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Marcus Junkelmann (born October 3, 1949 in Munich ) is a German historian and experimental archaeologist .

Marcus Junkelmann grew up in Lustheim Castle near Oberschleißheim and graduated from the Dom-Gymnasium Freising in 1969 . From 1971 he studied Ancient History , Medieval History and New History at the University of Munich , where he started his thesis “Waterloo. An investigation into the history of war ”passed the master’s examination and received his doctorate as a general under Hans Schmidt in 1979 with a thesis on the subject of Elector Max Emanuel of Bavaria . He then worked on the exhibition “ Wittelsbach and Bavaria” (1980), assistant at the chair for history didactics in Munich and worked at the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt .

Since 1984 Junkelmann has made a name for himself as a freelance military historian and experimental archaeologist at Ratzenhofen Castle. Together with other interested parties, he reconstructed the weapons and equipment of the Roman legionaries and tested them in practical experiments. With actions such as the crossing of the Alps on the occasion of the 2000th anniversary of Augsburg in 1985 with the methods and equipment of the Roman infantry, he became known nationwide, television documentaries and videos were produced about it. Junkelmann evaluated his experiments in various books on this subject. From 1988 Junkelmann also dealt with the Roman cavalry and also experimented with reconstructed antique equipment and riding styles during his Limes rides between the North Sea and the Danube.

Junkelmann has reconstructed and tested numerous pieces of equipment used by Roman infantry and cavalry as well as gladiators for museums such as the Limes Museum in Aalen , the Westphalian Roman Museum in Haltern , the Xanten Archaeological Park , the Provinciaal Museum Nijmegen and the Carnuntum Archeology Park . He lectures and organizes practical demonstrations for his employees in museums, archaeological parks, universities and schools. Junkelmann now lives as a freelance historian and writer near Mainburg in Lower Bavaria.


  • 1997 Ceram Prize of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn for the best archaeological non-fiction book (for " Panis militaris ")
  • 2006 “Favorite Book” award from the Austrian book trade in the youth non-fiction category (for “ What is what: Gladiators ”)
  • 2011 Rainer Christlein Medal of the Society for Archeology in Bavaria
  • 2012 Bavarian Order of Merit



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Film scripts

  • Pictures from the German past. The German Soldier (Bayerischer Rundfunk, 1986 - numerous repetitions)
  • The Roman treasure of Sorviodurum. The Gäubodenmuseum Straubing (State Office for Non-State Museums / Bavarian Radio, 1994)
  • Dishes with a story. Roman cuisine in old Bavaria . Film by Werner Teufl and Dr. Marcus Junkelmann (Bavarian TV, 2000 - also as video)

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