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The finishing shute at Ironman Melbourne.jpg

M-Dot-Logo, Melbourne 2012. Overlaying an "I" with an I-dot and an "M" stands for I RON M AN and stylizes the upper body of a person.

Ironman ( American pronunciation: [ 'aɪərnˌmæn ], British pronunciation: [ ' aɪənˌmæn ], common incorrect pronunciation in German: [ 'aɪʁənˌmɛn ]) is a protected brand name of triathlon competitions, the rights of which are owned by the World Triathlon Corporation as a subsidiary of US media company Advance Publications and investment company Orkila Capital are located. The previous owner was the Chinese Wanda Group . The World Triathlon Corporation is the global market leader among triathlon organizers.

As a deonym , the term is also used colloquially in general for long-distance triathlon competitions or their distance of 3.862 km (2.4  miles ) swimming , 180.246 km (112 miles) cycling and a marathon over 42.195 km (26.219 miles) as an iron man distance designated.

History and organization


The literal translation of Ironman is "iron man". The first long distance competition in triathlon took place in Hawaii in 1978 .

"Whoever finishes first, We'll call him the Ironman."

"Whoever crosses the finish line first, we'll call him Ironman."

- Commander John Collins : Statement at the Awards Banquet of the Waikiki Swim Club when he and some friends decided to combine the three most challenging endurance sports events on the island in one race.

40 Years of Dreams - 2018

Starting with the first Ironman Hawaii on February 18, 1978, there are now 154 races in 53 countries around the world.

In May 2018, Meredith Kessler and Mark Allen were named “Greatest American Triathlete of All Time” on the occasion of the Ironman 40 Years of Dreams (1978-2018) anniversary .


In 1990 Valerie Silk, who had been responsible for Ironman Hawaii since 1981, sold the event, including the rights to the “Ironman” trademark , which she had designed by a graphic artist for US $ 75, to James P. Gills for around US $ 3 million, an ophthalmologist from Florida and a pioneering triathlete, and his company World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Up until this point in time, Silk had a network of 21 qualification competitions in the USA alone (under a wide variety of names, mostly over shorter distances such as Wildflower Triathlon , Vineman Half , Muskoka Half, Eagleman Half , Gulf Coast Half, Desert Sun Half, etc.) ), 100 US-Americans per year received their entry via a lottery that has existed since 1983. 4,000 Americans competed for a starting place in Hawaii in 1989.
Outside the USA there was a qualification at the Ironman New Zealand (since 1985), the Japan Long Distance Triathlon at Lake Biwa (since 1985), the Ironman Canada in Penticton (since 1986), the Ironman Australia in Forster (since 1988) and possible at Ironman Europe in Roth, Franconia (since 1988). In 1992 David Yates became CEO of the WTC, in 1998 Lew Friedland replaced him.

The manufacturer Timex has been selling sports watches with the Ironman brand since 1986 .

In 2003, 40,000 people worldwide took part in competitions who paid royalties for the M-Dot logo to Gills' World Triathlon Corporation for an average of US $ 375 in entry fee. The original competition had developed into a lifestyle:

  • Timex sold 60 different variants of watches with the Ironman logo. Fifteen different sunglasses from the Foster Grant range adorned the M-Dot logo.
  • Twinlab made Ironman energy bars in at least six different flavors.

Wherever you looked in a sports shop, the Ironman logo caught your eye.

Lew Friedland left the World Triathlon Corporation as CEO, Jim Gills asked seven candidates to develop a business plan for the further development of his company WTC. Ben Fertic, an IT consultant and successful participant in the Ironman Hawaii 1996, convinced with his concept and became the new CEO .

In 2008, 88,000 people worldwide took part in competitions with the M-Dot logo. The 40% increase in entry fees over the five years did not bother: races were often fully booked within minutes. According to the WTC, the average annual income of its participants is around US $ 160,000. The lottery, which awarded 200 starting places, had more than 8,000 participants in 2007, and a handful of starting places that were auctioned in a charity auction on eBay each fetched more than US $ 40,000. In addition to the Ironman races, Ironman 70.3, a new format over half of the classic Hawaii distance with 27 events in 2007, has already been placed worldwide.

