Quintus Marcius Ralla

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Quintus Marcius Ralla was a at the turn of the 3rd century BC. To the 2nd century BC Plebeian living in Rome . In 196 BC he led From the office of a tribune of the people . Together with his counterpart Gaius Atinius Labeo , against the will of the incumbent consuls , he succeeded in having the peace agreement with Philip V , King of Macedonia , ratified by a plebiscite .

At the end of the Second Macedonian-Roman War , the Roman Senate decided in a Senatus consultum that the conditions defined by Titus Quinctius Flamininus should lead to a peace agreement. At the instigation of the consul Marcus Claudius Marcellus , the Senate was to be moved in a new Senate resolution, contrary to the previously applicable agreement to administer Macedonia as a province and to draw this between him and his colleague Lucius Furius Purpureo , alongside the province of Gallia cisalpina . Marcellus cited his doubts about the keeping of the peace on the part of Philips V as the reason. The majority of the senators were apparently inclined to the consul who argued in this way, so that a new senate resolution would have meant the resumption of the fighting. The tribunes of the people Quintus Marcius Ralla and Gaius Atinius Labeao then threatened to prevent such a senatus consultum by intercession if the matter had not been voted on by the people in a plebis concilium beforehand . The maintenance of the existing peace with the previously agreed conditions was unanimously decided and ratified by the People's Assembly.

In 192 BC Quintus Marcius Ralla inaugurated the Temple of Veiovis as duumvir , which Lucius Furius Purpureo built on the occasion of a victory over the Celtic Boier between 200 and 196 BC. In honor of Jupiter . Titus Livius states in his work that two temples were inaugurated by Quintus Marcius Ralla, which Lucius Furius Purpureo first praised as praetor and later as consul. Modern research suggests that the two vows likely relate to a temple. Further details about Quintus Marcius Ralla are not known.



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