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Kulturgeschichte der Antiken Welt is a series of non-fiction books published from 1977 to 2008 on primarily archaeological and cultural-historical topics from Verlag Philipp von Zabern , which consists of 118 volumes and numerous special volumes.

In terms of content, the book series covers the entire spectrum of human history from the Stone Age to the end of antiquity and its reception . In some respects, the series extends to medieval and early modern themes. The focus is on classical antiquity, but Egyptological and ancient oriental topics are also an important part of the series. The spectrum of publications ranges from scientific textbooks (such as the works of John Boardman ) to dictionaries , encyclopedias, bibliographies and non-fiction books for the wider public, to travel guides and novels .

Most of the works were written specifically for the series and published there for the first time, but translations have also been included. The first volume in the series, John Boardman's Black-Figure Vases from Athens from 1979, was a translation from English . In addition to the numbered volumes in the series, a number of special volumes were also published.

Tape directory

tape title Authors / Editors Current (first) edition Remarks ISBN
1 Black-figure vases from Athens. A manual John Boardman 4/1994 (1977) Translation of the English original Athenian black figure vases by Florens Felten ISBN 3-8053-0233-9
2 Ancient numismatics. Part 1: Theory and Practice Maria R.-Alfoldi 1978 ISBN 3-8053-0230-4
3 Ancient numismatics. Part 2: Bibliography Maria R.-Alfoldi 2/1982 (1978) ISBN 3-8053-0335-1
4th Red-figure vases from Athens. The archaic time John Boardman 4/1994 (1981) Translation of the English original Athenian Red Figure Vases: The Archaic Period by Florens Felten ISBN 3-8053-0234-7
5 Greek sculpture. The archaic time. A manual John Boardman (1981) Translation of the English original Greek sculpture by Gertraut Hornbostel ISBN 3-8053-0346-7
6th Hieroglyphs with no secret. An introduction to ancient Egyptian writing Karl-Theodor Zauzich 1980 Published by the Association for the Promotion of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin-Charlottenburg eV ISBN 3-8053-0470-6
7th From the Bosphorus to Ararat. Travel and find reports from Asia Minor Friedrich Karl Dörner (editor) 2/1984 (1981) also writings of the Hermann Bröckelschen Foundation. Vol. 5 ISBN 3-8053-0417-X
8th Our daily Greek. German words of Greek origin Friedrich Richter 1981 with an archaeological contribution by Wilhelm Hornbostel / reissued as volume 88 ISBN 3-8053-0464-1
9 The Augur's Daughter. From the life of the Etruscans Sybille Haynes 1981 historical novel ISBN 3-8053-0463-3
10 Hittite mountain gods and Hurrian stone demons. Rites, cults and myths. An introduction to ancient Asia Minor religious ideas Volkert Haas 1982 ISBN 3-8053-0542-7
11 The immortal obelisks of Egypt Labib Habachi New edition 2000 (1982) Translation of the English original Obelisks of Egypt by Irmgard von Beckerath / adaptation of the new edition by Carola Vogel ISBN 3-8053-0581-8 / ISBN 3-8053-2658-0
12 From the ancient vineyards. Wine in poetry, customs and everyday life Gerd Hagenow 1982 ISBN 3-8053-0589-3
13 Greek art and the discovery of freedom Denys Haynes 1981 ISBN 3-8053-0557-5
14th The family in ancient Greece Walter K. Lacey 1983 Translation of the English original The family in classical Greece by Ute Winter; German adaptation by Barbara Schaeffer ISBN 3-8053-0543-5
15th Reunion with Argos and other news about dogs in ancient times Jost Perfahl (Editor) 1983 ISBN 3-8053-0757-8
16 The Importance of Greek Art in Understanding the Gospel Karl Schefold 1983 ISBN 3-8053-0639-3
17th Ancient wildlife Jocelyn MC Toynbee 1983 Translation of the English original Animals in Roman life and art by Maria R.-Alföldi and Detlef Misslbeck ISBN 3-8053-0481-1