In 2008, Jim Gills sold the World Triathlon Corporation to the Providence investment company . The purchase price was US $ 50 to 80 million. The new strategy was not only to grant the right to use the trademark to independent organizers in return for the payment of license fees, but to organize events themselves. Many of the previous licensees were subsequently bought up by the WTC. Andrew Messick , previously President of AEG sports , has been the new Managing Director of the WTC since May 2011 . In 2014, the WTC distributed a dividend of US $ 220 million to its owners, but took out a loan of US $ 240 million.

In August 2015, the purchase of the WTC including the rights to the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 brands for US $ 650 million by the Chinese Wanda Group was announced. The WTC was then integrated into the newly founded company Wanda Sports together with Infront Sports & Media . Philippe Blatter became President and CEO of Wanda Sports, and the nephew of the suspended FIFA President Sepp Blatter was repeatedly accused of nepotism and illegal collusion. confronted with awards from the World Football Association . The company's operational headquarters are in Zug , Switzerland. On criticism, inter alia. by the initiator of Ironman Germany, Kurt Denk, the dismissal of European boss Thomas Dieckhoff, which contradicted the original statement of wanting to stick to the tried and tested WTC management, came across.

In March 2020, the US media company Advance Publications announced the purchase of the WTC, including the rights to the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 brands, for US $ 730 million .

Regulations and relationship with ITU

Since 1982, when the first participants from outside the USA were admitted to the Ironman Hawaii, the Ironman Hawaii has been organized under the term Ironman World Championship . Other organizers such as B. IMG with their triathlon Longue Distance de Nice used the term "World Championship" for marketing: a global umbrella organization that officially awarded the organization of world championships was only founded in 1989. While Valerie Silk was still actively involved in the talks leading up to the founding of the ITU, the relationship between the WTC and the International Triathlon Union (ITU) as the global umbrella organization for standardizing the regulations has long been characterized by disputes since the takeover by Gills . The ITU was founded in 1989 on the initiative of the IOC , interested in including the booming sport of triathlon in the Olympic program .

One of the criteria that the IOC demanded as a prerequisite for the inclusion of triathlons in the Olympic competition program was the harmonization of the rules, so that the ITU held talks with the organizers of self-proclaimed World Championships. WTC CEO David Yates, however, rejected the proposal submitted by the ITU in 1992 to make the Ironman Hawaii an official world championship for ten years and then to have it organized by other organizers every year: "We were there first". Fearing an image associated with organizational chaos, the ITU then threatened in 1995 to ban all athletes who would start at the Ironman Hawaii with its self-awarded title "World Championship" from ITU races. When the ITU found itself in an existential crisis in 1998 - the World Cup series could only be continued by means of a repurchase of marketing rights granted to an Australian company, financed by a loan from the IOC, sponsors were missing and the organizer of an International Triathlon Grand Price was expensive Legal dispute - the WTC seized the opportunity and sued. The compromise was reached that the WTC was entitled to use its registered trademark “Ironman Triathlon World Championship” without, however, claiming to see this in the sense of a world championship regulated by a sporting umbrella organization. Correspondingly, the status of the Ironman Hawaii in terms of sporting law is that of a regional event to be approved annually by the American umbrella organization USAT; European triathletes must obtain a one- day license when participating in Ironman Hawaii .

In 2005 the WTC announces its own set of rules deviating from that of the American triathlon association USAT, among others. with a relaxation of the drafting rule. The ITU then decided - also because of the lack of recognition of the WADA's anti-doping regulations by the WTC - not to approve any more WTC events anywhere in the world. In April 2006, however, the International Sports Court lifted the sanctions and confirmed the validity of the 1998 agreement. B. to market the Ironman Germany as the "Ironman European Championship" - without this, however, constituting an official championship. A few years passed before talks began in 2014 about harmonizing the rules (e.g. from when wetsuits are allowed or slipstream driving is punished and the type of penalty (warning, time penalty, disqualification)).

After talks in January 2017, the ITU and WTC agreed to strengthen cooperation on many points.

  • ITU as the leading international association in triathlon
  • Ironman events are officially licensed by the ITU
  • Unifying anti-doping efforts
  • Elaboration of ITU competition rules for the triathlon on the long distance with introduction from 2018

An Ironman over the long distance consists of a swimming distance of 3.86 km (2.4  miles ), a cycling stage of 180.2 km (112  miles ) and a marathon (42.195 km; 26.2  miles ), which are held one after the other . The racing series currently comprises 39 competitions (as of March 2018).

