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Was ist what (own spelling: WAS IST WAS ) is the best-known brand of Tessloff Verlag and originally stood for a series of non-fiction books for children and young people . In addition, there were and are not only the well-known books, but also knowledge CD-ROMs , a knowledge portal on the Internet , what-is-what CD audio games, Nintendo DS games and a television program of the same name . In the English-speaking world, the name of the brand is How & Why .


The Tessloff Verlag with the brand Was ist Was at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

In 1959 the Tessloff Verlag acquired the German rights to the title How & Why and in 1961 brought out the first four issues under the title Was ist was as a monthly magazine. These could be purchased at the kiosk or in newsagents. Up to 1963, 24 issues of the series had appeared in this format. The first hardcover versions did not appear in bookshops until 1963, and they were also the first non-fiction books for children and young people in Germany. The Was ist was brand has now appeared in over 45 languages ​​and in over 100 countries.

In the early 2000s years was What's what multimedia and created the knowledge portal wasistwas.de the Internet . In 2001 the television series Was ist Was TV began with the main actors Theo, Tess and Quentin, the inquisitive question mark, the brave exclamation mark and the lively point. Since then, radio plays, special editions, puzzles, quiz blocks and various sets of globes have been brought onto the market.

With the series Was ist was Junior for 4- to 7-year-old children from 2007 and Was ist was mini from 2010 to 2016 for children from 3 years of age, the publisher expanded the brand's target age group.

Quiz apps came onto the market in 2011, followed a year later by selected volumes from the Was ist was and Was ist was mini series as e-books .

The Was-ist-was magazine was published by Egmont Ehapa Verlag between 2009 and 2012 . Since July 2013 a new was-ist-was magazine has been published every two months (from January 2017 to six weeks) by Blue Ocean Entertainment .

From 2013 to 2017 published by Tessloff Verlag Was ist was Junior books with Ting audio pen . By tapping the so-called Ting audio pen , sounds and explanations matching the images and texts were played and were intended to give the books the character of a radio play . In spring 2016 Tessloff started with Was ist was Kindergarten , the successor to Was ist was mini , a new series of books for children aged 3 and over.

The Was ist Was First Reading series has been supplementing the publishing program since June 2018. The text and design of the books are tailored to the needs of first-time readers.

The digital audio pen BOOKii developed by Tessloff Verlag has been available since July 2018 . BOOKii is intended to offer complementary digital content to children's books from the Tessloff program, including, for example, funny dialogues, atmospheric noises, interactive games and a reading function.

Book series

The classic book series is aimed at children aged 8 to 12 and explains topics from the fields of history , biology , science and technology to them . All volumes in the book series do not exceed 48 pages and are updated regularly. The title and cover designs have also changed over the years. Volume 3, Energy , was called atomic energy when it was published in the 1960s and - as is typical of the time - also had nuclear energy as the sole topic; the book was only rewritten in a later edition. The title of Volume 38 was Prehistoric Mammals in the first editions , but was changed to Mammals of Prehistoric Times in the mid-1990s . Since October 2013 the volumes have been redesigned in terms of content and design.

List of current volumes (as of July 2020):