18th The child in Greek art. From the Minoan-Mycenaean period to Hellenism Hilde Rühfel 1984 ISBN 3-8053-0808-6
19th Children's life in classical Athens. Pictures on classic vases Hilde Rühfel 1984 ISBN 3-8053-0794-2
20th Defense and weapons in ancient Greece Anthony M. Snodgrass 1984 Translation of the English original Arms and armor of the Greeks by Andrea Büsing-Kolbe ; Foreword and editing by Andrea Büsing-Kolbe ISBN 3-8053-0533-8
21st Manna and Millet. A cultural history of nutrition Patricia Brothwell , Don R. Brothwell 1984 Translation of the English original Food in antiquity by Detlef Misslbeck ISBN 3-8053-0536-2
22nd Ancient and modern Greece Erika Simon (Editor) Roland Hampe 1984 ISBN 3-8053-0802-7
23 Thanatos. Death and the afterlife with the Greeks Donna C. Kurtz , John Boardman 1985 Translation of the English original Greek burial customs by Maria Buchholz; Foreword and editing by Hans-Günter Buchholz ISBN 3-8053-0539-7
24 Artists and craftsmen in Greece and Rome Alison Burford 1985 Translation of the English original Craftsmen in Greek and Roman society by Wassiliki Felten ISBN 3-8053-0538-9
25th Roman festivals. Calendar and cult Howard Hayes Scullard 1985 Translation of the English original Festivals and ceremonies of the Roman Republic by Maria Buchholz; Foreword by Hans-Günter Buchholz ISBN 3-8053-0555-9
26th Women of the 13th century BC Chr. Hermann Müller-Karpe 1985 ISBN 3-8053-0837-X
27 Greek gold jewelry Barbara Deppert-Lippitz 1985 ISBN 3-8053-0479-X
28 / I Art and culture of the Cyclades. Part I: Neolithic and Bronze Age Werner Ekschmitt 1986 ISBN 3-8053-0900-7
28 / II Art and culture of the Cyclades. Part II: Geometric and Archaic Time Werner Ekschmitt 1986 ISBN 3-8053-0842-6
29 Crescent in the last quarter. Archaeological travel reports Theodor Wiegand 1985 Theodor Wiegand's collection of letters and travel reports 1895–1918 ISBN 3-8053-0845-0
30th The Egyptian pyramids. From brick construction to the wonder of the world Rainer Stadelmann 3/1997 (1985) Licensed edition of the scientific book society Darmstadt ISBN 3-8053-0855-8 / ISBN 3-8053-1142-7
31 The world of images of the Greeks. Key to a "foreign" culture Claude Bérard , Jean-Pierre Vernant a . a. 1985 Translation of the French original La cité des images by Ursula Sturzenegger / also as a museum edition ISBN 3-8053-0873-6 / ISBN 3-8053-0881-7 (museum edition)
32 Behind the scenes of antiquity. Carl Humann in memory Frédéric L. Bastet 1985 also writings of the Hermann Bröckelschen Foundation. Vol. 7 / Edited by Friedrich Karl Dörner ; Translation of the Dutch original Wandelingen door de antieke wereld by Eleonore Dörner ISBN 3-8053-0656-3
33 The legions of Augustus. The Roman soldier in the archaeological experiment Marcus Junkelmann 9/2003 (1986) ISBN 3-8053-0886-8
34 The Constantinian ceiling paintings in Trier Erika Simon 1986 also Trier contributions to antiquity. Vol. 3 ISBN 3-8053-0903-1
35 Greek sculpture. The classic time. A manual John Boardman 1987 Translation of the English original Greek sculpture. The classical period by Florens Felten and Wassiliki Felten ISBN 3-8053-0818-3
36 Eros and Tyche. The novel in the ancient world Tomas Hagg 1987 Translation of the Swedish original Den antika romanen by Kai Brodersen ISBN 3-8053-0934-1
37 Roman forts of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD in Britain and in the Germanic provinces of the Roman Empire Anne Johnson 1987 Translation of the English original Roman forts of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD in Britain and the German provinces by Gabriele Schulte-Holtey. Adaptation by Dietwulf Baatz ISBN 3-8053-0868-X
38 Athenian festivals Herbert W. Parke 1987 Editing and translation of the English original Festival of the Athenians by Gertraut Hornbostel ISBN 3-8053-0556-7