Relationship with competitors

Until the end of the 1990s, numerous events around the world had names that sounded similar to the term “Ironman” in the event name, but without any connection to the WTC. For example, the " Iron Monk " was held in Kulmbach until 2002 . With regard to its registered trademark, however, the WTC prohibited other organizers from doing so. So there are z. B. in Germany the Challenge Roth , the Ostseeman in Glücksburg and the Cologne Triathlon and in Austria since 1988 the Austria Triathlon in Podersdorf .

The WTC's biggest competitor in the world is the Challenge Family with a large number of long- and half-distance competitions. The series goes to Challenge Roth, which until 2001 still paid license fees for its trademark to the WTC under the then event name Ironman Europe and was already the largest long-distance triathlon worldwide with a six-digit number of spectators on site, up to 4,000 registrations for 2,700 starting places and higher Media presence was. After the Roth organizers rejected a continuation of the license agreement, for which the WTC demanded higher fees, a reduction in the starting places in Roth and changes to the competition mode, the WTC itself and its license partners used means of a predatory competition against Challenge Roth.

For example, Ironman Germany in Frankfurt, as a new license partner of the WTC , caused a stir in the run-up to the second event in 2003 when it claimed the traditional Roth date on the second Sunday in July. At the same time, Frankfurt previously advertised at press conferences as the top starter in Roth, who presented athletes such as Thomas Hellriegel , Markus Forster and Stefan Holzner . In 2008 Frankfurt lured Chris McCormack , who had previously started five times in a row in Roth, with an entry fee of € 100,000 in addition to the prize money. In 2010, the WTC installed a second German Ironman competition in Regensburg just around one hundred kilometers from Roth - but this was discontinued after the third event and will run as Challenge Regensburg from 2016 . In 2012, Challenge Roth and Ironman Germany took place on the same day - the Frankfurter Rundschau compared this with staging the European Championship final and the Champions League final in football on the same day.

In 2012, the WTC bought USM Events , as a license partner of the Challenge Family, organizer of the Challenge Cairns in Australia, a few months before the competition, which at that time was almost fully booked, despite existing contracts with the Challenge Family, and turned it into the Ironman Cairns .

One of the most popular competitions under the trademark of the WTC was the Ironman Canada in Penticton, the most traditional Hawaii qualifier outside the USA (New Zealand and Japan started two years earlier, but have since changed locations): the up to 3200 starting places for the following year were each fully allocated on site, online registration was not possible. The organizer has been the Canadian Graham Fraser with his company North American Sports (NA Sports) since 1996. In May 2012, Fraser sold Ironman Canada to the WTC, although the city of Penticton, which is responsible for the regulatory approval, exercised a special right of termination in the event of a sale to third parties with regard to its contract with Fraser and has been hosting the event since 2013 under the name Challenge Penticton . Here, too, a predatory competition followed by the WTC, which set up a new competition in the second largest country in the world in terms of area - this time organized by itself - in Whistler , around 500 km away . In the meantime even an alignment 60 km north of Penticton was under discussion. Although the new event under the name of the former required a complete redesign of race courses and infrastructure, and a re-recruitment of volunteers , was their number in Penticton around 4000, but offered for athletes outside the region the advantage closer to the Vancouver International Airport located busier than the airport near Penticton.

While the WTC Fraser only made 50 qualification places available for the Ironman Hawaii for Penticton in 2012, it then offered 100 qualification places in Whistler in 2013. In mid-August 2012, the date of the event and the prize money of US $ 61,500 for 2013 for the Challenge Penticton were announced. Six weeks later, the WTC announced that it would host its new event in Whistler on the exact same date in 2013 and that it would increase the prize money from US $ 25,000 in Penticton to US $ 75,000. Although the WTC simultaneously reduced the participation fees for the athletes from US $ 675 for Penticton 2012 to C $ 625 for Whistler 2013 (the US $ to C $ exchange rate was around 1: 1 in November 2012), the number of participants decreased significantly previous years by around a third in Whistler in 2013 compared to previously in Penticton, and in 2014 by a further 12%. In May 2014, WTC bought Lifesport Properties Inc , organizer of the Subaru Western Triathlon Series in western Canada and built the Ironman Western Canada Series with the triathlon competitions in Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver , Victoria (all British Columbia) not far from Penticton. , Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) and Banff (Alberta) as well as Ironman Canada as the highlight. In addition, the prize money was increased by a further US $ 25,000 to US $ 100,000 in 2015.

