Horse head amphora

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Decor of a horse head amphora in the State Collections of Antiquities in Munich , Inv. 1362 to 550 BC Chr.

A group of abdominal amphorae is known as a horse head amphora . Were produced in Athens . This is to bulbous vessels on both sides black- horse protomes in recessed rectangular frames show. In one single case, a woman's head can be seen on one side. In contrast to other early abdominal amphorae , the painters here dispensed with a neck frieze. There are over 100 known amphorae painted by different artists, including less talented painters.

These amphorae had a very specific function, which has not yet been clarified. Some researchers assumed that these were grave vases, but their use as tombs is in no way certain. If this interpretation is correct, one must see in the horses the Hades horses or the horses of Poseidon , if one accepts Poseidon in his function as god of the underworld. Another possibility is that the vases served as a victory prize. According to Erika Simon , it is also possible that the horse head amphorae were consecrated objects of the Attic equestrian nobility. The horse's head could therefore have served as a status symbol. According to John D. Beazley , these vases did not even belong to the repertoire of Athenian artists for half a century. A stylistic development cannot be determined. It is possible that these amphorae were the forerunners of the Panathenaic price amphorae .

Various painters of horse head amphorae have been named with names derived from them, such as the painter of the Aachen horse head or the Tokyo Horse Head Group .


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