Qualification (sport)

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In sport, the term qualification refers to all types of preliminary matches in which several athletes or teams fight to be allowed to participate in a certain tournament or competition. In many sports , the qualifying rounds for a tournament are held in regional groups, such as qualifying for the soccer World Cup .

In some cases, a tournament also functions as a qualification opportunity for another tournament. In football, for example, in Germany, the winners of the association cups are automatically qualified for the DFB Cup .

Even within a tournament, one occasionally speaks of qualifying for the next round.

In motorsport , qualifying training is also used to determine the starting order of the drivers in the race.

In some sports such as tennis and ski jumping , a distinction is made between those with a fixed qualification and “qualifiers”, only the second must survive a preliminary round before the actual competition, the former are admitted to the competition either because of previous successes or through a wildcard .

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