer polder .


Distances from Almere:


Almere consists of the districts Almere Buiten, Almere Haven (the oldest district), Almere Hout, Almere Pampus, and Almere Stad (further subdivided into Stad Centrum, Stad Oost and Stad West). Almere is the fastest growing city in the Netherlands. Construction activity is brisk, especially in Almere Buiten, but also in the new districts of Almere Hout and Almere Poort. The traffic routes are strictly separated throughout the city. There are separate bus lanes that are only reserved for public transport. The buses have a right of way regulated by traffic lights at every intersection with private vehicles. There are separate cycle paths for cyclists, which run through the city separately from other traffic. The Almere Stad district includes the city center with the town hall. The city planners tried to give this new inner city the appearance of an old Dutch city.

Surname Almere Haven Almere City Almere Buiten Almere Hout Almere Poort Almere Pampus
year 1976 1980 1984 1991 2000 2009
location Map NL Almere Haven.PNG Map NL Almere Stad.PNG Map NL Almere Buiten.PNG Map NL Almere Hout.PNG Map NL Almere Poort.PNG Map NL Almere Pampus.PNG

Two further districts are to be created: Almere IJland and Almere Oosterwold. Problems are expected in the planning and development of the last part of the city, as it is to be built on the area of ​​the current municipality of Zeewolde .



The name Almere goes back to a freshwater lake of the same name (see also: Zuiderzee ) , which, according to historical documents, existed in the early Middle Ages on the site of today's IJsselmeer , and means "eel waters" in German.

New church

As part of the Zuiderzeewerke , today's municipal area was drained. Since 1975 Almere has been built on the southern part of the Flevolandpolders about 25 kilometers east of Amsterdam .

First of all, the Almere Haven district and its districts were built. The second main settlement area was the center, i.e. Almere Stad. Almere Buiten as the third district is almost complete. In the meantime, the first settlement (Vogelhorst) has also been built in the Almere Hout district, which is far from the center and not integrated into the city bus system. The latest construction work is aimed at the Almere Poort district, which will take in a large number of new residents in the next few years.

Development of the population

date district Almere as
a whole
Wijk 01
Wijk 02
Wijk 03
Wijk 04
Wijk 05
Wijk 06
January 1, 1970 52
1st January 1975 47
January 1, 1980 6,596 6,632
January 1, 1985 21,410 17,240 1,559 40.297
January 1, 1990 22,355 37.024 11,499 71,087
January 1, 1995 22,376 58,816 22,740 564 104,496
January 1, 2000 22,237 83,934 35,290 1,336 142,797
January 1, 2005 22,590 103,560 47,358 134 1,366 175.008
January 1, 2010 22,266 107,804 54,899 1,764 1,344 188.077
January 1, 2015 21,943 108.176 55,818 9,489 1,509 196.935
1st January 2018 22,794 108,825 56,328 13,431 2,652 204.031

The residents of Almere Pampus are currently still included in the Almere Stad district and counted there.


Almere City Council
Local election 2018
Otherwise. i
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
Otherwise. i
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i CU 4.7% (+0.8%), CDA 4.2% (−0.3%), AP / OPA 3.4% (+1.1%), RA 1.9% (+1 , 9%), AA'18 1.7% (+1.7%), GLP 1.4% (+0.3%), WSTAV 1.0% (+1.0%), WOW 0.6 % (+0.6%), AL 0.0% (-1.8%), KOPA 0.0% (-1.2%), DPvdD 0.0% (-0.2%), LVI 0 .0% (-0.2%)

Municipal council

The 2018 municipal council election resulted in the following election result:

Political party percent Seats
VVD 15.3% 8th
PvdA 14.0% 7th
PVV 13.2% 6th
D66 10.2% 5
GroenLinks 8.3% 4th
SP 7.2% 3
LA 6.9% 3
PvdD 5.9% 3
ChristenUnie 4.7% 2
CDA 4.2% 2
AP / OPA 3.4% 1
RA 1.9% 1
AA'18 1.7% -
GLP 1.4% -
WSTAV 1.0% -
WOW 0.6% -

Mayor and alderman

In the legislative period from 2018 to 2022, a coalition consists of ChristenUnie , D66 , GroenLinks , PvdA and VVD . The PvdA and VVD are with two aldermen in college attended, while the remaining coalition parties are represented by one councilor. The new councilors were appointed at a council meeting on May 31, 2018. The following people belong to the college and are responsible in the following areas:

function Surname Political party Department annotation
mayor Franc Weerwind D66 Administration, public order, security and international cooperation in office since September 9, 2015
Alderman Hilde van Garderen VVD public space, art and culture, urban renewal first deputy mayor
Jerzy Soetekouw PvdA Social affairs, diversity and inclusion second deputy mayor
Jaap Lodders VVD Finance, sport, digitization and services third deputy mayor
Loes Ypma PvdA Floriade , living and care fourth deputy mayor
Maaike Veeningen D66 spatial and economic development, education and labor market fifth deputy mayor
Jan Hoek GroenLinks Sustainability, Mobility and Democratic Renewal sixth deputy mayor
Aldrik Dijkstra ChristenUnie Youth, Education, Elderly and Health seventh deputy mayor
Community Secretary Richard Wielinga - Personnel and organization, management in office since September 2016

coat of arms

Description: In the eight-red-black d changed Arms (Schrage cross) a golden shield with a black boat with blue sails billowing with silver lily on a silver sign foot with two blue waves.

A golden crown rests on the coat of arms . It is held by two silver seahorses with red hooves and decorated with a red tail crest and equally colored fins .

Town twinning

Cities that are friendly with Almere


Surroundings of Almere


Almere lies on the highways A6 and A27. In 2006, deficiencies were found at the "Hollandse Brug" halfway between Amsterdam and Almere. This bridge will likely be closed to trucks for several years . Cars can continue to use the bridge. The motorway connection to Amsterdam is already heavily used , especially during rush hour . The "Hollandse Brug" alone is passed by more than 100,000 vehicles every day.

Almere Centrum train station


Almere is on the Weesp – Lelystad railway line , which Almere u. a. connects with Amsterdam and Utrecht . As the city continues to grow, more and more new train stations have been needed over time, which is why Almere now has six train stations. The Almere Strand makeshift station was only used for special events on Almere Beach . It has since been canceled as it became superfluous with the opening of Poort train station, which is only a few hundred meters away. The Centrum station is served by all trains on the route. The train stations Poort , Muziekwijk , Parkwijk , Buiten and Oostvaarders are served by the “ sprinters ”. Intercity trains stopped in Almere Buiten up to the 2012 winter timetable , after that only sprinters. Since the timetable change in 2016/2017, this station has again been served by intercity trains twice an hour.


In Almere there are a total of ten bus routes and three night bus routes that have been operated by Keolis Nederland since the end of 2017 .


  • Since the 2005/2006 season, Almere City FC, based in the city, has been playing in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie ( Eerste Divisie ), the second professional football league in the Netherlands.
  • Every year in August there is a classic race of the European triathlon scene. The Almere Holland Triathlon , since 2013 Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, involves the traditional Ironman - and the half-distance ( Challenge Family ). You swim in the Weerwater, a lake within the city of Almere. The race has been held since the 1980s and is one of the oldest triathlon events in the world.
  • In 2003 and 2004, motorboat races of the Formula ADAC MSG Motorboot Cup class took place in Almere Haven.
  • The European Juggling Convention took place in 2016 .


sons and daughters of the town

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