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PaintShop Pro
Basic data

developer Corel
Publishing year August 1990
Current  version 2020
( August 1, 2019 )
operating system Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows 10
category Image editing program
License proprietary license
German speaking Yes

PaintShop Pro (also Paint Shop Pro or often abbreviated PSP ) is an image processing program from the Canadian software manufacturer Corel for Windows operating systems. It supports raster and vector graphics . Paint Shop Pro was originally developed by Jasc Software from 1992 . Corel took over the company in October 2004 and has released a new version every year since then.

In the first few years the program was freely available under an evaluation license and quickly gained a large user base. From their inspiration and constructive criticism, the first developed only as a picture viewer and graphic converter planned application program for all-round tool for the ( semi -professional use -).


Robert Voit developed the first version of the software in 1992, after he founded Jasc Software the previous year . JASC was an acronym that is said to have actually stood for “Just Another Software Company” (in German: just another software company ). With the increasing success of Paint Shop Pro and with it increasing awareness of the company, Robert Voit declared “Jets and Software Company” (in German: Aircraft and Software Companies ) to be its official meaning. The mention of airplanes seems to refer to his previous professional experience. Before founding the company, he worked as a pilot at Northwest Airlines .

In autumn 2004 the company was taken over by the Corel Corporation , who wanted to round off their product range with CorelDraw . In September 2005 Corel launched Corel Paint Shop Pro X (as a Roman number for version 10), the first of its own Paint Shop Pro version. Version 11 (XI) followed in September 2006. With this release, it was renamed Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo . In September 2007, version 12 was released under the name Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 , which included the ability to customize the appearance of the program with skins .

A year later, in September 2008, an expanded version of version 12 was released under the name Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. It differed from the basic version of the software in that it supported raw data (RAW) and extended tools for image optimization and alienation. In addition, the Background Remover has been improved, which makes it even easier to remove objects. In addition to Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4, the package also includes software for data recovery of deleted photos.

In January 2010 Corel launched the Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 version. New additions include a camera RAW editor, automation of processing for the application of additional images and a new user interface for the photo manager. With version X4, which was published in September 2011, an HDR module was added to merge differently exposed images of a subject and a function for subsequent vignetting of a photo. And for the first time since the takeover by Corel, new levels of customization have been implemented. The software was also released as a so-called Ultimate version, which also includes license-free images, some digital filters from Nik and the compression program WinZip Pro . Version X5 appeared in September 2012 with new features such as B. Face recognition, geotagging, pseudo-HDR effect from the individual raw photos and new instant effects.

Version X6 appeared in September 2013 and for the first time natively supports 64-bit processor architectures. In addition, the user interface has been redesigned and the speed of various functions has been improved, especially the merging of HDR images.

Version history

version Release date Remarks
0.9 1990
1.0 1992
2.0 August 1993 Introduction of the floating toolbar
3.0 August 1993
3.12 July 1, 1996 16/32-bit for Win32s, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0
4.0 July 1996
5.0 April 1998 Fundamental revision of the user interface (GUI), as well as support of levels
6.0 September 1999 Vector graphic support
7.0 2000 September
8.0 2003 April Macro script language Python , extended functions (new filters, fully automatic corrections, etc.). Additional programs in special editions: Photo Album 4, Xtras — Creative Edition 1/2, Animation Shop
9.0 2004 August Version history, new filters, RAW support; the version line 9.x was the last PSP version published by JASC, due to the takeover by Corel
X (10.0) September 2005 Renamed to "Corel Paint Shop Pro X", redesigned help and introductory lesson, various new erasing tools, 48-bit color support (16 bit per channel), picture browser, new filters and correction options.
XI (11.0) September 2006 Complete conversion to the new Roman version numbers (XI), improved RAW support, other improvements
X2 (12.0) September 2007 New design of the desktop, layer styles. Windows 2000 is no longer supported as of this version. Version 12.5, also referred to as "X2 Ultimate Edition", received official support for Windows Vista in addition to some new functions and bug fixes
X3 (13.0) January 25, 2010 Windows 7 support, new management function, advanced batch processing functions, advanced RAW processing (Lab), support for HD videos
X4 (14.0) September 5, 2011 New user interface with work areas, photo blend function, improved HDR function. The "Ultimate version" includes additional software such as "Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0" and selected photos from Fotolia and Picture Tubes .
X5 (15.0) 5th September 2012 Ulead PhotoExplorer used as a new program base, face recognition, new filters and effects, multiple script execution, support for Photoshop brushes,
X6 (16.0) 4th September 2013 64-bit, improved processing speed, improved support for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins, intelligent selection tools.
X7 (17.0) August 27, 2014 Magic fill function, improved processing speed, new tools and effects, support for the XMP file format.
X8 (18.0) 19th August 2015 Text wrapping, Magic Move tool, improved batch mode, support for 4K screens, new tools and effects.
X9 (19.0) 16th August 2016 Extension of screenshot and screen capture functions, export / import of the processing history, improved support for input pens and tablets, new tool for color gradients, intelligent photo correction via batch processing, introduction of project templates and new text effects.
2018 (20.0) August 9, 2017 New: "Basic elements" and "Complete" work areas, adjustment and control, document-related controller values, clone overlay, 'Welcome' tab, quick adjustment and quick preview, text tool. Tweaked: Tool performance, crop tool, eyedropper tool, gradient fill tool, application start time
2019 (21.0) August 8, 2018 Corrections and higher speed, especially thanks to a new trimming tool. Support for additional input pens, graphics tablets and 360 ° cameras. New: "Photo painting presets" (Pic-to-Painting)
2020 (22.0) August 1, 2019 Revision of the text tool and the photo painting function (pic-to-painting). New tools SmartClone, "Photography" workspace and Refinement brush.


The development of the program from a beginner-friendly auxiliary tool to a Photoshop- like professional graphics package was received ambiguously. While many users see Paint Shop Pro as an inexpensive alternative to the comparatively expensive competing products, also for private use, critics accuse Corel of attempting to copy these products.


An official magazine for Paint Shop Pro Photo has been published since May 2008.

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