Patrizi's trident leaf nose

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Patrizi's trident leaf nose
Superordinate : Laurasiatheria
Order : Bats (chiroptera)
Superfamily : Horseshoe bat (Rhinolophoidea)
Family : Round-leaf noses (Hipposideridae)
Genre : Trident leaf noses ( Asellia )
Type : Patrizi's trident leaf nose
Scientific name
Asellia patrizii
De Beaux , 1931
Distribution area of ​​Patrizi's trident leaf nose

Patrizi's trident- leaf-nosed bat ( Asellia patrizii ) is a bat in the family of round- leafed noses that is found in eastern Africa . The species is named after the Italian naturalist Marquis Don Patrizi Naro Montoro.


Patrizi's trident leaf nose is smaller than Geoffroy's trident leaf nose with a forearm length of 38 to 44 mm and a weight of 3.3 to 4.4 g . It has a total length of 55 to 66 mm, including a 13 to 20 mm long tail, 12 to 16 mm long ears and about 6 mm long rear feet. The wingspan is 225 to 245 mm. As with other generic middle members, the nasal blade has three appendages on the upper side of the rounded central area, which together resemble a trident. The middle process is pointed, the two lateral ends blunt. The fur on the top is made up of hairs that are almost white near the root, while the rest of the section is gray-brown in color. The underside is covered with light gray to white fur.

Patrizi's trident leaf nose has bare ears without connecting strips of skin. The upper incisors are small in the dentition. The robust upper canines have a small second point, about halfway up. The wings and tail skin are dark brown, with the tip of the tail protruding 3 to 5 mm.


The distribution area of ​​this bat is in Ethiopia and Eritrea . It lives in semi-deserts and arid landscapes with grass cover.

Specimens from the Farasan Islands , which belong to Saudi Arabia, were counted as part of Patrizi's trident leaf nose immediately after they were found. After a taxonomic revision of the genus Trident Leaf Nose , they could also be one of the newly described species.


This bat rests in caves and buildings, where it usually forms smaller groups. There are occasional mixed colonies with Geoffroy's trident leaf nose. The species often hunts for insects close to the bottom . During a study from September to December 1971, females and males could be registered together at the resting place.


Disturbances in the sleeping area probably have a negative effect. In general, Patrizi's trident leaf nose occurs in landscapes that are rarely changed by humans. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) lists the species as not endangered (Least Concern) .

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