Pierre-Jules Boulanger

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Pierre-Jules Boulanger (born March 10, 1885 in Sin-le-Noble , † November 11, 1950 in Broût-Vernet , Département Allier ) was a French manager .


After emigrating to the USA in 1908, he found work with an electricity company and later in an architecture firm. In 1911 he founded a construction company in Canada . During the First World War he served as an aerial photographer in France. Boulanger joined Michelin in 1919 and was promoted to management in 1922. In 1934 he moved to Citroën , where he became CEO in 1937.

Pierre Boulanger is considered the intellectual father of the 2CV , the so-called duck.

On November 11, 1950, he was killed in an accident at the wheel of a Citroën Traction Avant on National Road 9 .


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