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The Austrian trombonist Christian Muthspiel

A trombonist is a musician who plays the trombone . This can be done as a soloist, in ensembles and in orchestras. The trombonists in the opera and symphony orchestras should be mentioned as a professional group .

Depending on the activity, a distinction is made between the 1st trombonist (solo trombonist) (high pitch), 2nd trombonist (medium pitch) and the bass trombonist (3rd trombone) (low pitch). There are also specialty areas such as alto trombone (e.g. in works by Franz Schubert ) or double bass trombone (with Richard Wagner ). In jazz ( Albert Mangelsdorff ) and in popular music, the instruments are narrower than in the symphonic range and require a different style of playing.

Well-known musicians can be found in the list of trombonists .

Playing the trombone or other brass instruments has long been considered improper for women. The solo trombonist Abbie Conant won her position in the orchestra, for which she had been recruited, only through a court process after conductor Sergiu Celibidache downgraded her to the position of the second trumpet on the grounds that she, as a woman, did not meet the physical requirements would have.

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