Other organizers of competitions belonging to the Challenge Family were bought up by the WTC and continued under their label: In June 2013, the WTC bought YWC Sports ApS , previously a license partner of the Challenge Family as organizer of the Challenge Aarhus and Challenge Copenhagen competitions , in order to subordinate these races as well to continue her label.

In October 2013, WTC Sports Promotion UG, as the previous organizer of the Challenge Kraichgau and Challenge Rügen, bought Sports Promotion UG as the organizer of the Challenge Rügen and continued them as Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau and Ironman 70.3 Rügen. Björn Steinmetz, previously the Challenge Family’s most important partner in setting up their series, has moved to the WTC as the new European Managing Director. In May 2014, the WTC announced that it had bought Tritlon Spain SL - previously a license partner of the Challenge Family as the organizer of the Half-Challenge Barcelona in spring and the Challenge Barcelona-Maresme in autumn. At the end of 2014, Optimum Sports Events , until then the organizer of Challenge Vichy in France, was bought by the WTC.

In December 2014 the Challenge Family announced a Challenge Triple Crown Series in Dubai (February), Oman (August) and the conclusion on December 5, 2015 in Bahrain, US $ 300,000 in prize money per competition and US $ 1 million for the winner of all three competitions awaited the athletes. In June 2015, the WTC then announced the organization of Ironman 70.3 Bahrain on the same date on the 48 km long and 16 km wide main island of the kingdom, whereupon Challenge Family first announced one day later that the date of Challenge Bahrain would be brought forward by two weeks. The Challenge Bahrain was canceled in October.

In 2015 the WTC acquired the Challenge Weymouth , Alan Rose remained unchanged as Race Director, albeit now under the responsibility of the WTC. After the WTC withdrew from the Ironman 70.3 Laguna Phuket in 2012 on the grounds that the growth potential was insufficient and the event then became successful under the logo of the Challenge Family as Challenge Laguna Phuket , it took over the event again in 2015 to help them to be continued from 2016 under the new name Ironman 70.3 Thailand.

After the license agreements between the bought-up organizers and the Challenge Family expressly excluded a sale to the WTC, Challenge Family filed a lawsuit against their former contractual partners in the summer of 2015.

The Professional Triathletes Organization , a group of athletes, is planning to take over the Ironman rights that the Wanda Sports Group from China has so far held. The athletes are based on the successes of other individual sports, such as B. tennis or golf and want more self-determination.

Other sports

With the takeover of the endurance sports division of Lagardère Sports in January 2016, five events of the International Triathlon Union as well as four city ​​marathons , six road bike races , including the Cyclassics Hamburg and various popular sports events, were transferred to the Ironman portfolio .

Ironman triathlon world series

As part of the Ironman Triathlon World Series over the Ironman (3.862 km swimming, 180.246 km cycling, 42.195 km running) and the Half Ironman distance (1.931 km swimming, 90.123 km cycling, 21.098 km running = together 70.3 Miles = Ironman 70.3 ) the starting places for the Ironman World Championship are awarded every year . The professionals must collect points in up to five races, of which there must be at least one Ironman race and a maximum of three Ironman 70.3 races. The qualification mode with 50 starting places for male and 35 for female professionals means that female professional triathletes have to complete an average of 21% more competitions (on average 3.4 to 2.8). In around a third of the qualifying competitions, a fifth-placed professional receives just US $ 500, which usually does not even cover his travel expenses. A social media initiative started under the hashtag # 50womentokona with an open letter signed by several hundred supporters . The WTC company rejects an equal allocation of professional starting places because of the lower number of female amateurs. In addition, the 15 additional starting places would then have to be deleted elsewhere - probably for the men. At the same time, the WTC increased the total starting field at the Ironman Hawaii (including amateurs) from 2185 athletes (2013) to 2378 athletes (2015).

