Priel (Gammelsdorf)

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Coordinates: 48 ° 33 ′ 1.1 "  N , 11 ° 54 ′ 51.1"  E

Parish Church of St. John Baptist
Center of Priel

Priel is a parish village and part of the community Gammelsdorf in the district of Freising , Bavaria.


Priel has 105 inhabitants (as of 2012) and is located 2 km west of Gammelsdorf in the Hallertau in the northern district of Freising at 472 m above sea ​​level . The next larger cities are Moosburg adIsar and Landshut .


At the Battle of Gammelsdorf in 1313, Priel was in the deployment area of ​​the Bavarian and Austrian armies and is mentioned in this context.

However, there is evidence of a church on site as early as the early 13th century. Ad ecclesiam Priul is the name of a tradition of the collegiate monastery of St. Kastulus (Moosburg) dating from 1212 to 1221 . The parish and the parish church of St. Johannes Baptist were later incorporated into this, which was not changed by the transfer of the collegiate monastery to Landshut in 1598. The Catholic parish church of St. John the Baptist is today a baroque hall with a strongly recessed polygonal choir. The miraculous image “Mary with the bowed head” was at times the subject of extensive pilgrimages . With the abolition of the collegiate foundation in secularization in Bavaria , Priel became an independent parish around 1808. Today this belongs to the parish association of Gammelsdorf and Hörgertshausen.

Priel and the neighboring Oberpriel (43 inhabitants) belonged politically to the municipality of Enghausen since the municipal edict of 1818 until its dissolution on May 1st, 1978 . They were then incorporated into the community of Gammelsdorf.

Individual evidence

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