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Postcode in the Netherlands, areas according to first digit

At the beginning of 1978 the postcode was introduced in the Netherlands (Dutch: Postcode ). The Dutch postcode consists of four digits and two letters. The first two digits denote the region, the last two digits the village or district. The two letters denote the district and the street. The postcode can be followed by a house number in order to encode a unique addressing. The format for the postcode is seven digits, a space separates the four digits from the two letters.

Individual streets often have different postcodes for the even and odd house numbers on each side of the street; in addition, longer roads are divided into sections that form a unit for mail delivery. Together with the house number, the Dutch postcode forms a unique code for each address; this unique code is also used for other purposes; For example, some bicycle owners have the code punched into the bicycle frame so that a found bicycle can be assigned to the owner.

In the Netherlands it is also possible to purchase data in which the postcode is linked to the geographical (x, y) coordinates of the Reich triangle system. Further data are in turn linked to these postcodes, for example the number of apartments that belong to this postcode. This data is often needed to make statements about the inhabitants of the Netherlands with the help of geographic information systems and to find out something about their surroundings, for example property prices, population density etc.

Dutch addresses have the following format:

Street name house number
Postal code (two spaces) LOCATION NAME

For example:

Gemeente Dantumadiel
Hynsteblom 4


Postcode areas of the Netherlands (the first two digits) with provincial boundaries (black)

The postcodes with the number 1000 belong to PO boxes in Amsterdam. Other postcodes that end in ..00 are also reserved for post office box addresses in cities. The village of Stitswerd, municipality of Eemsmond has the postcodes with the number 9999.


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