tape title author ISBN Previous titles Former authors
1 Our earth : the blue planet Karl Urban ISBN 978-3-7886-2035-6 Our earth Felix Sutton, Rainer Köthe
2 the man Signe Seiler, Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0242-0 Martin Keen
3 Energy : what drives the world Laura Hennemann ISBN 978-3-7886-2031-8 Atomic energy
Donald Barr , Erich Übelacker
4th chemistry Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0244-4 Martin Keen
5 Great Explorers : Your Travels and Adventures Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2071-4 Explorers and their travels Irving Robbin, Rainer Köthe
6th Stars : wonders of the universe Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2042-4 The stars Heinz Haber
7th Weather : sun , wind and cloudburst Karsten Schwanke ISBN 978-3-7886-2058-5 The weather George Bonsall, Rainer Crummenerl
8th Microscope : what remains hidden from the eye Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2096-7 The microscope and what it shows
The microscope
Martin Keen, Rainer Köthe
9 The primitive man Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0249-9 Donald Barr
10 Airplanes : the dream of flying Martin Kaluza ISBN 978-3-7886-2057-8 Aviation
Aviation and Aviation
Harold Joseph Highland, Rudolf Braunburg , Achim Figgen
11 Dogs : heroes on four paws Christine Paxmann ISBN 978-3-7886-2041-7 dogs Irving Robbin
12 mathematics Hans Reichardt ISBN 978-3-7886-0252-9 Esther Harris Highland, Harold Joseph Highland, Wolfgang Blum
13 Wild animals : Untamed in the wild Christine Paxmann ISBN 978-3-7886-2050-9 Wild animals Martin Keen, Gerhard Hartmann
14th Sunken cities Rainer Crummenerl ISBN 978-3-7886-0254-3 Irving Robbin
15th Dinosaurs : In the realm of the giant lizards Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2029-5 dinosaur Darlene Geis, Joachim Oppermann
16 Planets and space travel : expedition into space Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2038-7 Planets and space travel Harold Joseph Highland, Erich Ubelacker
17th Light and color Roger Erb ISBN 978-3-7886-0257-4 Light and color Joseph Highland
18th The wild west Signe Seiler ISBN 978-3-7886-0258-1 The fight for the Wild West Felix Sutton
19th Bees and wasps : liquid gold and sharp sting Alexandra Rigos ISBN 978-3-7886-2072-1 Wonderful world of bees and ants
Bees and ants
Bees, wasps and ants
Alexandra Rigos , Ronald N. Rood
20th Reptiles and amphibians : gecko , common frog and monitor lizard Alexandra Rigos ISBN 978-3-7886-2053-0 Reptiles and amphibians Robert Mathewson, Manfred Niekisch
21st The moon : enigmatic and powerful Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2073-8 The moon Felix Sutton, Erich Ubelacker
22nd The time Erich Ubelacker ISBN 978-3-7886-0262-8 The time Gene Liberty
23 architecture Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0263-5 From the cave to the skyscraper Irving Robbin
24 Electricity : megavolts and superconductors Laura Hennemann ISBN 978-3-7886-2051-6 electricity Jerome J. Notkin, Sidney Gulkin, Hans Reichardt
25th Ships : from dugout canoes to ocean liners Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2048-6 From dugout canoe to nuclear ship Arnold Kludas
26th Wildflowers Heike Herrmann, Andreas Zeugner ISBN 978-3-7886-0266-6 Wild flowers Grace F. Ferguson
27 Horses : From cheeky foals and wild mustangs Silke Behling ISBN 978-3-7886-2030-1 Horses Margaret Cabell Self, Kerstin Neumann
28 Acoustics Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0268-0 The world of sound Martin Keen
29 Sciences Falk Muller ISBN 978-3-7886-0269-7 Famous Scientists Jean Bethell
30th Insects : survivors on six legs Alexandra Rigos ISBN 978-3-7886-2108-7 insects Ronald N. Rood
31 Trees Hannelore Kurth-Gilsenbach ISBN 978-3-7886-0271-0 Geoffrey Coe
