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A party is a casual celebration , possibly with music and dancing. It can be a private, but also a public (mostly commercial) event. The term is often supplemented depending on the topic or motto, examples:

  • NDW-Party, 80s-Party, Ü-30-Party etc .: Dance events that take place under the motto of a certain music genre (here Neue Deutsche Welle ), a certain musical era ( music of the 1980s ) or an age of the guests (over 30 years ) stand.
  • After-work party , open social event on weekdays that starts earlier than usual dance events.
  • Block Party , neighborhood festival in the USA.
  • Flatrate party , commercial event in which alcoholic beverages are served at a flat rate without any limit on the quantity.
  • LAN party , event with an association of computers (LAN network) on which the participants play computer games together.
  • Key signing party , event at which participants sign each other's cryptographic keys.
  • Cuddle party , strangers cuddle with each other (under typically pre-defined rules of conduct).
  • Slumber party , a party where guests stay with the host.
  • Key party , a party where guests draw lots for their sex partner.

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