39 Laocoon and the founding of Rome Bernard Andreae 1988 ISBN 3-8053-0989-9
40 From Pergamon to Nemrud Dag. The archaeological discoveries of Carl Humann Friedrich Karl Dörner , Eleonore Dörner 1989 also writings of the Hermann Bröckelschen Foundation. Vol. 8 ISBN 3-8053-0998-8
41 The Agora of Athens. Excavations in the heart of classical Athens John M. Camp 1989 Translation of the English original The Athenian agora by Ute Winter ISBN 3-8053-1059-5
42 Were they just beautiful? Women in the mirror of the millennia Bettina Schmitz , Ute Steffgen 1989 ISBN 3-8053-1073-0
43 World models. Greek views of the world from Thales to Ptolemy Werner Ekschmitt 2/1990 (1989) ISBN 3-8053-1092-7
44 The Athenian Trireme. History and reconstruction of a warship from ancient Greece John S. Morrison , John F. Coates 1990 Translation of the English original The Athenian trireme by Wassiliki Felten ISBN 3-8053-1125-7
45 The riders of Rome. Part 1, Travel, Hunt, Triumph and Circus Races Marcus Junkelmann 1990 ISBN 3-8053-1006-4
46 Troy - Homer - Schliemann. Myth and Truth Michael Siebler 1990 ISBN 3-8053-1123-0
47 Red-figure vases from southern Italy and Sicily Arthur D. Trendall 1991 Translation of the English original Red figure vases of South Italy and Sicily by Norbert P. Kunisch ISBN 3-8053-1111-7
48 Red-figure vases from Athens. The classic time John Boardman 1991 Translation by Constanze Buchbinder-Felten and Florens Felten ISBN 3-8053-1262-8
49 The riders of Rome. Part 2, The Military Use Marcus Junkelmann 1991 ISBN 3-8053-1139-7
50 Ancient humor Karl-Wilhelm Weeber (Editor) 1991 ISBN 3-8053-1246-6
51 Canaan, Israel, Palestine. A walk through the history of the Holy Land Karl Jaroš 1992 ISBN 3-8053-1345-4
52 Our daily Latin. Lexicon of the Latin Language Heritage Bernhard Kytzler , Lutz Redemund 5/1997 (1992) 6th edition as a licensed edition by the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Darmstadt ISBN 3-8053-1296-2
53 The riders of Rome. Part 3, accessories, riding style, armament Marcus Junkelmann 1992 ISBN 3-8053-1288-1
54 ZODIAKOS. Zodiac images in antiquity. Cosmic references and ideas of the hereafter in everyday life in ancient times Hans Georg Gundel 1992 ISBN 3-8053-1324-1
55 It announces Darius the King ... About life in the Persian Empire Heidemarie Koch 2/1996 (1992) ISBN 3-8053-1934-7
56 Trauma. Wound formation and care in ancient Greece Stephanos Geroulanos , René Bridler 1994 ISBN 3-8053-1413-2
57 The garden from antiquity to the Middle Ages Maureen Carroll Spillecke 2/1995 (1992) ISBN 3-8053-1355-1
58 Ugarit - Qumran - Nag Hámmadi. The great finds from the Bible Werner Ekschmitt 1993 ISBN 3-8053-1424-8
59 Urartu. The empire on Mount Ararat Ralf-Bernhard Wartke 1993 ISBN 3-8053-1483-3
60 In search of the lost grave. New excavations of lost and unknown tombs from the time of Tutankhamun and Ramses II in Memphis Geoffrey T. Martin 1994 Translation of the English original The hidden tombs of Memphis by Ute Winter ISBN 3-8053-1615-1
61 Pompeii. Cityscape and lifestyle Paul Zanker 1995 ISBN 3-8053-1685-2
62 Picture and word. The illustrated textbook in ancient science, medicine and technology Alfred Stückelberger 1994 ISBN 3-8053-1698-4
63 Roots of belief. For the development of the conception of God by Jews, Christians and Muslims Karl Jaroš 1995 ISBN 3-8053-1703-4
64 The language of the pharaohs. Large concise dictionary of Egyptian-German (2800 - 950 BC) Rainer Hannig 2/1987 (1995) also Hannig-Lexica. Vol. 1 ISBN 3-8053-1771-9
65 The other Sparta Conrad M. Stibbe 1996 Translation of the Dutch original by Herbert Post ISBN 3-8053-1804-9
66 "On the pear tree". Gardens and parks in ancient Rome, the Vesuvius cities and Ostia Bernard Andreae 1996 ISBN 3-8053-1854-5
67 Painting and mosaic of the ancient world in Turkey Orhan Bingöl 1997 ISBN 3-8053-1880-4