32 Oceanography Rainer Crummenerl ISBN 978-3-7886-0272-7 Robert Scharff
33 Mushrooms Heike Herrmann ISBN 978-3-7886-0273-4 Mushrooms, ferns and mosses Amy Elisabeth Jensen, Andreas Zeugner
34 Deserts : nomads , oases and endless expanses Alexandra Become ISBN 978-3-7886-2091-2 Deserts Felix Sutton, Harald Lange
35 Inventions : genius and a flash of inspiration Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2074-5 Inventions that changed our world Irvin Robbin
36 Polar regions : life in icy worlds Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2100-1 The polar
regions polar regions
Irvin Robbin, Joachim Mallwitz
37 Computers and robots Peter Clausen ISBN 978-3-7886-0277-2 Robots and electronic brains Robert Scharff
38 Mammals of the past Christian Spaeth ISBN 978-3-7886-0278-9 Prehistoric mammals Martin Keen
39 magnetism Otto Lührs ISBN 978-3-7886-0279-6 Martin Keen
40 Birds : acrobats of the air Alexandra Become ISBN 978-3-7886-2075-2 Birds Robert Mathewson, Heinrich Hoerschelmann
41 Pisces : wonder world in the water Nicolai Shiravsky ISBN 978-3-7886-2076-9 fishes Geoffrey Coe
42 Indians : The indigenous people of North America Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2087-5 Indians Felix Sutton, Signe Seiler
43 Butterflies : magical and colorful Nicole Röndigs ISBN 978-3-7886-2077-6 Butterflies Ronald N. Rood, Hannelore Kurth-Gilsenbach
44 The Bible - The Old Testament Reimar Gilsenbach ISBN 978-3-7886-0284-0 The old testament Gilbert Klaperman,
45 Minerals and rocks : sparkling treasures Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2036-3 Minerals and rocks Walter Hähnel, Werner Buggisch , Christian Buggisch
46 mechanics Karl Pichol ISBN 978-3-7886-2860-4 Jerome Notkin, Sidney Gulkin, Karl Pichol
47 electronics Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-2870-3 Martin Keen, Heinz Bahr
48 Air and water Rainer Crummenerl ISBN 978-3-7886-2880-2 Martin Keen, Claire Cooper Cunniff
49 Sports Elmar Brümmer, Jürgen Zeyer ISBN 978-3-7886-2890-1 athletics Helmut Sohre, Jan Krebs, Paul Nienhaus
50 The human body : a miracle of nature Sabrina Rachlé ISBN 978-3-7886-2032-5 Our bodies: from cells to humans Wolfgang Tarnowski , Katrin Tarnowski, Kirsten Bleich, Stefan Bleich
51 Mussels , snails , octopuses Dietmar Mertens ISBN 978-3-7886-2910-6 Mussels and snails Walter Hähnel
52 Postage stamps Hans Reichardt ISBN 978-3-7886-2920-5 Wolfgang Maassen
53 Cars : PS , hybrids and turbo stars Bernd Flessner ISBN 978-3-7886-2078-3 The car Heinz Reichardt, Thomas Brandenburg
54 The railroad : on rails into the future Bernd Flessner ISBN 978-3-7886-2079-0 The railroad Heinz Reichardt, Ursula Bartelsheim
55 The Ancient Rome : world power of antiquity Anne Funck, Sabine Hojer ISBN 978-3-7886-2033-2 The ancient Rome Brenda Ralph Lewis
56 Extinct and threatened animals Dietmar Mertens ISBN 978-3-7886-0296-3 Extinct animals John Burton, Hannelore Gilsenbach
57 Volcanoes : fire from the deep Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2044-8 Volcanoes Roy Woodcock, Rainer Köthe
58 Vikings : Northmen at sea Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2099-8 The Vikings Brenda Ralph Lewis, Hildegard Elsner
59 Cats : nimble hunters on velvet paws Jutta Aurahs ISBN 978-3-7886-2059-2 Cats Angela King, Rainer Köthe
60 The crusades Manfred Vasold ISBN 978-3-7886-0300-7 The crusades Brenda Ralph Lewis
61 Pyramids Hans Reichardt ISBN 978-3-7886-0401-1
62 The Teutons Hildegard Elsner ISBN 978-3-7886-0402-8 Hans Reichardt
63 photography Monica Beurer ISBN 978-3-7886-0403-5 Photo, film, television Hans Reichardt
64 The ancient Greeks : gods, heroes , poets Claire Singer ISBN 978-3-7886-2064-6 The ancient Greeks Hans Reichardt, Gerhard Fink
