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The concept of rehabilitation is based on the idea that a criminal placed himself outside of society by his act or at least revealed that he was not involved in this society to the necessary extent. The aim of state punishment should therefore be to reintegrate the perpetrator into society. A distinction must be made between the purpose of imposing a sentence and the aim of executing a sentence. In the first case, rehabilitation (as a form of positive special prevention) is considered to be a possible punitive purpose alongside others, in the second case, “ rehabilitation as an enforcement goal” is viewed by the prevailing opinion as the sole goal of enforcement (compare Feest 2006). The term re-socialization is often used synonymously (also by the German Federal Constitutional Court) with that of re- socialization . The latter term refers more to deficits in (especially early childhood) socialization, which could most likely be dealt with therapeutically.

German law

In Germany, according to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court, the convicted offender is entitled to rehabilitation on the basis of Article 2, Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Basic Law . This case law goes back to the Lebach judgment of 1973.

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