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A special edition (also known as a collector's edition or a luxury edition ) is a term mainly used to increase the value of various products. Originally mostly used in works of art , books , prints , music recordings or films , this principle has also been adopted by other industries , such as the automotive industry . The products usually differ from the standard design in one or more special features (extras). In some cases, identical items are also offered at a higher price - in different packaging. But the reverse is also possible. There are products that are simplified or shortened in order to be able to offer them at a lower price. This is a common practice, for example to increase the circulation.

The limited edition, on the other hand, is limited to a limited number of items (number of copies), which can also be very high. It does not have to have any additives, but mostly has them in order to offer added value to the actual product.

Special editions of books

Book editions known as Collectors Edition often appear in limited editions , which are often numbered. Some copies are even hand-bound , hand-signed by the artist or printed by himself.

Special editions are also particularly inexpensive new editions of books that are sold in the modern antique shop . These editions often differ in that they are of less quality ( softcover instead of hardcover , thinner paper, smaller format, etc.)

Special editions of Blurays, DVDs and CDs

Special editions of films, albums and computer games appear again and again. Films are often subsequently improved and offered as an extended version , albums are upgraded with additional music videos and computer games include art books, soundtracks, etc. at. The DVD and Bluray releases of anime in Japan appear almost regularly in a limited edition ( jap. 限定 版 , genteiban ), often without a normal version, although there is no information on the number of copies or only roughly from the "first edition" ( 初 回 版 , shokaiban ) is spoken and the term is mainly aimed at the additional extras.

Special issues of postage stamps and coins

These limited editions of postage stamps and coins are often printed or minted on special occasions. The limitation is due to the fact that with the traditional techniques it was not possible to produce a large number of a movement in the same quality.

Special editions of magazines and newspapers

The special edition of a magazine or newspaper is often referred to as a "special".

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