So far came from Germany with Thomas Hellriegel (1997), Norman Stadler (2004 and 2006), Faris Al-Sultan (2005), Sebastian Kienle (2014), Jan Frodeno (2015, 2016 and 2019) and Patrick Lange (2017 and 2018) ten times the male winner of the Ironman Hawaii . The best placements for German women were achieved by Anne Haug (winner 2019), Nina Kraft (second in 2002 and third in 2001 and 2003) and Sandra Wallenhorst (third in 2008).

The Ironman Germany in Frankfurt has been advertised since 2006 under the name "Ironman European Championship". From its first edition in 2012 to 2015, the Ironman Melbourne also ran under the name "Ironman Asia Pacific Championship", in 2016 the WTC used this term for the Ironman Cairns . In 2012, the WTC also used the name "Ironman US Championship" for the Ironman in New York. In 2013 and 2014 the Ironman in Mont-Tremblant also ran under the name "Ironman North American Championship" and in 2015 the WTC advertised the Ironman in The Woodlands (Texas) under this name. In 2015 the Ironman Brasil Florianópolis was also held under the name "Ironman Latin American Championship" and in 2016 it is advertised under the name "Ironman South American Championship". Since 2015 the only Ironman in Africa, the Ironman South Africa in Port Elizabeth has been advertised under the name "Ironman African Championship".

The WTC's right to use these brand names without them being seen in the sense of championships awarded by a sporting association refers to an agreement with the international umbrella organization ITU from May 1998, whereupon the CAS decided in April 2006 that the WTC this right is also available for other events besides the Ironman Hawaii.

Most of the starting places for the Ironman Hawaii are given to amateurs who reach a so-called "slot" in the qualifying races (see table below). Up to 2015, 200 slots were allocated through internal procedures (lottery, many previous participations or Ebay). For years, the German-speaking area (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) has provided the largest field of starters for the race in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii after the USA .

The rules for Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races were standardized worldwide from March 1, 2015.