68 Minima Archaeologica Nikolaus Himmelmann 1996 ISBN 3-8053-1893-6
69 Lord of both countries. Egypt in the 1st millennium BC Chr. Karol Myśliwiec 1998 Translation from Polish by Tadeusz Kachlak ISBN 3-8053-1966-5
70 Fishing and fish cult in ancient Egypt Dietrich Sahrhage 1998 ISBN 3-8053-1757-3
71 Esther. Story of a legend Karl Jaroš 1996 ISBN 3-8053-1913-4
72 Pharaohs vocabulary in subject groups. Culture manual of Egypt Rainer Hannig , Petra Vomberg 1998 also Hannig-Lexica. Vol. 2 ISBN 3-8053-2543-6
73 Minoan pottery. The painted clay vessels of the island of Minos Wolfgang Schiering 1998 ISBN 3-8053-2334-4
74 Archaeological guide through Portugal Thomas G. Schattner (Editor) 1998 Archaeological guide ISBN 3-8053-2313-1
75 Panis militaris. The food of the Roman soldier or the raw material of power Marcus Junkelmann 1997 Awarded the 1998 Ceram Prize ISBN 3-8053-2332-8
76 Icarus flies on. Origin and reception of winged words and language images Christoph Müller 2000 ISBN 3-8053-2607-6
77 Beauty of realism. Client, creator, observer of Hellenistic sculpture Bernard Andreae 1998 ISBN 3-8053-2348-4
78 The Religious Content of Ancient Art and Revelation Karl Schefold 1998 ISBN 3-8053-2351-4
79 The return of the classic to the Levant. Modern architecture and minorities Anton Bammer 2001 ISBN 3-8053-2743-9
80 Greek sculpture. The late classical period and sculpture in colonies and collections. A manual John Boardman 1998 Translation of the English original Greek sculpture by Ute Winter and Sabine Albersmeier ISBN 3-8053-2446-4
81 Image and imagery of the Roman emperors. Examples and analyzes Maria R.-Alfoldi 1999 ISBN 3-8053-2455-3
82 The birth of the gods and the confinement of women Angelika Dierichs 2002 ISBN 3-8053-2815-X
83 The Solomonic Temple Wolfgang Zwickel 1999 ISBN 3-8053-2466-9
84 The people of the Bible. From the beginning to the Babylonian exile Benedikt SJ Isserlin 2001 Translation of the English original The Israelites by Brigitte Jaroš-Deckert ISBN 3-8053-2713-7
85 Jacob Burckhardt and Antiquity Peter Betthausen , Max Kunze (editor) 1998 ISBN 3-8053-2514-2
86 The language of the pharaohs. Large handbook German-Egyptian Rainer Hannig 2000 also Hannig-Lexica. Vol. 3 ISBN 3-8053-2609-2
87 From the homeland of Odysseus. Travelers, excavations and finds on Ithaca and Kephallenia up to the end of the 19th century Matthias Steinhart , Eckhard Wirbelauer 2002 With a foreword by Hans-Joachim Gehrke ISBN 3-8053-2835-4
88 Our daily Greek. Lexicon of the Greek Language Heritage Bernhard Kytzler , Lutz Redemund , Nikolaus Eberl , Elke Steinmeyer 2001 Completely new version of volume 8 and extension by almost 1000 pages ISBN 3-8053-2816-8
89 From hieroglyphs to the alphabet. New knowledge about the origin of our writing Karl Theodor Zauzich 2005 ISBN 3-8053-2803-6
90 How the marmots learned to mumble. 77 new word stories Klaus Bartels 2001 ISBN 3-8053-2794-3
91 Akhenaten. Egypt's false prophet Nicholas Reeves 2002 Translation of the English original by Brigitte Jaroš-Deckert ISBN 3-8053-2828-1
92 Gods, gifts, rituals. Religion in the Early History of Europe Felix Müller 2002 ISBN 3-8053-2801-X
93 In matters of Pontius Pilate Karl Jaroš 2002 ISBN 3-8053-2876-1
94 Hollywood's dream of Rome. “Gladiator” and the tradition of the monumental film Marcus Junkelmann 2004 ISBN 3-8053-2905-9
95 Hattuschili and Ramses. Hittites and Egyptians - their long way to peace Horst Klengel 2002 ISBN 3-8053-2917-2
96 The Persians and the West. An archaeological study on the development of Achaemenid art John Boardman 2002 Translation of the English original by Brigitte Jaroš-Deckert ISBN 3-8053-2919-9
97 Egypt and the foreigners in the first millennium BC Günter Vittmann 2003 ISBN 3-8053-2955-5
