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In addition to the height in meters, the English height measure is also given.

The pass height describes the lowest possible passable point of a mountain ridge , ridge or ridge course between two mountain ranges , e.g. B. a mountain pass . The absolute height of a pass above sea level is given in meters or feet . It represents the highest point of the ideal transition, in this respect it is a minimum and a maximum at the same time, i.e. a saddle point , and always also a watershed .

However, the top of the pass is not always (rarely) the highest point of a transition path. The course of a pass road can lead past it to the side or, for reasons of better accessibility, exceed it, in the case of a tunnel under it it can also be lower ( top tunnel ). The road from Disentis to the Lukmanier Pass reaches its actual culmination point ( peak ) at 1972  m in the gallery north of the actual pass height, which is only 1915  m .

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