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Peter Bayerlein (born May 1, 1944 in Nuremberg ), full name: Peter Michael Bayerlein , is a German prehistoric archaeologist and historian.


Bayerlein studied Prehistory and Protohistory, Medieval and Modern History and Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg . In 1980 he successfully completed this course with a doctorate . In his dissertation he coined the term Oberlauterbach Group (about 4900-4500 BC) for a culture of the Neolithic (Neolithic). Finds for this were assigned to different groups up to then.

He chose the name based on the term Oberlauterbacher Gruppe used in 1936 by the Munich prehistorian Ferdinand Birkner (1868–1944) . In Oberlauterbach (Landshut district) in Lower Bavaria, the prehistorians Ferdinand Birkner and Gero von Merhart from Munich carried out excavations in 1913 and 1914 after they encountered prehistoric pits while growing hops.

Following his studies, Bayerlein got a job at the Wiesbaden Museum , where he worked until 1981. That year he moved to the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo . He held this office until 1986.

Since 1986 he has worked as a book author and freelance journalist and has lived in Mainz since 1995 .

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