98 Egyptian Dictionary I. Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period Rainer Hannig 2003 also Hannig-Lexica. Vol. 4 ISBN 3-8053-3088-X
99 How Berenike came to the vernissage. 77 word stories Klaus Bartels 3/2004 (2004) ISBN 3-8053-3330-7
100 Truffle pigs in the potato field. 77 new word stories Klaus Bartels 2003 ISBN 3-8053-3262-9
101 In the beginning there was Egypt. The history of the Pharaonic high culture from the early days to the end of the New Kingdom approx. 4000-1070 BC. Chr. Michael Höveler-Müller 2005 ISBN 3-8053-3444-3
102 Veni vidi vici. Winged words from Greek and Latin Klaus Bartels 2006 ISBN 3-8053-3553-9
103 The oasis man. An ancient Egyptian story Dieter Kurth 2003 ISBN 3-8053-3084-7
104 Life pictures of Roman women Andrea Rottloff 2005 ISBN 3-8053-3546-6
105 N / A 200? ISBN
106 Death in rome. Grave inscriptions as a mirror of Roman life Anne Kolb , Joachim Fugmann 2008 ISBN 978-3-8053-3483-9
107 Internet à la Scipio. New highlights from antiquity Klaus Bartels 2004 ISBN 3-8053-3383-8
108 Cultural history of the Etruscans Sybille Haynes 2005 Edited translation of the English original Etruscan civilization by Sybille Haynes ISBN 3-8053-3381-1
109 Jewelry as a badge of rank in Roman times. Eunuchs at the Byzantine court Maria R.-Alfoldi 2005 ISBN 3-8053-3475-3
110 Coins, Powers and Patrons. 2000 years of money in the city and state of Mainz Eckhart Pick 2005 ISBN 3-8053-3477-X
111 Greek animal stories in ancient art Harald Mielsch 2005 ISBN 3-8053-3548-2
112 Egyptian Dictionary II: Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period Rainer Hannig 2006 also Hannig-Lexica. Vol. 5 ISBN 3-8053-3690-X
113 The Romans among the Eskimos and other satirises on science Werner Hilgers 2006 ISBN 3-8053-3617-9
114 Women and snakes. The mysterious culture of the Elamites in ancient Iran Heidemarie Koch 2007 ISBN 978-3-8053-3737-3
115 "Stronger than men and braver than knights". Pilgrims in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Andrea Rottloff 2007 ISBN 978-3-8053-3766-3
116 Image worlds of the Bronze Age. Rock paintings in Northern Germany and Scandinavia Torsten Capelle 2008 ISBN 978-3-8053-3833-2
117 Heroes • Gods • Charlatans. Expectations of salvation and saviors of antiquity Günter Grimm 2008 ISBN 978-3-8053-3836-3
118 The pig in the china shop. 77 new word stories Klaus Bartels 2008 ISBN 978-3-8053-3914-8

Special books

title Authors / Editors Current (first) edition Remarks ISBN
The sundial of Augustus Edmund Buchner 1982 Reprint from Römische Mitteilungen 1976 and 1980 and epilogue about the excavation in 1980/81 ISBN 3-8053-0430-7
Homer : The Odyssey Eva Jantzen 1982 With drawings based on antique motifs by Brinna Otto ISBN 3-8053-0531-1
The house of Augustus on the Palatine Hill Gianfilippo Carettoni 1983 With color photos by Helmuth Nils Loose ISBN 3-8053-0755-1
Excavations, finds, research German Archaeological Institute 1983 ISBN 3-8053-0758-6
The seven world wonders. Their edification, destruction and rediscovery Werner Ekschmitt 10/1996 (1984) ISBN 3-8053-0784-5
1000 years of Cairo. The story of an enchanted city Oleg V. Volkoff 1984 Original: Le Caire neuf cent soixante-neuf (1969) ISBN 3-8053-0535-4
Dionysus the Redeemer. Greek myths in late ancient Cyprus Viktor Andrzej Daszewski 1985 also Trier contributions to antiquity. Vol. 2 ISBN 3-8053-0847-7
Greek life in the mirror of art Roland Hampe , Erika Simon 1985 ISBN 3-8053-0839-6
Pegasus. A myth in art Nikolas Yalouris 1987 Translation of the original P¯egasos by Helen Zigada ISBN 3-8053-0890-6
Pottery in Cyprus then - today * Traditional pottery in Cyprus Gloria London , Frosso Egoumenidou , Vassos Karageorghis 1989 German and English / translation of the English original Traditional pottery in Cyprus by Karin Krull ISBN 3-8053-1028-5
The Cyclades. Bronze Age, Geometric and Archaic Age Werner Ekschmitt 1993 ISBN 3-8053-1533-3