Paul Bauder

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Paul Bauder

legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1857
Seat Stuttgart , Germany
management Jan Bauder, Mark Bauder, Tim Bauder, Gerhard Einsele
Number of employees 1017 (2017)
sales 572 million (2017)
Branch Building materials industry

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The Paul Bauder GmbH & Co. KG , headquartered in Stuttgart ( Baden-Wuerttemberg ) is owner-operated leading manufacturer of roof systems in Europe and for more than 160 years. Bauder offers comprehensive advice and all materials for sealing, insulating, greening and generating energy from a single source.

Company history

In 1857 Wilhelm Burck founded the roofing felt and asphalt business Wilhelm Burck, which Paul Bauder joined as a partner in 1909. Two years later, the company was relocated to Stuttgart-Weilimdorf , today's headquarters, for the purpose of a rail link . In 1925, Paul Bauder took over 100% of the production and the company was renamed Paul Bauder. Hermann Bauder also joined the company.

In 1964, Bauder was the first manufacturer in Germany to produce welding sheets on a large scale, thereby helping this new laying technique to achieve a breakthrough. Also in the 1960s, the company presented under the trademark THERMOTEKT the first polyurethane - hard foam insulation boards forth. In 1972 a new plant was built in Bochum .

In 1982 Gerhard Bauder, technical director, and Paul-Hermann Bauder, commercial director, took over the management of the company. Hermann Bauder took over the chairmanship of the advisory board. Three years later, Bauder founded the first sales company abroad (Austria) and began to systematically expand its export activities.

With the establishment of a new plant in Landsberg / Halle in 1994, Bauder took advantage of the opportunities in the new federal states and in Eastern Europe. In 2000, Bauder took over the Roland company in Achim to strengthen its position in northern Germany. With the additional takeover of the Thermoplast company in Bernsdorf , Bauder became a supplier of waterproofing membranes made of bitumen and plastic across all materials . In 2008 a new plant was built in Schwepnitz (near Bernsdorf) for the production of FPO trams. The first bitumen sheeting plant outside Germany in Bruck, Austria, has been producing primarily for Austria and the Eastern European market since 2016.

On January 1, 2018, the 4th generation brothers Jan, Mark and Tim Bauder took over the management together with Gerhard Einsele

Factories and branches

In addition to the main plant based in Stuttgart, seven other plants are in operation. These are:

  • Achim plant
  • Bernsdorf plant
  • Bochum plant
  • Landsberg / Halle plant
  • Schwepnitz plant
  • Herten plant
  • Plant Bruck an der Leitha (Austria since 2016)

In addition, the company operates branches in 14 European countries.

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