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The releases of the German Archaeological Institute, Rome Department , shortly Roman releases , abbreviated RM , equivalent securities in Italian Bullettino dell'Instituto Archeologico Germanico, Sezione Romana are a scientific journal of the Rome Department of the German Archaeological Institute .

The Roman releases set the previous since the first volume in 1886 Bullettino dell'Instituto di Corrispondenza Archaeological continued. 56 volumes of the yearbook were published without interruption until 1944 by Loescher & Co. in Rome. Until it was renamed to its current title with Volume 31 (1916), the title was communications from the Imperial German Archaeological Institute, Roman Department . At the same time, the publisher switched to W. Regenberg in Berlin and Rome . The magazine later moved to the Carl Friedrich Fleischer publishing house in Leipzig and then to the FH Kerle publishing house in Heidelberg . After the Second World War , Volume 56 for 1944 was published by Kerle in 1948. From the resumption of publication in 1955 with the volume for the years 1953/54, the publisher switched to Verlag Philipp von Zabern in Mainz . The magazine Jahrbuch has been published by Schnell + Steiner since 2006 .

In terms of content, the magazine deals with all areas of material culture, archeology, art and architecture in the area of Italy and the adjacent areas from prehistory up to and including the early Middle Ages . Since the establishment of the institute in 1829, one focus has been on classical archeology , which continues despite the ever increasing expansion of the spectrum. The content of the contributions ranges from individual studies to material collections to excavation reports. The publication languages ​​of the articles selected in an anonymous peer review process are German and Italian as well as English and French.

The permanent institutional publisher is the German Archaeological Institute in Rome, currently the institute director Ortwin Dally and the responsible scientific editor Norbert Zimmermann . The Advisory Board of the Roman Communications currently (as of 2018) includes Hansgeorg Bankel , Franz Alto Bauer , Fathi Béjaoui , Nacéra Benseddik , Martin Bentz , Sebastian Brather , Johanna Fabricius , Elizabeth Fentress , Carlo Gasparri , Elaine Gazda , Pier Giovanni Guzzo , Rudolf Haensch , Lothar Haselberger , Tonio Hölscher , Valentin Kockel , Paolo Liverani , Michael Mackensen , Alessandro Naso , Stefan Ritter , John Scheid , RRR Smith , Christian Witschel and Fausto Zevi .

In addition to the magazine, monographic supplements have also been published since 1955. In addition, the Roman Department of the DAI has been publishing special monographic publications since 1973 .

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  1. Loescher & Co. and W. Regenberg are the predecessors of today's Roman publisher L'Erma di Bretschneider .