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Winterswijk municipality
Flag of the municipality of Winterswijk
Coat of arms of the municipality of Winterswijk
coat of arms
province Gelderland Gelderland
mayor Joris Bengevoord ( GroenLinks )
Seat of the municipality Winterswijk
 - land
 - water
138.82  km 2
137.96 km 2
0.86 km 2
CBS code 0294
Residents 28,927 (Jan 31, 2019)
Population density 208 inhabitants / km 2
Coordinates 51 ° 58 '  N , 6 ° 43'  E Coordinates: 51 ° 58 '  N , 6 ° 43'  E
Important traffic route N312 N318 N319 N820
prefix 0543
Postcodes 7101-7109, 7113, 7115, 7119
Website Winterswijk homepage
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Winterswijk town hall
Winterswijk town hallTemplate: Infobox location in the Netherlands / maintenance / picture 1
Winterswijk Church and Market
Villa Mondriaan
Mondriaan monument
Winterswijk train station

Winterswijk ( listen ? / I ; German Winterswick ) is a Dutch , in Achterhoek location municipality of the province of Gelderland and was on January 31, 2019, according to the CBS 28 927 inhabitants. Audio file / audio sample  

Geography and rail traffic

The municipality also includes many small farming communities , so-called " buurtschappen ". Meddo is the largest of these with around 1400 inhabitants.

Winterswijk is Gelderland's easternmost municipality. It borders on German communities on three sides: Vreden , Südlohn , Borken , Rhede and Bocholt . Local trains run from Winterswijk station to Zutphen and via Doetinchem to Arnhem . The railway line to Borken (Westf) , like the railway connection to Bocholt, has been closed and dismantled. From Germany, Winterswijk can be reached by bus from Vreden and a few trips with the Citizens' Bus from Südlohn-Oeding; joins the taxi bus connection with Bocholt- Barlo .


Winterswijk, which was first mentioned as a parish around the year 1000 and was a quiet farming village under the feudal system of Bredevoort until around 1816 , lies on the edge of a limestone plateau . In the Low German language area, the ending -wik stands for 'fence' in the sense of a fenced area. In a quarry ( called Steengroeve , on the German border in Ratum) limestone formed in the Triassic is extracted. Collectors can find fossils from the shell limestone there . In summer, a local geology association organizes guided tours there on Saturdays. Winterswijk is the only place in the Netherlands where this is possible.

Winterswijk is the birthplace of the author Johanna Reiss (nee de Leeuw), who in her autobiographical books And in the Window of Heaven and How will it be tomorrow? as a Jew describes her experiences during the National Socialist occupation and the post-war period in Winterswijk and a village near Enschede (Usselo). And in the Window of Heaven is in Germany - next to the diary of Anne Frank - the most popular / most impressive description of the persecution of the Jews for adolescents. Johanna Reiss sits down in her autobiographical descriptions, especially in How will it be tomorrow? deal very critically with the local population. In the Netherlands / Winterswijk the works of Johanna Reiss are (largely) unknown.

The resistance fighter Helena Kuipers-Rietberg was born here. From May 1940 she built up a cross-border resistance movement in the Winterswijk / Aalten and Bocholt / Borken region, was arrested in 1944 as part of a betrayal by the German SD and transferred to the Ravensbrück concentration camp , where she died at the end of 1944. In May 1954, Queen Wilhelmina unveiled a monument to Helena Kuipers-Rietberg next to Winterswijk City Hall. In the Netherlands / Winterswijk she is known as "Aunt Riek".


The formerly important textile industry is now being replaced by other, small businesses of many kinds. In view of the many cycle paths in the area, which is rich in small wooded areas with various old mills and farms, tourism is also important.


Distribution of seats in the municipal council

Local elections 2018
n. k.
n. k.
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p

The municipal council has been formed as follows since 2006:

Political party Seats
2006 2010 2014 2018
CDA 3 4th 4th 7th
Winterswijks concern 8th 5 6th 5
VVD 2 5 4th 4th
GroenLinks - - - 2
PvdA 6th 4th 3 2
D66 - - 1 1
Kansrijk Winterswijk - - - 0
SP - 2 3 -
Lijst-Tolsma - - 0 -
Progressief Winterswijk 2 1 - -
total 21st 21st 21st 21st

College of Mayors and Aldermen

The following people belong to the college :

  • Ilse Saris ( CDA )
  • Wim Aalderink (Winterswijks concern)
  • Wim Elferdink (CDA)
Community Secretary
  • Alwin Oortgiesen


In 2006 a monument was erected for the painter Piet Mondrian , who spent part of his youth in Winterswijk from 1880 to 1892. His father was a teacher at a school next door. The work was designed by the Dutch artists Dedden & Keizer (Albert Dedden and Paul Keizer) from Deventer .

Since May 2013, the former house under the name “Villa Mondriaan” has housed a museum for Mondrian's “Winterswijker Zeit”. Mondrian's drawings and paintings show the influences of the contemporary Hague School, for example . You can also see works by relatives of Mondrian and by modern artists who have dealt with Mondrian.

There is a local museum (Frerikshuis) on the road towards Groenlo .



A short story by Şener Saltürk bears the name of the community as the title.

Winterswijk hosts the annual Ukulele Hotspot, a three-day gathering of European ukulele players who give public concerts in the pedestrian zone on the Saturday of the gathering.

Web links

Commons : Winterswijk  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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