65 Ice ages Rainer Crummenerl ISBN 978-3-7886-0405-9 The ice age Hans Reichardt
66 History of medicine Claudia Eberhard-Metzger ISBN 978-3-7886-0406-6 Famous Doctors, Diseases
Conquered Famous Doctors
Hans Reichardt
67 The Great Migration Michael Schmauder ISBN 978-3-7886-0407-3 Hans Reichardt
68 Nature : explore and protect Annette Hackbarth ISBN 978-3-7886-2063-9 Explore and prepare nature Neil Arnold, Andrea Mertiny
69 Fossils : Traces of Life Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2097-4 Fossils: witnesses to the primeval world Hans Reichardt
70 The Ancient Egypt : Golden Empire on the Nile Sabrina Rachlé ISBN 978-3-7886-2039-4 Ancient Egypt Hans Reichardt, Dieter Kurth
71 Pirates : Horrors of the Seas Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2062-2 Pirates Wolfgang Tarnowski , Rainer Crummenerl
72 Pets : Our dearest friends Annette Hackbarth ISBN 978-3-7886-2093-6 Pets Heinz Sielmann
73 Spiders : hunters by a thread Alexandra Rigos ISBN 978-3-7886-2060-8 be crazy Heinz Sielmann
74 Forces of nature : unpredictable and powerful Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2082-0 Natural disasters Hans Reichardt
75 Flags and flags Lioba Schafnitzl, Harry D. Schurdel ISBN 978-3-7886-0415-8 Hans Reichardt
76 The sun Erich Ubelacker ISBN 978-3-7886-0416-5
77 Animal migrations Vitus B. Dröscher ISBN 978-3-7886-0417-2
78 Money : from barter to bitcoin Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2105-6 Coins and Money
Money: From Kauri Snails to Credit Cards
Renate Kingma, Franziska Jungmann-Stadler
79 Modern physics Erich Ubelacker ISBN 978-3-7886-0419-6
80 Animals - how they see , hear and feel Vitus B. Dröscher ISBN 978-3-7886-0420-2
81 The Seven Wonders of the World : Treasures of Antiquity Christine Paxmann ISBN 978-3-7886-2054-7 The seven world wonders Hans Reichardt
82 Gladiators : fighters of the arena Marcus Junkelmann ISBN 978-3-7886-0422-6 Gladiators Wolfgang Tarnowski
83 caves Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0423-3 David E. Portner
84 Mummies Renate Germer ISBN 978-3-7886-0424-0 Wolfgang Tarnowski
85 Whales and dolphins : the gentle giants Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2034-9 Whales and dolphins Petra Deimer
86 Elephants : the gray giants Andrea Weller-Essers ISBN 978-3-7886-2107-0 Elephants Ulrich Sedlag
87 Towers and skyscrapers Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0629-9 Towers
88 Knights : castles , tournaments , noble women Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2056-1 Knight Wolfgang Tarnowski
89 Great apes Vitus B. Dröscher ISBN 978-3-7886-0631-2
90 Rainforest : Earth's green treasure Alexandra Become ISBN 978-3-7886-2043-1 The rainforest Andrea Mertiny
91 Bridges and tunnels Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0633-6 bridges
92 Parrots and parakeets Petra Deimer ISBN 978-3-7886-0634-3
93 The Olympics Jörg Wimmert ISBN 978-3-7886-0635-0 Olympia: From ancient times to modern times Edwin Klein
94 samurai Peter Pantzer ISBN 978-3-7886-0636-7 Samurai: Knights of the Far East Wolfgang Tarnowski
95 Haie : In the realm of the fast hunter Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2052-3 Sharks and rays Vitus B. Dröscher
96 Treasure hunt Norbert von Frankenstein ISBN 978-3-7886-0638-1 Treasure hunt: lost and found treasures
97 Wizards , Witches and Magic Christoph Daxelmüller ISBN 978-3-7886-0639-8 Witches and Witch Mania Wolfgang Tarnowski
98 Criminology : On the trail of the perpetrator Bernd Flessner ISBN 978-3-7886-2109-4 Criminology Rainer Köthe
99 Constellations and zodiac signs Erich Ubelacker ISBN 978-3-7886-0662-6
100 Multimedia and virtual worlds Andreas Schmenk, Arno Wätjen, Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0663-3
