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Paul Schmidhauser (born November 7, 1948 in Zurich ) is a Swiss songwriter , singer , musician and lyricist . He lives in Otelfingen in the Zurich Unterland. He mainly deals with songs in English, but as a lyricist has made various excursions into Swiss German. Since Paul Schmidhauser appeared as a singer in a school band in 1965, he has cultivated different styles. He made music in the directions of sixties rock, pop music, German and Italian hits , country and blues as well as Zurich dialect rock.


  • 1965–1969: Singer in the youth band "Starfighters"
  • 1969–1973: singer of the dance / show band "Champions"
  • 1977–1983: Singer in the rock band "Skin".
  • 1983–1986: Solo performer at international festivals and TV shows in Malta, Rostock (GDR), Sopot (Poland), Bratislava (CSSR). Studio singer for smaller productions
  • 1984–1985: Singer in the vocal trio "Rose, Paul & Gerry"
  • 1985–1987: Participation in Eurovsions CH eliminations:
    • "Gioventù" ( Nella Martinetti ): 4th place (with Rose, Paul & Gerry)
    • "Amore Mio" (Nella Martinetti): 2nd place (as Paul Monte)
    • "Questa Vita" (Renato Mascetti): 6th place (as Paul Monte)
  • 1991–1998: Singer in various short-term band projects
  • since 1998: Singer of "Schmidhauser & Gass" and "Schmidhauser & Gass + Colombo" (Country)
  • since 2000: singer / guitarist of the unplugged trio “MFD” (Music to the Fire of the Day) and as a solo performer (vocals / guitar)
  • 2003–2011: Singer in the rock band "SCHMIDHAUSER"
  • 2005: First performance of the musical "Oel in Otelfingen" (idea, text, music, production by Paul Schmidhauser)
  • 2014: Singer in the dialect rock band "Schmidhauser & Gass-Band" (together with son Emilio (guitar) and Stefan Gass (piano))


  • 1980: Single "Workin '(is killing our love)" by the rock group SKIN (MS 125)
  • 1980: Single "Skintroduction / 1000 Miles" by the rock group SKIN (MS 128)
  • 1982: LP "Skin-Fizz" by the rock group SKIN (MOR 32020)
  • 1985 single "Gioventù" by Rose, Paul + Gerry (Gold Records 13013)
  • 1985 single “Good-bye my love” by Rose, Paul + Gerry (Gold Record 10130)
  • 1985 single “Berühr 'mich / Du bist die Sonne” by Rose, Paul + Gerry (Gold Records 10135)
  • 1986 LP "Touch me" by Rose, Paul + Gerry (Gold Records 11254)
  • 1989: Solo CD "My Way to Rock It": 12 original compositions, produced by Jürg Peterhans, with ( Polo Hofer's ) Butter Band. (Mistral 70045)
  • 1993: Solo CD "Coming Back for More": 11 original compositions, produced by Georges Walther ( Pepe Lienhard Band) (BRR002)
  • 1995: Dialect CD "Oteljam" by "Oteljam" (BRR004)
  • 1999: CD "Tribute to Collin Raye (The Ballads)" by Schmidhauser & Gass (BRR005)
  • 2003: Solo CD "LA Tracks": 13 original compositions, produced with world-class musicians in Los Angeles (Chuck Kavooras, Gary Mallaber, Jeff JD Daniel, Ralph Carter) (BRR006)
  • 2014: CD "Achtibahn" from Schmidhauser & Gass (BRR007): 17 Swiss-German pop rock songs from our own kitchen
  • 2014: CD "Happy Birthday, liebe TVO" by Schmidhauser & Gass (BRR008) (commissioned for the Otelfingen gymnastics club)

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