Current venues

Yellow pog.svgPure amateur competitions with 40 to 50 qualifying
Red pog.svgplaces. Competitions with 40–50 qualifying places for amateurs (Langkawi: 25), 50,000 to 75,000 US dollars in prize money and up to 1000–2000 KPR points for professionals.
Green pog.svgCompetitions with 75 qualifying places for amateurs, 150,000 US dollars Prize money and up to 4,000 KPR points for professionals.
Blue pog.svgCompetition with 26 qualifying places for amateurs, 650,000 US dollars in prize money and up to 8,000 KPR points for professionals
No. contest location country sub-
Event Qualification
places for
amateurs for the
Ironman Hawaii
next first
01 Ironman Argentina Mar del Plata ArgentinaArgentina Argentina 1265 2021 2017 40
02 Ironman Arizona Tempe , Arizona United StatesUnited States United States 2450 Nov 21, 2021 2005 50
03 Ironman Australia Port Macquarie AustraliaAustralia Australia 1150 Sep 5 2021 2006 3 40
04th Ironman Austria Klagenfurt AustriaAustria Austria 3244 (2019) 19 Sep 2021 1998 40
05 Ironman Barcelona Calella SpainSpain Spain 3379  (2019) Oct 3, 2021 2014 40
06th Ironman Brasil Florianópolis Florianópolis BrazilBrazil Brazil 2050 Nov 7, 2021 2001 3 75
07th Ironman Cairns Cairns AustraliaAustralia Australia 1150 June 12, 2022 2012 40
08th Ironman Canada Penticton CanadaCanada Canada 1650 29 Aug 2021 2013 3 40
09 Ironman Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee United StatesUnited States United States 2650 26 Sep 2021 2014 50
10 Ironman Copenhagen Copenhagen DenmarkDenmark Denmark 3078 (2019) 22 Aug 2021 2013 40
11 Ironman Finland Kuopio-Tahko FinlandFinland Finland 14 Aug 2021 2000
12th Ironman Florida 1st Panama City , Florida United StatesUnited States United States 3087 (2019) Nov 6, 2021 1999 50
13th Ironman France Nice FranceFrance France 2836 (2019) Sep 12 2021 2005 3 40
14th Ironman European Championship Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main GermanyGermany Germany 3226 (2019) Aug 15, 2021 2002 75
15th Ironman Hamburg Hamburg GermanyGermany Germany 2534 (2019) 29 Aug 2021 2017 40
16 Ironman Hawaii Kailua-Kona , Hawaii United StatesUnited States United States 2500 Oct 9, 2021 1978 26 2
17th Ironman Ireland Cork IrelandIreland Ireland 000- Aug 14, 2022 2019
18th Ironman Italy Cervia ItalyItaly Italy 2650 Sep 18 2021 2017 40
19th Ironman squid Squid SwedenSweden Sweden 2450 Aug 21, 2021 2012 40
20th Ironman Korea Gurye Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 1550 2022 2000 30th
21 Ironman Lake Placid 1st Lake Placid , New York United StatesUnited States United States 2935 (2019) July 24, 2022 1999 40
22nd Ironman Lanzarote Lanzarote SpainSpain Spain 1650 (2019) 2022 1992 40
23 Ironman Malaysia Langkawi MalaysiaMalaysia Malaysia 1265 (2019) Oct 30, 2021 2000 40
24 Ironman Maryland Maryland United StatesUnited States United States 2238 (2019) Sep 18 2021 2014 40
25th Ironman Mexico Cozumel MexicoMexico Mexico 2300 Nov 21, 2021 2009 40
26 Ironman Mont-Tremblant Mont-Tremblant CanadaCanada Canada 2699 (2019) 22 Aug 2021 2012 40
27 Ironman New Zealand Taupo New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand 1393 (2020) March 5, 2022 1999 3 40
28 Ironman South Africa Port Elizabeth South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa 1987 (2019) Nov 21, 2021 2004 3 75
29 Ironman St. George St. George, Utah United StatesUnited States United States ? May 7, 2022 2010 3
30th Ironman Switzerland Tuna SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 1963 (2019) Sep 11 2021 1996 40
31 Ironman Taiwan Kenting TaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan) Taiwan 0498 (2019) Apr 10, 2022 2015 25th
32 Ironman Tallinn Tallinn , Estonia EstoniaEstonia Estonia 0910 (2019) 2022 2018 40
33 Ironman Texas The Woodlands , Texas United StatesUnited States United States 3132 (2019) Oct 9, 2021 2011 75
34 Ironman UK Bolton United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 1941 (2019) July 3, 2022 2008 3 40
35 Ironman Vichy Vichy FranceFrance France 1617 (2019) 22 Aug 2021 2015 40
36 Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz Vitoria-Gasteiz SpainSpain Spain 1887 (2019) Sep 12 2021 2019 40
37 Ironman Wales Tenby United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 2278 (2019) Sep 12 2021 2011 40
38 Ironman Western Australia Busselton AustraliaAustralia Australia 1401 (2019) Dec 5, 2021 2004 40
39 Ironman Wisconsin 1st Madison , Wisconsin United StatesUnited States United States 2461 (2019) Sep 12 2021 2002 50
  Ironman World Championship     European Championship     African Championship     North American Championship     South American Championship     Asia Pacific Championship  
1 Pure amateur competitions without prize money and qualification opportunities for professional triathletes
2 At the Ironman Hawaii, the winners of the individual age groups are each qualified directly for the following year
3 There was an event with the same name in another location before.

New venues

Former venues

The following table contains the names of the events that, for various reasons, were not continued at the original location or at a different one. In addition, there are a large number of events that were organized directly by the WTC or a license partner and later (possibly by other organizers under license from the WTC) at another location under a name that was previously used.

