Parageron incisus

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Parageron incisus
Parageron incisus on a marigold

Parageron incisus on a marigold

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Order : Fly (Diptera)
Subordination : Flies (Brachycera)
Family : Wollschweber (Bombyliidae)
Genre : Parageron
Type : Parageron incisus
Scientific name
Parageron incisus
( Wiedemann , 1830)

Parageron incisus is a fly fromthe wool swimmer family (Bombyliidae).


The flies reach a body length of 8 to 10 millimeters. The head, the mesonotum , the hips and the pleura are dusted in light gray. In the middle of the mesonotum there is a matt black stripe and a wide side stripe of the same color. The back of the head is expanded like a pillow. The compound eyes are not indented on the rear edge. The antennae turn in at the front edge of the head just above the mouth opening, the proboscis, which points slightly downwards, is shorter than the body. The wings are transparent except for the slightly yellow-brown tinted front edge. The swinging bulbs ( holders ) are yellowish in color. The abdomen is velvety black and long, hairy yellow. The rear edge of each segment has a narrow brass yellow border.

Occurrence and way of life

The species is widespread in the Mediterranean. You can find them from spring in grass steppes and garigue when visiting flowers .

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