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Family or test subject (of Latin probare "check") refers to a person as a subject or subject of scientific investigations subject is. In a figurative sense, this is how the person for whom a pedigree is drawn up is used in genealogy . In addition, this is how a convicted person is called in the legal language , whose sentence is suspended on probation and who is supervised by a probation officer .

The term “test person” is used generally and mostly gender-neutral in sciences that deal with people as individuals . In scientific investigations, a test person refers to a test person (abbreviated to VP ). As a test or comparison person , they are subjected to a survey , medical examination , test or experiment . A test person is usually part of a sample in order to check certain research questions ( hypotheses ) in a study .

The protection of test persons is usually subject to special conditions ( data protection , anonymity, ethical acceptance, harmless to health ). In medicine and increasingly in other areas, ethics committees are responsible for assessing compliance with the rights of test subjects. The term “guinea pig” is sometimes used colloquially .

In medical research, subjects are healthy participants in a clinical study , unlike patients . Like this, test subjects signed a declaration of consent for the clinical trial before participating and were included in the sample as test subjects, for example as drug testers in a control group .

In family history research ( genealogy ) and human genetics , the person whose ancestry and kinship relationships are examined is called the test subject . In contrast, ethnosociology prefers the designation of the person examined as " ego " in order to make them clear as a reference point for relationships.

In the rehabilitation of offenders, a person is referred to as Family if enforcement of their sentence or detention to probation , or when with her for other reasons supervision of conduct occurs.

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