  • The Ironman New Zealand was organized by Air New Zealand in Auckland until 1998 , and from 1999 by IMG in Taupo under the same name .
  • The Ironman Japan took place on Lake Biwa until 1997 , from 2001 to 2009 under a new organizer 950 km west in Gotō and from 2013 again under a new organizer 2200 km east in Tōyako and on Tōya Lake .
  • In 2002 the Ironman Korea took place in Sokcho , from 2003 600 km south in Seogwipo .
  • Until 2000 the Ironman Brasil took place in Porto Seguro , from 2001 around 2200 km south in Florianópolis .
  • The Ironman South Africa was organized by EventPro in Cape Town until 2001 , from 2004 by Triangle 800 km east in Port Elizabeth .
  • Until 2004, the triathlon in Gérardmer in the Vosges took place under the name Ironman France, since then the oldest long-distance triathlon in Europe, known as “Triathlon International de Nice”, has been running under this name around 800 km south.
  • The Ironman Australia took place in Forster until 2005, in the following year a new event was launched further south in Port Macquarie under the name of the previous one.
  • The first Hawaii qualifier in Great Britain under the brand name "Ironman" took place in Llanberis , Welsh , until 2002 , then 380 km south in Sherborne , until in 2009 a new event under the same name started 400 km north in Bolton .
  • After the oldest North American Hawaii qualifier in Penticton in 2013 did not want to continue the previous contract after the previous organizer was bought by the WTC, the WTC initiated a new event 500 km west using the previous name Ironman Canada.
contest Venue country Event comment
first latest
Ironman Asia Seogwipo Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 2000 2001 In 2002 Ironman Japan took place 400 km southeast of Seogwipo and Ironman Korea 600 north of Seogwipo. From 2003 this event was continued in Seogwipo under the name Ironman Korea.
Ironman Boulder 1 Boulder United StatesUnited States United States 2014 2019
Ironman California Camp Pendelton ( CA ) United StatesUnited States United States 2000 2001
Ironman China Haikou China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 2008 2010 An announced event in Jixian 2011 never took place.
Ironman Coeur d'Alene Coeur d'Alene , Idaho United StatesUnited States United States 2003 2017
Ironman Europe Roth GermanyGermany Germany 1988 2001 The license agreement expired in 2001 and the event was continued under the name “ Challenge Roth ”.
Ironman Brasil Fortaleza Fortaleza BrazilBrazil Brazil 2014 2016 After three events, no further events were announced for 2017.
Ironman Haugesund Haugesund NorwayNorway Norway 2018 2019
Ironman Japan Lake Biwa JapanJapan Japan 1985 1997 After a typhoon at the last event in 1997, the event did not take place in the following years.
Ironman Japan Gotō JapanJapan Japan 2001 2009 After the Ironman Japan, which had previously been held 950 km east of Lake Biwa, no longer took place, an event of the same name took place in Gotō. The tenth edition was canceled two weeks before the planned date due to the risk of infection, and since then the event has been taking place without the Ironman trademark in the event name.
Ironman Japan Toyako JapanJapan Japan 2013 2015
Ironman Korea Seogwipo Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 2000 2011 After a break from 2008 to 2010, the Ironman Korea was last held in 2011, since then the event has taken place without the Ironman trademark in the event name.
Ironman Korea Sokcho Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 2002 2002 From 2003 an event of the same name took place 600 km south in Seogwipo, where the Ironman Asia had already taken place in 2000 and 2001.
Ironman Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe ( CA ) United StatesUnited States United States 2013 2015 2015 initially held as a pure amateur competition, no extension has been announced for 2016.
Ironman Los Cabos Los Cabos MexicoMexico Mexico 2013 2017 After five events - most recently three times as a pure age group competition - the race was not extended for 2018.
Ironman Louisville Louisville , Kentucky United StatesUnited States United States 2007 2019 The last event here was in 2019.
Ironman Maastricht-Limburg Maastricht NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 2015 2018 The last event here was in 2018.
Ironman Malaysia Langkawi MalaysiaMalaysia Malaysia 2001 2016 The last event was here in November 2016.
Ironman Mallorca Alcúdia SpainSpain Spain 2014 2016 After three events in 2017, the race was no longer included in the racing calendar.
Ironman Melbourne Melbourne AustraliaAustralia Australia 2012 2015 No extension has been announced for 2016.
Ironman Muskoka Muskoka CanadaCanada Canada 2015 2015 Only held once in 2015
Ironman New York New York City United StatesUnited States United States 2012 2012 No extension has been announced for 2013.
Ironman North Carolina Wilmington United StatesUnited States United States 2016 2016 No extension has been announced for 2017.
Ironman Santa Rosa Santa Rosa United StatesUnited States United States 2016 2019
Ironman St. George St. George , Utah United StatesUnited States United States 2010 2012 No more events have been announced for 2013.
Ironman Regensburg regensburg GermanyGermany Germany 2010 2012 After the participants could not agree on a common date in 2013, the organizer finally rejected the renewed event in 2014 for financial reasons. On August 14, 2016, the continuation took place under the name Challenge Regensburg with mostly the same routes but a different organization team.
Ironman Utah Provo , Utah United StatesUnited States United States 2002 2002 At the premiere on June 10, 2002, the swimming had to be stopped due to a storm and the competition was held on a shortened course as a duathlon.
Ironman Weymouth Weymouth United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 2016 2016 No extension has been announced for 2017.