101 Clarified and unexplained phenomena Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-0664-0
102 Universe : secrets of the universe Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2094-3 Our cosmos: at the borders of space and time Erich Ubelacker
103 democracy Claus-Peter Hutter ISBN 978-3-7886-0666-4
104 Wolves : In the territory of the gray hunters Till Meyer ISBN 978-3-7886-2055-4 Wolves Erik Zimen
105 Religions : What We Believe In Martina Gorgas ISBN 978-3-7886-2061-5 World religions Jürgen Kehnscherper, Günter Kehnscherper, Annett Hausten, Wolfgang Mochmann
106 Castles : witnesses to the Middle Ages Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2084-4 Castles Hans-Peter von Peschke
107 Penguins Boris Culik ISBN 978-3-7886-0670-1
108 The brain Monika Rößiger ISBN 978-3-7886-0671-8
109 The old China Walter Flemmer ISBN 978-3-7886-0672-5
110 Animals in the zoo Andrea Mertiny ISBN 978-3-7886-0673-2
111 The genes Claudia Eberhard-Metzger ISBN 978-3-7886-0674-9
112 watch TV Herbert Heinzelmann ISBN 978-3-7886-0675-6
113 Europe : people, countries and culture Andrea Weller-Essers ISBN 978-3-7886-2067-7 Europe Ulrike Reisach, Rainer Köthe
114 Fire department : rescuers on duty Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2037-0 fire Department Rainer Crummenerl
115 Bears : grizzly , panda , polar bear Alexandra Mayer ISBN 978-3-7886-2104-9 Bears Udo Gansloßer
116 Music : the wonder world of tones Christine Peham, Laurence Traiger ISBN 978-3-7886-2069-1 Musical instruments Frank P. Bear
117 Farm : animals, plants and machines Annette Hackbarth ISBN 978-3-7886-2065-3 farm Monika Wohlert
118 Middle Ages : The world of emperors , noblemen and farmers Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2046-2 middle Ages Hans-Peter von Peschke
119 Mountains Hanke Huber ISBN 978-3-7886-1506-2
120 Police : patrol , Kripo , SEK Karin Finan ISBN 978-3-7886-2047-9 police Rainer Crummenerl
121 Snakes : hunters with the sixth sense Nicolai Shiravsky ISBN 978-3-7886-2049-3 snakes Dietmar Mertens
122 Bionics Martin Zeuch ISBN 978-3-7886-1509-3
123 Popes Richard Niedermeier ISBN 978-3-7886-1510-9
124 Mining : Treasures of the Earth Rainer Köthe ISBN 978-3-7886-1511-6
125 Climate : ice ages and climate change Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2110-0 climate Werner Buggisch , Christian Buggisch
126 Germany : discover the country and its people Andrea Weller-Essers ISBN 978-3-7886-2102-5 Germany Sven Lorig
127 nutrition Sonja Floto-tribe ISBN 978-3-7886-1514-7
128 Hamsters , beavers and other rodents Sabine Steghaus-Kovac ISBN 978-3-7886-1516-1
129 Trucks , excavators and tractors Jochen Seifert ISBN 978-3-7886-1517-8
130 Maya , Inca and Aztecs Lars early care, Bernd Schmelz ISBN 978-3-7886-1518-5
131 Predators and other hunters Sabine Steghaus-Kovac ISBN 978-3-7886-1519-2
132 Fashion : what attracts us Christine Paxmann ISBN 978-3-7886-2068-4
133 Secret deep sea : life in eternal darkness Manfred Baur ISBN 978-3-7886-2070-7
134 Forest : More than just trees Annette Hackbarth ISBN 978-3-7886-2088-2
135 Robots : super brains and strong helpers Bernd Flessner ISBN 978-3-7886-2089-9
136 Ants and termites : hardworking builders Alexandra Rigos ISBN 978-3-7886-2090-5
137 Dance : Always in time Christine Paxmann ISBN 978-3-7886-2092-9
138 Stone Age : The Taming of Fire Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2095-0
139 Diving : fascination under water Florian Huber, Uli Kunz ISBN 978-3-7886-2098-1
140 Future : everything is changing Bernd Flessner ISBN 978-3-7886-2103-2
141 Archeology : Treasures of the Past Andrea Schaller ISBN 978-3-7886-2106-3
142 Renewable raw materials : Into the future with plant power Alexandra Become ISBN 978-3-7886-2111-7


