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Map from 1729 labeled Grain Coast
1725 map labeled Grain Coats

Pepper Coast ( english Pepper Coast ), often Grain Coast (for grain Coast ) or Rice Coast (for rice coast ) is the historical name of a coastal area in West Africa and includes the coast of present-day states of Liberia and Sierra Leone , in addition to some sources for parts of Senegal . She was known for slavery in West Africa .

Origin of name

The coast got its name from the grains of paradise growing there , also known as Guinea pepper , but also called Malagetta pepper or Melegueta pepper - a type of ginger that was used in earlier times in Europe as a substitute for expensive pepper. Hence the coast was also called the Malaguetta Coast . In English these grains of paradise are also called "Grain of Paradise", from which the name Graincoast can be derived. The area was also known for growing rice .

The Ivory Coast , the Gold Coast and the Slave Coast joined the Pepper Coast in European parlance during the discovery and colonial times . The entire Guinea coast was named after the products that were of interest to European traders there.

A common name for this stretch of coast is Windwards Coast ("coast of the headwind").

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