There are also numerous triathlon competitions in which a qualification for the Ironman Hawaii was possible without using the trademark "Ironman" in the event name. These included the “St. Anthony's Triathlon "in Saint Petersburg , the" Wildflower Long Course Triathlon "on Lake San Antonio , the" Gulf Coast Triathlon "in Panama City , the" Memphis in May Triathlon "in Millington (Tennessee), the" Keauhou Kona Triathlon "in Kailua -Kona , the "Blackwater EagleMan Triathlon" in Cambridge (Maryland), the "Springfield Iron Horse Triathlon" in Springfield (Illinois) , the "Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon" in Lubbock (Texas) , the "Desert Sun Half Iron Triathlon" in Grand Junction (Colorado) , the "Vineman Triathlon" and the "Half Vineman Triathlon" in Santa Rosa (California) , "The Triathlon" in Allentown (Pennsylvania) , the "New England Triathlon Festival" in Sunapee State Park ( New Hampshire ) , the "Mrs. T's Chicago Triathlon "in Chicago and the" Muskoka Triathlon "in Huntsville (Ontario) .

Best times

World records are generally not set in triathlon because of the variability of the route profiles, and there is no compulsory official measurement of the competition distances. Even the running routes of the major long-distance races are not measured with the Jones counter . Therefore, the following best times should always be assessed with an uncertainty about the length of the route.

In general, different routes are difficult to compare, even with the same route length, as local conditions such as climate, winds, (ocean) currents and the elevation profile can have a much stronger influence. The routes in Hawaii and Lanzarote are very demanding, which can also be seen from the best times there. Despite the high performance density of the athletes, these are always above the best times on the continental routes.

Ironman Hall of Fame

The World Triathlon Corporation has been honoring individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the growth of the Ironman endurance sports series since 1993. These honors are awarded annually in October as part of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii .

  • 1993 - Dave Scott
  • 1994 - Julie Moss
  • 1995 - Scott Tinley
  • 1996 - Paula Newby-Fraser
  • 1997 - Mark Allen
  • 1998 - John and Judy Collins (initiators of Ironman Hawaii 1978)
  • 1999 - Valerie Silk (organizer of Ironman Hawaii from 1980 to 1989)
  • 2000 - Tom Warren
  • 2001 - Bob Laird (responsible for medical care since 1981)
  • 2002 - Bob Babbitt
  • 2003 - John MacLean, Gordon Haller (winner of the first edition of Ironman Hawaii, 1978) and Lyn Lemaire (first female winner, 1979)
  • 2004 - Greg Welch
  • 2005 - Jim Maclaren (lost a leg in 1985 after a traffic accident, later participated in numerous triathlons again and was hit by a truck during a competition in 1993, whereupon he remained paraplegic; subsequently initiated by Bob Babbitt and others led a benefit triathlon in San Diego establishing the Challenged Athletes Foundation )
  • 2008 - Rick and Dick Hoyt
  • 2011 - Mike Reilly (since 1989 presenter on site at Ironman Hawaii)
  • 2012 - Graham Fraser (organizer of Ironman Canada from 1996 to 2012 and until 2008 of Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman Florida, Ironman Utah, Ironman Wisconsin, Ironman Coeur d'Alene, Ironman Arizona, Ironman Louisville and also Ironman California (2001) and Ironman Utah (2001-2003))
  • 2013 - Peter Henning (responsible as film producer and cameraman for the webstreams of from 2000 and 16-time winner of the Emmy Award )
  • 2014 - Georg Hochegger, Helge Lorenz and Stefan Petschnig (founding trio of Ironman Austria ; as the first European)
  • 2015 - Lori Bowden and Heather Fuhr
  • 2016 - Peter Reid and Lew Friedland (President from 1998 to 2004)
  • 2017 - Chrissie Wellington
  • 2018 - Erin Baker and Scott Molina
  • 2019 - Tim DeBoom , Michellie Jones , Kenneth Gasque and Jan War

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