According to the principle of the non-fiction book series, various factual topics were dealt with in a child-friendly and media-friendly manner. From 1983 to 1984 there was a 20-minute television broadcast on First German Television , moderated by Heinz Haber . After a break of several years, the concept was revived in a modified form as “Was ist Was TV”. From 2001 to 2009, 52 episodes were produced in two seasons of 30 minutes each.

Radio plays

The radio play series is based on the editions of the television program and was produced with the same voice actors: the narrator and Quentin were voiced by Crock Krumbiegel , the votes for Theo and Tess were given by Jakob Riedl and Anna Carlsson, respectively. From around 2012 the series was formally revised. The series, which consisted of double episodes throughout, has been partially recompiled, whereby it can be seen that the individual titles have been grouped more closely than before on related topics. Since the subjects "cats" and "horses" had been dealt with twice before, a complete double episode was left in the course of the new composition.

episode Title (first edition) Title (new edition)
1 Our earth / the weather Our earth / volcanoes
2 Cars / railways Fascination cars / railways
3 Amphibians and reptiles / sharks Fascination with sharks / coral reefs
4th Knights and castles / Ancient Rome Life of Knights / Mighty Castles
5 Planets and space travel / aviation Space travel / the moon
6th Indians and the Wild West / Volcanoes Sunken Treasures / Adventure Diving
7th Cats / horses Robots & Androids / Supercomputers
8th Dinosaurs / spiders Dinosaurs / Extinct Animals
9 Pirates / ships World of pirates / ships
10 Criminology / Computers and Robots Enigmatic mummies / splendor of the pharaohs
11 Our bodies and brains / mummies Our body / the brain
12 Film and television / moon and cosmos The weather / the seasons
13 Whales & Dolphins / Trees Whales & Dolphins / Secret Deep Sea
14th Football / Formula 1 Football / Formula 1
15th Farm / dogs Farm / dogs
16 Treasure Hunt / Ancient China Treasure Hunt / Ancient China
17th Explorers / polar regions Great explorers / polar regions
18th Middle Ages / Samurai Middle Ages / Samurai
19th Fire brigade / police Fire brigade / police
20th Bears / wolves On the trail of the realm of bears / wolves
21st Gladiators / Teutons Gladiators / Teutons
22nd The sun / energy The sun / energy
23 The rainforest / deserts Sunken Cities / The Seven Wonders of the World
24 Sunken Cities / The Seven Wonders of the World Rainforest / life in the desert
25th Primitive man / ice ages The prehistoric man / ice ages
26th Olympic Games / The ancient Greeks The Olympic Games / The Ancient Greeks
27 Natural disasters / air and water Forces of nature / air and water
28 Penguins / animals in the zoo Penguins / animals in the zoo
29 The stars / the time The stars / the time
30th Wizards and Witches / Phenomena Wizards & Witches / Phenomena
31 Pisces / Oceanography World of fish / wonder of the oceans
32 World religions / The Bible World religions / The Bible
33 Great apes / elephants Great apes / elephants
34 Germany / Europe Germany / Europe
35 Vikings / Great Migration The Vikings / Great Migration
36 Protecting the climate / nature Protecting the climate / nature
37 Insects / bees and ants Insects / bees and ants
38 Sport / nutrition Fit through sport / nutrition
39 Pets / wild animals Pets / wild animals
40 Ancient Egypt / pyramids Ancient Egypt / pyramids
41 Inventions / bionics Inventions / bionics
42 Fantastic animal senses / animal walks Fantastic animal senses / animal walks
43 Musical instruments / acoustics Musical instruments / The world of sounds
44 Economy / money Economy / money
45 Treasures of the earth / crystals Treasures of the earth / crystals
46 Maya & Aztec / Inca Excavators & Tractors / Mechanics
47 Excavators & Tractors / Mechanics Maya & Aztec / Inca
48 Snakes & Lizards / Birds Snakes & Lizards / Birds
49 Adventure caves / fascination with mountains Adventure caves / fascination with mountains
50 Orcas / polar seas Orcas / polar seas
51 Spies & Agents / Criminology Spies & Agents / Criminology
52 The dream of flying / helicopter in action The dream of flying / helicopter in action
53 Understanding cats / in the lion kingdom Understanding cats / in the lion kingdom
54 Wild forests / living soil Wild forests / living soil
55 Cities of the future / skyscrapers Cities of the future / skyscrapers
56 Wonderful horses / equestrian people Mongols Wonderful horses / equestrian people Mongols
57 Journey of the Titanic / Expedition dive boat The Journey of the Titanic / Expedition Dive Boat
58 Expedition to Mars / comets and asteroids Expedition to Mars / comets and asteroids
59 Bees and nature / world of ants Bees and nature / world of ants
60 Origin of life / are we alone in space? Origin of life / are we alone in space?
61 Super smart animals / tricks of the plants Super smart animals / tricks of the plants
62 Food of the future / what the world eats Food of the future / what the world eats
63 World of the Amazon / Adventure Andes World of the Amazon / Adventure Andes
64 Inuit - hunters in the ice / Arctic adventure Inuit - hunters in the ice / Arctic adventure
65 Miracle evolution / Darwin's world tour Miracle evolution / Darwin's world tour
66 Robots and androids / supercomputers

Special editions

The Tessloff publishing names different license rights for special editions . All these special editions are not available in stores, but are sold by the respective partners within a certain period of time. More recent are licenses for the tourism industry, such as B. a WAS IST WAS Wissensschatz Nürnberg or the WAS IST WAS scrapbook Mein Schiff & Meer . The WAS IST WAS Wissensschatz energy detectives was a special edition for the Bavarian State Office for the Environment . There are also some WAS IST WAS junior special editions that appeared as part of the Happy Meal book campaigns at McDonald’s (supported by the Reading Foundation ).

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