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Passing cooked apples using a mill (when making applesauce)

Passieren (from French passer ' to pass') describes in kitchen language a work process in which liquids and various masses are to be kept free of solid components. Here is the percolation of liquids ( sauces , soups , etc.) and the strikeout Mus , fruits and meat preparations to distinguish.

Sieves with particularly fine openings and meshes are used as tools . For the passage of fluids both Spitz sieves (are Chinoise ) of funnel-shaped metal nets or perforated metal sheets and Strain Cloths made of linen or gauze, shallow to pass solid masses hair sieves used. For straining cooked fruit and vegetables, special straining devices ( Flotte Lotte , potato press , straining cradle ) can be used. Attachable straining sticks are available for electric hand mixers. A kitchen mixer or cutter does not replace the much more complex passing through, because pureeing only shreds the unwanted ingredients and does not separate them from the food.


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